bitsCrunch: Blockchain App Factory’s Newest Partner Whose Provisions Can Refine Future NFT Businesses!

BAF Partnership With bitscrunch

As one of the world’s renowned Web3 business application development providers, Blockchain App Factory works on partnering with leading ventures in the domain to offer unparalleled services to clients. Such passion has now led us to ring a partnership with bitsCrunch, a leading provider of AI-powered analytics and forensics for NFT businesses. If you wonder what this partnership has to do with your new NFT venture, continue reading the blog.

bitsCrunch: What Do They Do?

bitsCrunch is a top-rated company working on Web3 from a different angle using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company offers services related to analytics and forensics powered by artificial intelligence for NFT-based ventures such as NFT marketplaces. The firm’s provisions focus both on users and entrepreneurs by offering them options to combat malicious actions and find suspicious NFTs.

The firm’s tools include provisions for NFT analytics and metadata, NFT wash trade analysis, NFT authenticity checking, and NFT price estimation. Each of these tools comes with several focus points for which one can have data to analyze in real-time and make informed purchasing decisions. bitsCrunch’s provisions are currently available for NFTs based on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche – the leading blockchain networks in the NFT space.

Commenting on the partnership, Vijay Pravin, Founder, and CEO of bitsCrunch, said,

“At bitsCrunch, we are committed to empowering our users to participate in a transparent NFT economy, and our collaboration is a major step towards achieving that goal. Our partnership with the Blockchain app factory is a part of our continued efforts to create an environment of trust and transparency within the NFT industry. We look forward to working closely with Blockchain App Factory, and we are hopeful of witnessing the positive of our symbiotic association on the blockchain/NFT ecosystem.”

How Can Our Partnership Help?

Our partnership with bitsCrunch can help you if you intend to build an NFT business platform (such as an NFT marketplace) with us. We ensure to integrate our partner’s tools on the platform built by our technically-excellent developer team. Adding AI-powered tools to combat the ills of the NFT market can empower your NFT venture to new heights by instilling trust in your customers.

We can add these elements to an NFT business platform, irrespective of its development nature (from scratch or a Whitelabel solution). Also, with our partnership, performing upgrades and ongoing maintenance for these tools becomes more accessible and easier, which can be helpful to you in the long run.

Why Wait, Then?

We have started integrating and testing the best-in-class analytic tools from our partner in our pre-made NFT marketplace solution, and test results so far are more than promising. We cannot wait to launch our refurbished Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform with added features to the market in collab with bitsCrunch. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a revolutionary move in the Web3 space.

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