Challenges the Client Wished to Address

  • Many existing ICO dashboards need a user to connect their wallets to the platform, which opens the path for multiple security threats if the underlying mechanism is not safe enough.

  • There were only a handful of applications that enabled users to trade study materials as NFTs accessing them was very tough due to the complex processes involved.

  • Rewards from crypto coins with embedded utilities were not sufficient enough for holders in the long term due to unclear tokenomics policies.

Project Requirements

We devised an idea to create an ICO dashboard for the project’s cryptocurrency and an in-built wallet facility that enables users to access the client’s ecosystem seamlessly.

The ICO platform offers a staking module that lets users earn handsome rewards for committing the ICO’s native tokens to the ecosystem.

We also created these tokens with multiple utilities, making them useful for purchasing study material from the client’s marketplace.

What Did We Do?

Our skilled professionals took up the challenge of creating a comprehensive ICO dashboard with a competent wallet. We chose the Ethereum blockchain for its vast community presence and the business feasibility it offers for the client’s vision in the long run. Both the ICO dashboard and the wallet were reinforced with extensive security elements to safeguard user transactions. We also created a staking mechanism for Moti Coin that users can utilize to earn incentives for contributing to the ecosystem.

Technological Stacks Employed






Mobile Application

Kotlin (Android)

Swift (iOS)




Storage Platform


The Outcome

The Moti Coin ICO project became a grand success when it launched as people found its utility extremely useful and the incentive mechanism attractive. The client applauded us for the great work ensuring seamless transaction experiences facilitated by the in-built wallet inside the dashboard.

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