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Asset Tokenization - Tokenize All Your Real World Assets

The tokenization of things is the buzzword at the moment around the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Large conglomerates and financial giants have started to move into Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO), offering Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS), and now into tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs). The cryptocurrency market has evolved itself from Bitcoin to ICOs and now to RWA tokenization. The expansion of cryptos into asset tokenization is a natural progression since it allows traditional real estate, art galleries, and illiquid asset classes to move into blockchain.

Asset tokenization refers to the process of converting the ownership of real-world assets into multiple digital tokens. Be it venture capital funds, equity shares, real estate, or precious metals like gold, silver, diamond, etc., it is possible to tokenize any asset. The tokens are backed by blockchain technology that records every transaction on the platform to secure the user and the asset information comprehensively. This technology enables more efficiency and security for the investors and brings in zestful opportunities for new participants. Our experts from Blockchain App Factory will offer an all-inclusive asset tokenization platform with avant-garde blockchain technology, functionalities, and features that will ensure a seamless business experience for the customers.

Tokenized Asset Offering paves way for a financial markets to move into blockchain through automated KYC/AML, investor verification and a fully transparent voting rights.

  • More Compliance

  • The inclusion of Institutional Investors & Fund Managers

  • Liquidity of the Illiquid Assets

  • Transparent, Efficient & Scalable

  • Reduction in Illiquidity Discounts/ Liquidity Premiums

  • Reduction of Spread Charges

Real World Asset (RWA) Tokenization Services: What We Do

As one of the new-age use cases in the blockchain space, tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) has gained momentum in the market. With its potential to redefine several industries’ operational flows and ease the user experience, we believe this use case is set to bring a billion people into space.

Our real-world asset tokenization services let you tokenize real-world assets using sophisticated blockchain technological stacks while complying with the necessary legal regulations. Come and tokenize your worldly assets with us to reach the global population virtually without hassles!

Unparalleled Benefits Offered by Real-world Asset Tokenization

Tap into the comprehensive benefits real-world asset tokenization offers for businesses and investors alike. With our excellence in tokenizing RWAs, you can easily bring tokenized assets furbished with on-chain provenance and security to the world without hassles.

  • Efficiency

    Make trading fractional and high-value real-world assets easy at any time of the day through our tokenization services.

  • Trust

    Execute real-world asset settlements seamlessly through smart contracts that enhance trust between projects and investors.

  • Transparency

    Tap into blockchains’ transparent ledger to ensure full visibility for asset ownership and transaction activity anytime.

  • Compliance

    Ensure regulatory compliance by adhering to necessary standards and checks powered by integrated tools and public chains.

  • Cost

    Experience low costs for real-world asset transactions by eliminating intermediaries by tapping into tokenization services.

  • Liquidity

    Provide enhanced liquidity for immovable assets through fractional tokens that offer a higher scope for trading for people.

Novel Business Benefits Digital Asset Tokenization Offers

Our tokenized asset development company provides one-of-a-kind services that bestow you with business benefits that you can cherish right from launch. Whether from scratch or Whitelabel solutions, we have covered your bases using advanced tech stacks.

Increased Liquidity

Tokenizing assets increases liquidity through fractionalization for the base asset that businesses can use for securitizing their venture.

Opens Global Markets

Asset-based tokens open accessibility to global markets using blockchains that operate with geographical and time-bound restrictions.

Enhanced Efficiency

Tokenization of assets enhances the efficiency of transacting such assets by reducing overhead stack flows and administrative movements.

Heightened Transparency

Transparency is increased for asset-backed tokens supported by records in the immutable blockchain ledger that cannot be tampered with.

Fractionalization Options

Fractionalization becomes possible through tokenization, which makes the distribution of ownership of assets easier than ever before.

Fundraising Opportunities

Distributing tokens backed by assets can open chances for fundraising for crypto projects, increasing trust among prospective investors.

Interoperable Provisions

Creating new financial instruments based on assets becomes easier with tokens, promoting interoperability for these immovable assets.

Automation Through Code

Smart contracts can facilitate the automation of various processes for tokenizing assets, which offers full security and seamlessness.

Modules Our Real World Asset Tokenization Services Offer You

Offering Management Platform

It allows you to administer, disseminate, protect, and monitor real-world asset (RWA) tokens, ensuring optimal security at all times.

Compliance Management Platform

It allows you to conduct verification checks and investor accreditations that enhance the RWA tokenization project’s integrity.

Token Marketplace

The in-app marketplace lets your users buy and sell tokens representing RWAs using various cryptocurrencies seamlessly at all times.

Multi-Signature (MultiSig) Provisions

MultiSig provisions in the platform let you conduct token transactions with high security levels by hindering unauthorized transfers.

Alternative Trading System (ATS)

The ATS takes care of the platform’s asset token liquidity and price discovery, creating transparent trading environments for users.

Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

The MPC technique safeguards sensitive user information stored in the platform by distributing access rights across several parties.

Our Comprehensive Real World Asset Tokenization Offerings

Venture Capital FundsWe can tokenize venture capital funds and startup shares loaded with utilities to make them accessible to retail investors globally.

Energy AssetsEnergy assets like solar farms, wind farms, carbon credits, and petroleum products can be tokenized to make sustainability achievable.

Music RoyaltiesMusic albums and royalties can be tokenized to get fans a notch closer to artists while ensuring both gain substantial benefits.

Asset Tokenization: Making the Real World Efficient Through Blockchains

Asset tokenization is one of the use cases that make the real-world utility of blockchains feasible by offering a digital representation of various items. You can tap into our tokenization services for assets to make business operations cheaper and seamless.

By opening access to various kinds of assets through digitalization and fractionalization, digital asset tokenization serves as a key for quickening blockchain adoption. From fine art and collectibles to VC funds and energy assets, tokenization offers opportunities for people to indulge in a diverse range of investments without spending a lot. Blockchain App Factory is a leading provider of tokenization services for various business sectors.

Create Chances for Conventional Assets in the Digital Space through Tokenization

As the belief in blockchain technology increases among people, so does the prospect of asset tokenization as a business and investment. With the perfect business model, a tokenization platform can captivate the eyes of global investors across scales. Leverage our expert team to form the ideal platform that fulfills your business needs.

All kinds of conventional assets, like real estate, equity stocks, debt bonds, artworks, antique collectibles, and consumables, can be converted into tokens for increased benefits. Our experience in all facets of launching blockchain-based business applications lets you build a feature-rich and secure platform supporting tokenization.

Create RWA Tokens Similar to Popular Ones in the Market

As an esteemed real-world asset tokenization services provider, we are skilled in offering you RWA tokens similar to those popular in the current market. Leverage our expertise to unveil futuristic tokens to delve into the RWA token market’s unseen trends.

Asset Token Packages

Legally Compliant Token Architecture Basic Advanced Premium
Custom Ethereum Token
Own Blockchain
Hyperledger Burrow
Integrated Voting Rights Platform
Token Wallet as per Regulatory Protocol
Investor Managment Dashboard
Automated KYC/AML Integration
Automated Accredited Investor Verification
Stake Holder Registry
Integrated Dividend Issuance Platform
KYC/AML records Registry
Accredited Investors Registry
Market Capitalization Details
Funds Raised & Investment Details
Integrated Help Desk on Dashboard
Audit Reports & Checklists
Portfolio Management for Investors
Announcements within Dashboard
Uploading Legal Documents & Disclaimers
Investor Prospectus
Whitepaper (Owner's Manual)
Customized Website
Preliminary Checks
Development of Documents
Customized Website
Token Purchase Agreement
Development of the Token’s Legal Structure
Disclaimers for the website and marketing materials
Token Crowdsale Terms
Private Placement Agreement with Private Investors
Legal Opinion on the Sale of Tokens
SAFT Agreement
Token Purchase Agreement
Company Valuation Audit
Establishment of the holding company in Malta -
Establishment of the holding company in USA
Establishment of the Maltese trading company -
Establishment of the USA trading company
Registration of the Operation Company
Legal Agreements between Holding and Main Operational Company
Local Directors if Required
Registered Office
Tax Compliance
Application of Licenses
Liaise with MFSA & MDIA for Compliance -
Liaise with SEC for Compliance
Accounting & Book Keeping
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Steps to Tokenized Asset Offerings!

Discussion We begin by discussing the business prospects of your real-world asset (RWA) tokenization project by getting your insights and researching the market to frame the working campaign.

Financial Checks Our auditing and financial consultants will advise on the jurisdiction checks with regard to the asset titles, such as zero debts and any other parameters specified by the owner.

SPV/SPE Creation A Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity (SPV/SPE) is formed, especially when tokenizing commercial real estate or valuable items that would own the complete assets under the SPV/SPE.

Blockchain Development We build customized app-specific blockchains with inbuilt smart contracts on top of networks like Ethereum and Solana or decentralized ledgers like Hyperledger or Stellar.

Asset Valuation The valuation of the assets is scrutinized by an auditing firm, after which a value per token is suggested, and the issuance company such as yours can issue a token at that price.

Dashboard Development Once tokens are developed with regulations embedded into the smart contract, dashboards will be provided for investor management for the issuer and fund management for investors.

Tokenized Asset Offering The tokens are offered through a Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) powered by smart contracts for investors to purchase RWA tokens complying with the framework of legal requirements.

Exchange Listing The tokens will be listed on security token exchanges for investors to trade secondarily. Provisions can be made for accredited investors to trade directly with token holders.

Our Comprehensive Real World Asset Tokenization Offerings

Physical CollectiblesOur experts can tokenize a range of collectible assets, including automobiles, antique fine art, and electronic and medical devices.

Precious MetalsPrecious metals like diamond, platinum, and gold can be tokenized on-chain, slashing investment barriers for individuals worldwide.

Financial InstrumentsEquity shares, real estate assets, and certificates of deposit can be made into blockchain tokens, opening up investment opportunities.

Intangible DocumentsBusinesses can tokenize patents, licenses, and trademarks to enhance their community-centric nature by distributing valuable IP rights.

Consumer ProductsConsumables like foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals can be tokenized to enhance supply chain management monitoring practices.

Agricultural ProductsCrop, land, and agricultural equipment can be tokenized on-chain to bring better funding opportunities for the farming industry.

Why Choose Us for Real World Asset Tokenization?

At Blockchain App Factory, we ensure to offer tokenized RWA solutions that fulfill all your requirements using advanced technology.

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Some types of real-world assets tokenized in the current market include artworks, real estate, equity shares, debt bonds, automobiles, agricultural products, antique collectibles, and energy assets.
Some benefits of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization include fractional ownership, transparency, process automation, cost efficiency, and global accessibility. Contact us to know how you can tokenize your RWAs.
An example of RWA tokenization is Landshare, which is a platform that allows investors from anywhere in the world to invest in US-based real estate properties on the BNB Chain, which enables seamless transactions.
Blockchain App Factory is the best real-world asset (RWA) tokenization company as we excel in working with various L1 and L2 networks, alongside vast experience in dealing with all aspects of tokenization.
You can easily get started with an RWA tokenization project by contacting one of our experts, who can guide you through the process of tokenizing real-world assets for your business and cater to your needs.
Yes, we offer real estate tokenization platform development, using which you can launch platforms that are featureful, secure, and user-friendly. Talk with one of us today to get a customized quote.
You should choose Blockchain App Factory for digital asset tokenization services to have a top-notch product that caters to your requirements while ensuring the fundamental rules of the decentralized space.
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