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Decentralized app development

In this present digitally and technologically transforming era, the one thing that we are closest to and can’t possibly go without in a day, is mobile applications. The importance that mobile applications have gained over recent years in our lives is indubitable and is ever-growing. This is because, today, there is almost nothing you cannot do using mobile applications from the comfort of your homes. 

When you talk about digital and technological transformation, it is inevitable to not talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These two are the most trending terms among the digitally evolving business sphere. Together, they are transforming almost every major industry and taking the business to a whole new phase. What the mobile applications built on iOS or Android is for traditional businesses is what DApps is for the cryptoverse, only more advanced, convenient, and secure. If you are aspiring to be part of the crypto community, you should definitely learn about DApps and its development, to attain excellent benefits for your business. What are DApps? Let’s take a brief look

The Concept of Dapps- the Future Powerhouse

DApps are applications that run on a blockchain network, mainly, ethereum. DApps is the abbreviation for “Decentralized Applications,” which means the applications run on a multitude of servers all around the world. Unlike a traditional application, DApps do not involve any intermediary, and the users are directly connected to one another. The users host the platform themselves and manage their data without giving control to any central authority. Likewise, a DApps application requires no approval from anyone to be built, and users have the flexibility to set the rules of the application according to their preferences. 

DApps are one of the groovy innovations in the blockchain technology forums and are gaining huge traction among investors in the digital business sphere. Currently, there are about 1000+ DApps existing on the ethereum network. This is because of the compelling advantages it provides to the users. Let’s discuss some of the most significant ones among them. 

Key Benefits of Dapps

  • No single point of failure

As DApps are connected to multiple networks, they are less prone to chances of failure, when compared to a traditional application that works on a single node. The failure can occur only when all the nodes go offline at the same time, which is almost next to impossible. 

  • User’s position of power

With DApps applications, the user gets to control the application entirely and its data. There is no central authority restricting or controlling the platform, and the users can post any content they want, without being worried about the censorship. 

  • Immutability

DApps operate completely decentralized and eliminate involvement from third parties, which also provides immutability,  i.e., no third party can enter, alter or disturb any data from the application, which helps with high security and seamlessness. 

  • Enhanced security

The network of DApps is completely decentralized and, hence, its tendency towards security breaches is low compared to other traditional applications. 

  • Zero Downtime

DApps function with zero downtime, i.e., it is built over several networks, hence the possibilities of non-functionalities and risks, and faults are very less. DApps can keep going and can sustain for an extended period compared to traditional applications. 

As mentioned earlier, DApps are making a spin in the current market, and the demand is very much alive. If you want to develop your own decentralized app, there is no better time than now. But, there are a few elements you should definitely consider before going into the development process. They are mentioned below. 

Most Essential Criteria to Know Before Developing Ethereum Dapps

  • Open source network software

The software for your Ethereum DApps must be entirely open, and operate anonymously. The users should be able to make any changes in the application as they prefer. However, with the feedback based on the performance, the application might make changes for better results, but the decision should be entirely on the users. 

  • Cryptography encryption

The application should be encrypted adequately with strong cryptographic codes, which will secure the data and records of the users and store their information on the blockchain. 

  • Multi-layered security protocols 

The DApps should be secured with multi-layered security protocols for users to run the application securely and seamlessly. 

  • Rewards

Your platform needs to allow an incentive system to validators, provide them crypto tokens as a reward as they make efforts to verify transactions and store them on the blocks. This will also be useful for in-app purchases. 

How to Develop a Dapps Application? 

DApps development

There are two ways to go about developing your decentralized app development. The first one is building the app from scratch. This will take up a lot of your time, money and requires too many efforts such as gathering equipment, integrating technical factors, coding, writing, and deployment of smart contracts, testing, etc. 

The second option is to hire a DApps development company. If you analyze the market needs, conduct extensive research and choose the right company to build your DApps for you, you will get robust services that will sustain your application in the long run and gain potential over your competitors. Also, the costs and the time taken to build will be way lesser. 

Now for your better understanding, let’s take a look at every service related to DApps development. 

Essential Inclusions for Dapps Development 

  • MVP consultation

It is necessary to deeply analyze and recognize the potential customers for your application and upgrade the technical elements that meet their requirements. 

  • Decentralized exchange

Your application should have an exchange platform with High TPS, that automatically connects to external exchanges through API and order books. And quality technical elements should be integrated that will guarantee high-performance and ensure smooth transactions. 

  • User-friendly interface

The design and structure of the application should be in a user-friendly manner, which will help customers with efficient usage and management. The prototypes should be well interactive and enable a hassle-free business process. 

  • Smart contracts

Smart contracts should be properly written, tested, and deployed on ethereum and also other platforms if required, to execute transactions seamlessly. 

  • High-Volume storage

The right, robust decentralized networks should be chosen, which will help with private, high-secure, efficient cloud storage. 

  • Portability 

The decentralized application should be highly-scalable and flexible. The codes must be able to regenerate on any operating system and must be ported to any blockchain network according to customer preferences. 

The Programming Languages Used for DApps: 

  • Solidity

Solidity is an objective-oriented programming language that helps implement smart contracts on various platforms, especially ethereum platforms. 

  • Vyper

Vyper is a pythonic smart contract language. It is more efficient to use than Solidity, and it helps increase security and simplicity with human-readable codes. 

  • Simplicity

This is a recently introduced smart contract language which analyzes and addresses the issues of smart contracts. It also improves privacy and security for the users and makes the transactions more “simple.” 

Developer Tools Used for DApps

  • Parity 

Parity is an advanced ethereum client language that allows an individual to run a node on the public ethereum network. It helps with the fast synchronization of different nodes. 

  • Truffle

Truffle helps with quicker creation, compilation, testing, and deployment of the DApps application. It makes the process as convenient as possible to the customers. 


ETHPM is an immutable ethereum package that helps with easier distribution and management of smart contracts. 

  • Oyente

Oyente is a tool that analyzes the smart contracts that connect directly to the ethereum network. 

  • Remix

Remix helps with editing and debugging, as well as the testing and deployment of smart contracts. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build DApps? 

The cost of building a DApps application depends upon so many factors such as, 

  • The features, technical and security integrations you choose for your DApp.
  • Personal Customization preferences.
  • The industry you are operating the blockchain app.
  • The number of stakeholders interacting with the app
  • The blockchain complexity

The cost varies from industry to industry, customer to customer according to their personal preferences. However, getting your DApps developed by an existing company will cost to a much lesser degree, when compared to building from scratch. 

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DApps- Future Scope!

As we discussed earlier, DApps is being preferred widely among investors and is offering a wide range of benefits, which is the reason for the constant traction it has been gaining. DApps have already evolved into several industries and is highly expected to influence the future of industries such as, 

  • E-commerce
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare 
  • Digital Contracts
  • Advertising 
  • Human resources 
  • Internet browsing 

The popularity of DApps is booming widely through every passing day for the right reasons. It provides scalability, flexibility, and reliability to the users and helps them with a secure, seamless, efficient business experience. There are still a few industries left to explore the decentralized applications, but it is just a matter of time before DApps revolutionize the business world completely and make a remarkable change. 

If you’re thinking about developing your own DApps, there is no need for second thoughts. All you have to do is, do proper research, and choose the right platform to do it. 

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