Discover the top 5 features of White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange

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White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange


With more importance given to the optimization of resources, White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange has served as a perfect bet for various stakeholders in the industry. Since trading in digital assets has become a profitable business, it is crucial to have the best features available in a firm’s platform. Every solution must fulfill the trader’s requirements.

A White-label Cryptocurrency exchange is like a ready-made package that clients would find easy to customize for their operations. Its usage is simple without the requirement of technical expertise.

The top 5 features of White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange are

  • Trading engine – The trading engine must maintain a record of all open orders in the market. It should be accurate enough for fulfilling the different types of orders, such as market, limit, and stop order raised by buyers and sellers respectively. The focus must be on maximizing the satisfaction of the parties by facilitating settlements quickly. It must be compatible with a variety of trading pairs. Inclusion of features such as spot trading enables instant opening and closing of orders. Overall, an excellent user experience without glitches is required. Since the competition is intense in the industry, security measures such as data encryption and two-factor authentication would be required to be implemented without fail. The platform must also be able to handle high trading volumes that arise in bullish market conditions.
  • Wallet – Apart from storing the coins or tokens of investors securely, a wallet enables effective fund management. The presence of both hot and cold wallets enable investors to diversify the funds. Wallets must be encrypted with 100% robust codes to prevent hacking threats. Support for multiple digital currencies would be required as investors would come from different geographical regions. For making deposits and authorizing withdrawals, different wallet addresses should be created for every currency. A robust wallet is crucial for speedy processing of transactions. It must support round-the-clock trading and should be compatible with various payment methods.
  • User interface – The different controls and options in the trading platform must be made easily available for investors. Complexity in the user interface will affect user retention and lead to dissatisfaction. It should enable users to handle their funds and data efficiently. The user interface must be comfortable for both amateurs, as well as professionals. The smooth navigation experience is required without fail. Balance the objectives between the need for a technically looking interface along with the visual appeal. Include a Help desk or a Support desk for answering user’s queries swiftly.
  • Admin control – The admin panel acts as the central management console for the White-label cryptocurrency exchange. It monitors the daily operations from a single point and ensures scalability in different devices and operating platforms. It provides regular updates on the user’s activity and trading behavior. Admin control supported by a robust backend will ensure a safe and hassle-free trading experience. Apart from supporting the various functions involved in a White-label Cryptocurrency exchange, it must be made adaptable to the trends that occur in the industry.
  • Technical analysis – Since data is the new oil, every firm must provide real-time market insights through interactive graphs and charts to their users. It helps in better decision making for investors. They can understand the mistakes made in their previous investments. The trends and patterns can be analyzed and future price movements and expected market changes can also be predicted easily.

Apart from the above essential features, additional options must be added regularly to combat the unpredictability in the cryptocurrency market. For getting a well-performing and market-friendly White-label Cryptocurrency exchange, reach out to our proficient developer team from Blockchain App Factory. We are well-versed with the latest trends having completed several projects across industries. A feasible and functional solution would be provided by us at an affordable cost for fulfilling your business requirements.

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