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Discord Brand Marketing: Where Brands Find Their Feet in the Waters of Web3

Discord has become a popular destination for Web3 enthusiasts interested in cryptos and NFTs. The platform’s unique features and futuristic looks tend to captivate anyone who has witnessed its interface for minutes. With Web3 growing in popularity, many brands are moving their businesses into the space to appeal to new-gen audiences. Our Discord brand marketing experts assist such brands in finding themselves in the high-end list of ventures through effective marketing efforts that smartly focus on the Discord-native Web3 community. Get going in the virtual space as a popular brand with our Discord brand marketing agency!

Scope for Brands in Web3

NFT Collections

Brands can unveil NFT collections celebrating their presence in the real world or special occasions, which can come with added value to enhance user experience.

Play-to-Earn Games

Ventures focusing on enticing customers can launch NFT games themed on their brand values added with P2E features to build strong user relationships in Web3.

DeFi Platforms

Finance-based firms can opt for DeFi ventures based on regular financial operations and fundraising campaigns (ICOs/IDOs) that enable trust-building for brands.


Colossal brands can delve into Web3 with their own virtual worlds where they can offer authentic experiences to their user base and continue evolving with time.

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How can Discord Brand Marketing Benefit You?

Discord brand marketing from our expert advertisers will aid your brand in reaching heights in the Web3 space. We ensure that every value your brand portrays in the real world is preached in Web3 in ways that suit your brand the best. A large community of Web3 enthusiasts in Web3 means that you can appeal to people who know what they are doing. Our Discord brand marketing agency understands that perception and unleashes promotions accordingly to reach them and become part of your community.

Our Discord Brand Marketing Server’s Elements

Server SetupWe build Discord servers that aim to see huge engagement levels. Our community managers ensure that every user undergoes verification to provide hassle-free experiences.

Category & ChannelsOur experts craft the server to look clutter-free by creating many categories and channels under each category to enable you and your members to converse on various topics.

Chat ChannelsWe moderate general chats where member engagement regularly occurs. Members can talk about your project and talk about other projects without spamming on another channel.

SupportYour Discord brand marketing server from us also helps users to raise queries and tickets that can be resolved promptly based on the problem that the user encounters.

Fun ZoneAnother server category where relevant memes can be posted and games can be played that provide your brand’s Web3 promotional server with valuable user engagement.

Note that the above server features can be customized per your needs. For more details, chat with us now!

What Can You Expect from Our Discord Brand Marketing Campaign?

PromotionsOur Discord brand marketing promotions span around community building through various methods. We utilize niche influencers who talk about your brand’s unique selling points to drive users. We also add server links in the posts on your other social media channels. Content used here will focus on putting your brand in the limelight in users’ minds.

CompetitionsDiscord marketing for brands from us also uses competitions such as in-server contests (with/without influencers’ aid) and bounty programs. Winners are typically incentivized at the end to promote brand value. In the case of bounty programs, they serve as valuable tools to build your brand’s Web3 (and Web2) social community with members’ assistance.

External AdvertisingWe also complement our Discord brand marketing by promoting your server through third-party Web3 advertising networks on the internet. Furthermore, press releases for your brand’s Web3 venture and posts on NFT listing sites will feature an invite link to your Discord server. This strengthens your server community and boosts your brand’s Web3 presence.

Make Your Web3 Business Adventure a Hit with Our Discord Brand Marketing Geeks!

Our Discord Brand Marketing Campaign’s Workflow


First, we get to understand your brand’s motives through the Web3 project and note unique elements. We will also lend an ear to all your promotional requests.


Then, we set up a new Discord server for your brand with looks representing your brand’s values. Multiple text, voice, and video channels are created here.


Now, our experts generate and post engaging content on the server. We ensure that your brand’s server gains recognition through various tactics discussed above.


Then, we help your server to collaborate with similar niche-based servers where we will promote your Web3 brand’s server passively to attract more members.


We also keep your server engaged before and after launch through various events. We also promote your server through external invite links to widen the community.

Why Opt Blockchain App Factory to Market Your Brand On Discord?

Blockchain App Factory has been an innovative Discord brand marketing agency for a long time. With over 7 years of experience and a 350+ workforce, we constantly strive to promote new brands to the Web3 space by aiding them in building their community on Discord. We provide exquisite marketing campaigns at reasonable prices for you that ensure your brand gets the maximum possible reach.

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