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As ICO (Initial Coin Offering) continues to break records by raising huge funds for different projects, it has led to more challenges in formulating the right strategy for token distribution.

More than allocating efforts to develop an impeccable product, a company needs to establish a top-notch marketing strategy for every stage of the ICO. Different kinds of channels must be tapped for generating leads and getting traffic. Maximum exposure is needed to circulate the firm’s message among interested investors.

Factors That Play a Role in Your Final Decision for Employing ICO Marketing Solutions

  • Choose a firm with s prior experience – Associate yourself with an ICO marketing firm that has completed several projects in the past. Have a look at their deliverables, get testimonials from previous clients, and the number of funds raised. Analyze their strategy in approaching token sales. If there is any chance of them going overboard with their promises, it is better not to opt for their services.
  • Check their rating value – Verify an ICO marketing agency’s rating on popular platforms such as ForICO. ForICO serves as a single entry point for getting information about ICO, listings, and related agencies.
  • Fulfillment of long-term goals – Every firm’s long-term goals, such as generating a higher return on investment, improving its market share, and developing an impeccable reputation, should take precedence over short-term results. Apart from publishing different forms of content, a firm’s popularity would soar if positive reviews are found on the Internet. Funds can be received only through consistent marketing efforts executed over a significant period.
  • Updated with the latest trends – Every ICO Marketing Consultant must be aware of the regulations imposed by agencies of different countries. It should develop flexible and creative methods in a fast-paced environment to deal with uncertainties that affect the process of promotion and fund-raising.
  • The clarity in strategy – While flexibility is needed as and when the situation demands, convey your goals to the ICO marketing services company such as fund-raising target, methods that will work, and the audience to focus on.
  • Collaboration between team members – Since ICO marketing involves a wide range of tools such as SEO, PPC, content management, community relations, and social media promotion, every member must work together to achieve the project goals. They should focus on the project’s uniqueness and attract the attention of the target audience.
  • Concentrate on timing – While hard work in marketing is essential, the efforts may be futile if it is not launched in the market at an ideal time. Analyze the methods used by competitors in the crypto space to figure out areas of improvement.
  • Verify if the package suits your budget – Since there are so many ICO marketing companies out there in the market, they can offer either full-fledged services containing all the tools or offer basic features by charging an hourly or weekly price. Firms must allocate a significant budget to attract investors and have a better impact on the target market.
  • Value addition to the product – While the services offered by an ICO marketing firm must be closely analyzed, the agency must also understand the project requirements and act accordingly. Their expertise and advanced knowledge should create more value for the company’s product and uplift in the standards of the processes. They must also offer tips on what steps to follow after the ICO gets concluded.
  • Too much emphasis on metrics – While fulfilling business goals is a prerequisite, it cannot be achieved overnight. Building social media communities and gaining traction takes time. Do not resort to buying followers or clicks. Be realistic about your expectations, time, and budget.
  • Verify if it is a one-stop provider or has multiple partners – Some ICO Marketing consultants provide A-Z services as part of a full-fledged package. On the other hand, some agencies offer basic features while outsourcing other functions to their exclusive partners.
  • Priority to privacy – Since an ICO involves close competition with rivals to target the relevant audience and raise funds, the details of the firm’s deals, plans and other data must be kept secure.
  • Technical support – ICO Marketing agencies must provide uninterrupted technical support in multiple languages to resolve any critical issues faced by the clients.

Different Stages to Be Followed by an ICO Marketing Services Company

  • Pre-ICO marketing – It is one of the initial phases of an ICO token sale. Potential investors will be lured into the platform based on the roadmap of the project disclosed by the marketing team. Investors will purchase the required number of tokens with the help of cryptocurrencies. There will not be any intermediaries as it is a private sale. Efforts are made to increase organic reach.
  • Ongoing ICO Marketing services – As project development gains pace, regular updates in the form of blogs and articles should be published on the official website or in any well-known forums frequently visited by cryptocurrency communities. This is done to give a notion to investors that the project is on the right track. Market participants will be engaged with different activities such as exclusive offers and integrated referral programs to attract more potential buyers.
  • Post-ICO Marketing services – Everything does not get over once the tokens have been sold to investors. The benefits of the project should be promoted across different channels. It will uplift the stature of the project resulting in value addition.

What a Firm Must Do After it Has Implemented Its ICO Marketing Campaign

Once an ICO marketing agency has been selected, the campaign curated and circulated to the target audience, the firm must focus on tracking and optimizing its goals. Collect regular data that can be measured to alter the strategy periodically. Focus on the content that is getting the maximum hits on your website through tools such as Google Analytics. The firm can know which sections are getting a good response and remove the superfluous information. Do not know it within a few hours after launching your campaign. Start your analysis after at least 10 or 20% of the campaign has been completed.

Follow all the above guidelines sincerely by teaming up with a reliable ICO marketing agency for fulfilling your business goals successfully.

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