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Discord Game Marketing: Where New-gen Ventures Meet New-gen Gamers

While Discord today has become inclusive to everyone, it started as an exclusive gamer’s platform when it was launched in 2015. With the popularity of Web3 on the rise in recent times, gaming platforms based on technology have earned massive gains. Discord game marketing has been the dreamland for many Web3 gaming startups that look to utilize the former “Gamer-geeky” interaction platform to appeal to gamers. Blockchain App Factory’s Discord game marketing services have been the direct result of extensive user behavioral research and Web3 marketing analysis. We assist a wide range of blockchain-based gaming ventures in reaching the masses.

The Many Types of Games in Web3

Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games Play-to-Earn games allow gamers to earn cashable rewards for completing in-game missions. Such gaming platforms look and feel similar to their Web2 counterparts.

Move-to-Earn (M2E) Games Move-to-Earn games allow players to earn real-world incentives for completing in-game missions that typically involve some physical activity tracked by sensors.

Metaverse Games Metaverse Web3 games provide real-world-like experiences to gamers using extended reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to incentivize them.

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How Can Discord Game Marketing Benefits You?

As Discord was and continues to be a hub for gamers, Discord game marketing will only be valid for ventures striving to make a mark in the Web3 gaming sector. With a quality Discord marketing campaign for your Web3 game, a loyal community following can be ensured, no matter what. Also, with the uncountable intricate options that Web3 provides for the wider community, we can only emphasize that games can see increased adoption by the masses.

The reason? Games tend to be an easy and fair mechanism among all earning options in Web3, and placing a game to the correct audience is only possible through a campaign curated by an exemplary Discord game marketing company.

Prominent Elements in Our Discord Game Marketing Server

Server Setup

We create Discord servers that are ready for high engagement. Our community managers ensure that all users undergo verification to have trouble-free experiences.

Category & Channels

Our experts create the server to look crisp by building many categories and channels under each category to allow you and gamers to converse on various topics.

Chat Channels

We can moderate general chats where member engagement regularly happens. Members can talk about your project and talk about other projects without spamming.


Your Discord game marketing server from us also helps the gamer community to raise tickets that can be resolved promptly based on the problem it encounters.

Fun Zone

Another server category where humorous memes can be posted and riddles can be played that provide your game’s Web3 promotional server with valuable user traffic.

Streaming Zone

Gamers in your Discord game marketing server can enjoy playing your game together through streaming parties, allowing them to text and voice chat in real-time.

Note that the above game server elements can be modified per your requirements. For more details, talk with us now!

Advertising Strategies Our Discord Game Marketing Team Can Execute

Promotions Our Discord game marketing promotions span around community building through various strategies. We utilize niche influencers who talk about your game’s uniqueness to pull in gamers. We also add server links in the posts on your other social media handles. The content used here will focus on putting your game in the limelight in the minds of gamers.

Competitions Discord marketing for games from us also uses competitions such as in-server contests (with/without influencers’ aid) and bounty programs. Winners are typically rewarded at the end to promote their value. In the case of bounty programs, they serve as indispensable tools to build your game’s Web3 (and Web2) social community with members’ assistance.

TournamentsOur Discord game marketing agency can help you organize game tournaments post-launch with attractive rewards to draw gamers. Even during pre-launch, your server can be used to generate traction for Alpha and Beta versions of your game through bug bounty programs that help resolve errors in the platform while saving valuable time for your developers.

External AdvertisingWe also supplement our Discord game marketing by advertising your server through third-party Web3 advertising networks on the internet. Furthermore, press releases for your Web3 gaming platform and posts on NFT and IGO listing sites will feature invite links to your server. This strengthens your server community and boosts your game’s Web3 presence.

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As a reputed Web3 marketing agency, we strive to offer the best-in-class services to promote projects
to the intended audience using a plethora of strategies. Such an approach has led us to work with
top Web3 businesses, and we have generated fabulous results for them.

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How Does Our Discord Game Marketing Wing Work?

First, we get to understand your Web3 game’s backstory and note unique elements. We will also lend an ear to all your promotional requests.

Then, we set up a new Discord server for your game with looks representing your game’s values. Multiple text, voice, and video channels are created here.

Now, our experts create and post engaging content on the server. We ensure that your game’s server gains recognition through various tactics discussed above.

Then, we help your server to collaborate with similar niche-based servers where we will promote your Web3 game’s server passively to attract more members.

We also keep your server engaged before and after launch through various events. We also promote your server through external invite links to widen the community.

Our Discord game marketing services can also help you engage with your game’s fan servers to gain a good reputation among the gaming community as a business.

Blockchain App Factory: The One-stop Solution for Promoting Games on Discord

As a strategy-based Discord game marketing company, Blockchain App Factory has been promoting numerous Web3 gaming ventures over the years. Our marketing always revolves around placing attractive points for end-users at the forefront and utilizing story-telling principles to communicate the venture’s motives. With over 7 years of experience promoting various ventures, our promotions wing has gained valuable insights actively used during campaigns.

  • Discord Marketing Adventurers
  • Brilliant Campaign Consultations
  • Uniquely-crafted Promotional Plans
  • Access to New-gen Marketing Tools
  • Round-the-Clock Server Support

If you have a Web3 game in hand and want to grow your community through genuine promotions, then you’re at the right place. Schedule a call with one of us to craft a Discord game marketing campaign fitting your needs.

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