How much does it cost to build an NFT marketplace? – A complete guide

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Non-Fungible Token is the current trendsetter in the digital market world. In recent months, investors, creators and people, everyone is involved in the purchasing and selling of digital assets in the form of NFT.

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT is a distinct and unique digital asset or digital certification of a product where it can trace back to the ownership of the digital asset. Unlike traditional fungible tokens, NFTs cannot be traded directly. It requires a special platform called the marketplace.
The marketplace is the platform where purchasing and selling of digital assets or NFTs take place. The user can either fix a price for the digital asset or initiate an auction.

These are the common examples of an NFT marketplace.

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Superfarm

How to build an NFT marketplace?

These are the following steps used to create an NFT marketplace platform:

Define Niche:
To develop a successful NFT marketplace, the user should be aware of the current market. The user should focus more on the vertical market rather than the horizontal market, as in the case of the vertical market, the supplier sells the products that meet the requirements of a specific type of target audience.

To choose the user roles:
Buyers, creators and administrators are the three types of user roles in the NFT marketplace platforms.

Project Documentation:
The site development process begins with the project documentation step. If the user is willing to hire a full-time development team, project documentation is unimportant, and this step can be skipped but if the user is willing to manage a remote development team, project documentation is a very crucial part of the NFT marketplace development platform. This step saves time and provides a detailed roadmap to the next step.

Development Stage :
In the development stage, the user decides the type of framework that would be suitable for the project. Dedicated SDK ( Software Development Kit ) is used to ensure fast platform operation, reliability and good performance.

To implement Token Generators:
At this stage, small contracts are generated by token generators. Small contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms and conditions between the seller and the buyer in the form of code lines. The code and agreement exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. The primary function of this step is to implement logic to the web page.

Test and Execute :
This stage helps the user to identify bugs and fix them. Software testing ensures that the current project meets the requirements of the intended project. The main reason why this stage is very important because a thoroughly tested software product provides security, reliability and high performance.

How does the NFT marketplace work, and how much does it cost to build an NFT Marketplace?

The introduction of NFT marketplaces have increased to an astonishing level, and there are several NFT marketplaces to purchase digital assets. The specific type of NFTs can be purchased from a specific type of NFT marketplaces.

The majority of the marketplaces charge a gas fee which a transaction charges to take place in the Ethereum blockchain. The fee charged varies depending on the construction of marketplaces, the conversion of traditional currency into Ethereum is the common mode of payment for the fees.

The selling process of NFTs varies depending on the marketplace. At first, the user should upload the contents in the marketplace and follow the instructions to turn it into NFT. After undergoing the conversion process, the user would receive the opportunity to add a description to their digital asset and set a fixed price or initiate their digital asset into an auction. The commonly accepted cryptocurrency for the transaction process is Ethereum.

The cost of building an NFT marketplace completely depends on the amount of work that has been initiated towards the marketplace. For example, if the user decides to purchase a white-label marketplace, the cost would be less whereas if the user decides to build one from scratch, it would cost more than the white-label NFT marketplace. At the same time, the development services from a reliable software development house would be more expensive than an ordinary development house.

The same principle applies to the platform functionality. The more the platform is complex, the more the cost will be. Below, a table is represented showing the correlation between the cost and functionality of an NFT marketplace.

The above table shows the basic assumption of how much it would cost to build an NFT marketplace. The cost mentioned above will vary depending on the type of marketplace the user uses and it also depends on the requirements of the user.

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