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Custom Blockchains on Avalanche

The blockchain world has been growing at stunning speeds since Bitcoin appeared thirteen years ago, in 2009. Since then, there have been a lot of game-changing moments in the blockchain world that have even seen it getting an expanded scope as “Web3.” Many businesses have started using blockchains for their operations. Building custom blockchains on Avalanche has been a favorite option for ventures in recent times due to the network’s extensive features, lightning speeds, and sustainability factor. Let us see more on creating customized blockchains for Web3 businesses built on the Avalanche Layer-1 network as we progress through this blog.

Avalanche: The Significance

Avalanche is a blockchain network that went live for public use in September 2020. As one of the completely Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks, Avalanche is efficient and ensures sustainability for its users. The blockchain has three built-in networks, namely – X-Chain (Exchange Chain), C-Chain (Contract Chain), and P-Chain (Platform Chain).

The network also has a native token denoted by $AVAX with a sizable market capitalization as the community surrounding it grows. There is also a feature called “Subnets” that offer provisions for businesses to form their own blockchains inside the Avalanche Layer-1 ecosystem.

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But, Why Build Custom Blockchains on Avalanche?

After seeing all the good elements of Avalanche, you might have wondered about the necessity for a business to create a custom blockchain on the network. But the need is there for some reasons that could turn the tables if not taken care of properly.

Firstly, using public blockchains would give any user access to view, verify, and add to the data. For a business, this could mean that even competitors can access sensitive information. Also, using public networks for business operations will incur huge gas costs that will be unfeasible in the long term for companies. Such reasons dictate a business to work using a custom blockchain on Avalanche.

Subnets on Avalanche for Custom-made Networks

Subnets in the Avalanche network are inspired by sharding, wherein a blockchain is divided into smaller units called shards, each of which works similarly to a blockchain. These empower the notion of customized blockchain development for businesses striving to make a mark in the Web3 realm or for those wanting to become more effective in managing themselves in the real world.

Subnets in Avalanche can replace the C-Chain’s (the part with the most action) functionality for businesses, ensuring exclusivity is preserved while staying transparent enough and operating at high speeds.

“Stand on Web3’s Top as a Business with a Custom Blockchain on Avalanche!”

Business Possibilities Using Avalanche’s Sub-networks

  • In the real world, businesses can use Avalanche-based custom blockchains to manage their operations in a completely decentralized fashion, spending lower gas costs. These networks can be helpful in every industry where multiple components play equal roles in the success of a business.
  • In the virtual world, ventures have the pressing need to utilize blockchains to function, and using custom-made networks only strengthens the security and safety of offering experiences to the users. Platforms such as NFT marketplaces, P2E games, crypto exchanges, and DeFi applications can yield significant profits with increased safety.

Reasons to Choose Avalanche’s Customizable Networks

  • Businesses can have their own native tokens for the exclusively-sharded networks they use, offering them the freedom to manage their operations and financial ecosystem.
  • Using these custom-built networks on the Avalanche mainnet can offer increased throughput for transactions, making businesses able to operate more efficiently.
  • Subnet-powered corporate networks can provide businesses with access control even while operating on the sidelines of the public Avalanche network.
  • These customizable networks allow the integration of exclusive EVM-compatible virtual machines for businesses to garner broader reach in the Web3 world.

What’s the Future Like for Subnets?

Due to their high transaction speeds (in the order of 1500 TPS), even during peak times, Avalanche’s subnets have become a favorite among businesses wanting to deploy custom blockchains on Avalanche. Multiple projects across Web3 in domains such as P2E gaming and decentralized finance have been extending themselves to offer the most remarkable blockchain experiences possible with these sharded networks. Its ability to combat all factors of the blockchain trilemma – scalability, security, and decentralization – better than its competitors has earned appreciation for Avalanche subnets from across the community. For starters, subnets could be a vital part of the “Avalanche Multiverse,” a mission from the network’s developers to explore untapped use cases of blockchains.

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