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White label Crypto exchange


With a huge surge in digital trading, cryptocurrencies have created huge interest by generating high returns. This has led to significant trading volumes occurring on the major exchanges. Due to volatility and uncertainty in financial markets, Bitcoin has proved to be a safe haven for investment as it is resistant against inflation.

Though there are different types of crypto exchanges such as centralized, decentralized, and hybrid, firms look to reduce their costs and improve efficiency by getting a White label solution.

Let us know more about the various kinds of Cryptocurrency exchanges and their features

  • Centralized exchange – It is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that controls the trading volume and manages the funds of traders using a custodial service. A smart contract will automate all the daily operations. They conduct rigorous user verification through KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance. Trades are executed quickly through an accurate matching engine. It possesses sufficient liquidity through API’s formed with other leading exchanges. Top-notch security is ensured through firewall implementation.
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange – It provides more freedom to traders through a higher level of privacy and transaction anonymity. There is an absence of a centralized authority to execute trades. It supports numerous cryptocurrencies. Dispute resolution between different parties is completed quickly. A friendly user interface is ensured along with live price tracking, which improves decision making. It generally provides online as well as offline trading options.
  • Margin exchange – It promotes peer-to-peer trading and takes care of the interests of both traders and exchange owners. A great opportunity is provided to magnify profits through the provision of margin trading, also known as leverage. It gives better exposure to a wide variety of assets. Transaction fees will be levied for each completed trade. Margin exchanges offer round the clock trading facilities. Security of the user’s data and funds is ensured through two-factor authentication. They also ensure effective fund management through options such as limit order and stop loss. Margin exchanges have complied with the GDPR.

Why Blockchain App Factory is the best for developing White label Crypto exchange at an affordable cost?

Our platform ensures adequate security as well as stability, making it a reliable bet in these testing times. We offer some trendy features like a reward-oriented referral program and real-time data analysis through graphs and charts. The best way to save huge developmental costs and spending a lot of time is by acquiring our White label Crypto exchange.

We support the trading of major cryptocurrencies and facilitate conversion to fiat currencies. Legitimacy is ensured through KYC and AML verification for every investor. Our wallets are multi-signature enabled. We assure high-level security for our traders through measures such as two-factor authentication, HTTPS authentication, jail login, and DDoS protection.

Flexibility is ensured as customers can add or remove cryptos according to their preferences.

Reasons to choose Blockchain App Factory for reducing your cost of a White label Crypto Exchange

  • We have an experienced team of developers who have successfully completed several projects across various industries.
  • We offer 24×7 technical support in multiple languages.
  • Rigorous pre-testing is done for every software produced by us. Hence, the end product comes out as bug-free.
  • Our trading platform can handle a high volume of transactions per second and is protected from system crashes and server issues.
  • Through the provision of adequate liquidity, we are resistant against any volatility that occurs through market news and hedges.
  • Smooth operations are ensured through compliance with KYC, AML, and GDPR.
  • We also provide frequent upgrades to your software and enhance your business operations.

Hence, spend less on the cost of White label Crypto exchange by reaching out to our accomplished developer team to fulfill your business objectives successfully.

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