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Cryptocurrency has evolved monumentally since its first appearance. It has ceased to be the incomprehensible greek and Latin anymore. We all have Elon Musk and his cryptic tweets to thank. Now just one word from billionaires and the price of cryptocurrencies soar.

In this climate where businesses are racing to launch their own crypto coins, and the numbers are mounting, a secure and protected wallet to store, control and use funds is the need of the hour. Think about it. Users can’t possibly leave these coins lying around. It’s literally and figuratively impossible. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner looking for your big break, we think launching a Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet might be a lucrative venture.

Trust Wallet – What’s So Significant About It?

As a business owner, you might be wondering, why Trust Wallet? Why not one among the myriad of other crypto wallets out there? Trust Wallet is a completely decentralized, fairly simple mobile application that allows users to easily store and manage their funds, have full control over their assets and private keys, paving the way for accessing and using decentralized applications. Users can reliably store their Ethereum and ERC-20 coins with the wallet. This is made possible by the Web3 browser that is built-in with the application. Moreover, the Trust Wallet will be able to guide users through the blockchain network as navigating through it is not exactly a cakewalk.

The Trust Wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so launching this app is sure to become a market success, bringing astounding visibility to your brand. Continue reading to learn more about the Trust Wallet and its many features.

The Simple And Effortless Functionality Of Our Trust Wallet Application

The trust wallet essentially works as a bridge between blockchain and its nodes and as an intuitive interface for its users. Every blockchain ever created will have its own public addresses where the cryptocurrency is encrypted and stored. As probably mentioned above, Trust Wallet does not store or have control over any funds but gives the user complete access to them. The wallet does not lay claims to the money paid as a gas fee. That amount directly reaches the miners and validators.

Listed below and simple steps your users will have to follow to utilize your crypto wallet like Trust wallet to send funds to another. Here’s how it goes –

  • Users begin with logging into their accounts by creating one with the application
  • Once in, they’ll have to choose which particular coin they’d like to transfer from a list of cryptocurrencies that are up for grabs
  • After choosing, users will have to click on the ‘send’ option
  • The receiver’s address is then typed in, or the user can do a quick QR scan to obtain the right address
  • This will prompt them to input the amount they want to send. After the amount is clearly typed in, uses can simply click on the ‘Next’ button to initiate the transfer
  • The gas price, along with the transaction details, can be now be viewed by the user
  • The final step requires them to click ‘send’ to seal the deal

Trust Wallet follows a fairly simple process to send and receive crypto assets and utilize several Dapps through its platform and the Wallet like Trust Wallet we develop will be able to do the same, probably even more!

The Superlative Features Of Our Trust Wallet Application

  • Wallet – At its core, the Trust Wallet is well, a wallet. It is used primarily for sending and receiving funds and digital assets. And not just any. Users can transact with all ERC-20 and ERC-233 tokens, store and support BNB, BEP 2 tokens, connect with popular DEXs like Kyber and Binance, and make use of the agile QR code option that facilitates easy trading.
  • Dapp Browser – your users will have access to use Ethereum and ERC-20 coins to begin trading, lending, staking, providing liquidity, and more through a myriad of decentralized applications that they can now access with ease through our Trust Wallet.
  • Transparency – Since the Blockchain network is open for viewership, users can track their payment and transaction history with ease.
  • Notifications – Push notifications at every step of every transaction is initiated by the Trust Wallet app.
  • Security – as an extra layer of protection and encryption, a 12 digit passcode can be set by the user to secure their assets.
  • Server free infrastructure – This status allows app users to rest assured knowing that no one can hack and deplete their crypto assets. Only the user has ultimate control.
  • Game wallet – For the ardent gamers among your users, the Trust Wallet can prove useful for trading and investing in collectibles like Crypto kitties and other gaming currencies and tokens.

Notable Benefits And Advantages Of A Wallet Like Trust Wallet

  • It is entirely safe and secure. As the app owner, you will not have any access to the users’ wallet, personal information is not necessary at any part of using the app, private keys are hosted locally, and a simple backup feature is integrated with the app to assist if recovery is needed.
  • User experience is key to the success of any application, and our Trust Wallet takes that very seriously. The user interface of the app is intuitive and user friendly, designed and developed with features and benefits that the user is bound to like. The Trust Wallet, as mentioned above, will facilitate a gateway into the proficient world of Decentralized Finance and its many protocols.
  • The accessibility of the Trust Wallet remains unmatched. Anyone with a mobile phone or a tablet can easily access the wallet, which is available on popular browsers. There are also no boundaries and limitations to the amount of installations, so it can be downloaded and used in multiple locations.
  • The permissionless nature of the platform once again gives the user control over using their funds and can transact and receive cryptocurrency anytime they want
  • The agnostic feature of the underlying blockchain means users can make use of multiple different chains.
  • Industry standards are used to secure and protect the recovery phrase to encrypt the wallet like Trust Wallet.

What Makes Trust Wallet Stand Out From The Crowd?

All of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies and protocols can be procured and used with our Wallet like Trust Wallet. The codebase that the developers provide is regularly reviewed and audited by security experts and developers. Adding to the security feature, industry-leading security features that are mostly found in smartphones are used to make hacking and breaching impractical. Recovery has also been made user friendly. The Trust Wallet app allows for storing backup either digitally or on paper.

Our Trust Wallet Development leverages the best of what the original application has to offer, which includes the policy of hosting private keys locally and evading the personal information of users.

Blockchain App Factory Is The Preeminent Developer Of The Trust Wallet App

At Blockchain App Factory, we understand that a fully functional and feature-filled crypto wallet is the need of the hour for crypto users and traders. With the traction for cryptocurrency and DeFi on the rise, the traffic is heavier than ever. With a team of expert blockchain engineers and adept developers, we create and develop an avant-garde Trust Wallet Application that is guaranteed to beat all competition.

All our services are 100% customizable, scalable and white label. We are equipped with a team of market analysts and specialists who know and understand the crypto market like the back of their hand. Our services are clearly proficient, and we’re sure it’s the perfect fit for your project.

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