The Need for Crypto Coin Launch Services for Businesses!

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With nearly 26,000 cryptocurrencies live across different blockchains, the hunger among entrepreneurs to launch new crypto coins does not seem to fade. Unique utilities, community formation, and in-app usage drive the need for businesses to create crypto coins. But how do they go about it? Most times, they involve a coin launch services provider like us to aid them in the process that effectively accelerates their campaigns. This blog, with insights from Blockchain App Factory’s experts, concentrates on what it takes to create crypto coins and why professional services are surely needed for better outcomes.

Current Crypto Market in Numbers

  • According to the cryptocurrency price-tracking platform CoinMarketCap, there are a total of 25,889 crypto coins across blockchain networks.
  • These cryptocurrencies comprise a market capitalization of over US$1.13 trillion at the time of writing.
  • The top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization include Bitcoin ($BTC), Ether ($ETH), Tether ($USDT), BNB ($BNB), and USD Coin ($USDC).
  • These cryptos combinedly comprise over 82% of the crypto market cap, which is not surprising given their longevity and popularity.
  • Cryptocurrencies now exist in different types – Blockchain-native coins, stablecoins, in-app tokens, and community governance tokens, opening up numerous possibilities for the crypto market.

If these statistics look demoralizing, don’t worry – succeeding as a cryptopreneur is a lot more than placing your token in the top 5 in the market!

What Does a Coin Launch Services Provider Do?

A coin launch services provider offers professional assistance to create, promote, and launch crypto coins for new businesses. As an experienced company offering these services, we know a lot more than anyone else. Having professionals on the side to launch crypto coins eases the burden off entrepreneurs.

In our context, we empower entrepreneurs and brands with the following provisions:

  • Technical Development
  • Tokenomics and Whitepaper Development
  • Token Sale and Fundraising Efforts
  • Marketing and Public Relations (PR)
  • Crypto Exchange Listing
  • Community Building
  • Legal and Compliance Support

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Comprehensive Process Behind Launching Crypto Coins

Creating and launching a crypto coin to the global market can look daunting for the unacquainted. However, our experts have found the ideal step-by-step process which offers huge success to entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. The below steps elaborate on the process in detail:

1. Conceptualization and Research

The process of launching the crypto coin begins with crafting its concept and goals. We conduct market research to understand the target audience and competitors. Based on research, we frame the coin’s features and benefits.

2. Technology and Development

Our coin launch services team now advances toward selecting the suitable blockchain and token standard. Developers will create the coin using the necessary tools and programming languages while ensuring the program is secure, scalable, and efficient.

3. Tokenomics and Economical Considerations

Now, we proceed to plan the tokenomics of the crypto token by deciding the token supply, distribution model, and token allocation metrics. Our analysts aid you with determining factors like staking, rewards, utility, governance mechanisms, and other economics-based factors.

4. Legal and Compliance Considerations

Meeting necessary legal requirements is a must for a coin launch campaign to sustain for a long period. Protocols like KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are met with utmost precision. Necessary legal documents are prepared to be included on the project’s website.

5. Whitepaper and Documentation

With everything set, we create a whitepaper that describes the crypto token project in detail. All factors are touched upon for informative purposes while serving as a pitch deck to prospective investors. Supporting documentation covering technical and basic needs is prepared too.

6. Token Sale and Fundraising

Now, it is time to sell the crypto coin through a fundraising model like ICO, IEO or IDO. Have necessary arrangements beforehand to conduct seamless token sales and collect investor information for KYC and AML verification purposes.

7. Marketing and Community Building

Then, our marketing team jumps in to promote your crypto coin to the target market to build a sizable community around it. They use a plethora of strategies encompassing different mediums to reach the global crypto market while ensuring to capitalize on the current trends.

8. Exchange Listing and Liquidity

After having the initial investor community, we take things one step further by listing your coins on renowned crypto exchanges. Doing so ensures liquidity for tokens while reaching new eyes, further widening the crypto coin’s presence. We guarantee to meet all required legal considerations for exchange listing.

Why Choose Blockchain App Factory to Launch Cryptos?

At Blockchain App Factory, we have a top-notch work ethos that aids us in delivering quality projects to clients. Our specialized coin launch services follow suit, too, as we involve different teams in the process. With a combination of analysts, researchers, developers, and marketers, our coin launch campaigns prove to be valuable for clients. Moreover, having insights on the back of 7+ years of experience in the crypto industry aids us massively in offering the perfect solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs, brands, and creators.

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