Developing NFT Accessories and Wearables to aggrandize your avatar

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NFT Accessories and Wearables

As we are heading towards the period where NFTs would get mainstream, NFT accessories and wearables would be just a step in the right direction. The Ethereum Blockchain, a gold chain, featuring an NFT art on a iWatch encased by diamonds made by a US novice jeweler could be the starting point for such NFT wearables to become possible. Some people have even developed their own NFT platforms selling such accessories and more would be venturing into the trade in the coming years.

Parallelly, NFT wearables have become a subject of interest in the metaverse, where you can buy from various clothing brands and wear them on your digital avatar. The metaverse game Decentraland hosts five types of accessories based on their rarity levels.

Physical NFT Wearables

Along with jewelry featuring digital NFT art, t-shirts and keychains featuring NFT art are being sold too, with some of these employing a high-resolution digital screen to display the artwork. Nike has already created CryptoKicks, which have physical sneakers embedded with blockchain so that the owners would be able to verify the authenticity of the shoes they own. There might even be wristwatches showing off NFT digital assets soon, as small-scale LEDs have already been in existence in smartwatches. You can also soon verify the ownership and authenticity of your branded clothes and wearables such as necklaces, rings, and more.

Physical NFT Accessories

Similar to NFT accessories, wearables use can soon become NFTs and after some time, you might have a branded physical wallet as an NFT or a purse featuring a piece of digital art as smaller LED screens have become a common application. Even the NFT of a handbag, originally made in 1984, was created recently as a digital art form, with the creator of the NFT calling it “MetaBirkins” and selling it for hefty prices.

Even individual diamonds, which normally are not a liquid asset, have got into the NFT space. This is served by getting a digital form of the same to authenticate the originality and history of the diamond.

NFT Platform for Wearables

Now, we know that wearables can be sold as NFTs either complementing the physical product or as a virtual product on the metaverse, a dedicated platform is what we need. As there are only a few existing platforms and some others are under development, we can only speculate that these portals would be similar to the ones like CryptoKickers platform selling for the metaverse. If you plan on selling the NFT as proof of ownership to support the physical product, you can go for a platform like a marketplace or add it as an option, if you already have your website ready.

NFT Platform for Accessories

Either for your digital avatar on the metaverse or to possess one with you or even to have as proof of ownership, an NFT form of any accessory can be beneficial. Currently, there are not a lot of platforms selling such NFTs, with some notable ones selling keychains and carpets for example. There is a platform in development for incorporating NFTs into e-commerce, where accessories and clothing would be sold in the future.

The Possibility to Redeem

In addition to the NFTs of a wearable or an accessory being a digital asset on the metaverse, or as proof to ensure originality, such NFTs can also be used as a redeemable asset similar to the redeem points card in supermarkets. A speculator can buy the NFT of a wearable, expect its value to shoot up in a while, and sell it off in a marketplace when they feel like selling. Such NFT platforms need to incorporate themselves with the ability to function on prominent digital currencies so that people wishing to sell the NFTs can sell it easily on another marketplace. Some people might even wish to get the physical accessory by redeeming the NFT online or in any of the brand’s outlets if the brand has such facilities.

How Do I Create My Own NFT Platform?

If you have decided to invest in creating a platform for NFT accessories and wearables, the Blockchain App Factory is one of the pioneers in blockchain technology and NFT development. Their expertise in creating NFT platforms from the scratch, with experts in development, frontend, and quality analysis can ensure that your NFT platform is robust, seamless, and secured using blockchain technology. Their experience with the technology can also assist you with your novel NFT idea of a wearable or an accessory to take shape. So, why are you waiting anymore? Get in touch with one of our experts to know more!

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