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Multi Chain IDO Launchpad

Since the beginning of this millennium, there have been advancements in the digital world every day. First came smartphones, then came Web 2.0., applications that transformed the way we see the internet, and now Web3 applications with blockchains as an integral part. Blockchains are still giving us the potential for newer uses every day, with cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens already in existence.

New businesses that utilize blockchains spring up every day. But, not all of them are successful, and some are forgotten even before they get time to stabilize. Launchpads for initial dex offerings (IDO) were born to overcome such troubles.

In this blog, let us see various IDO launchpads and how such a platform can be developed.

What is an IDO Launchpad?

An IDO launchpad is a platform that lists crypto-based projects, acting as an investor pool. Investors can search and can buy tokens of the task of their interest. The whole process uses the initial dex offering (IDO) model.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Model

A capital raising model where crypto tokens of a project are launched through a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, the IDO model has gained popularity following the troubles and scams that resulted from the other crypto-based fundraising models such as ICO and IEO. The model supports both cryptocurrencies and the newer stablecoins that have been created to overcome the volatile nature of cryptos.

While some IDO projects might not be listed on any launchpad, as they have enough funds and can work independently, success stories from such IDO projects are far and few. So, as a new entrepreneur, it is wise to list your project on an IDO launchpad to attract potential investors.

It should be noted that every IDO launchpad is developed for different blockchains, and so, they operate differently. Despite that, prospective investors only look at the whitepaper and tokenomics of the project they would like to invest in.

IDO Launchpad – Characteristics

  • An IDO launchpad ensures that the projects find the perfect investors. Such launchpads allow the project owners to enlist their ideas and goals to the wider crypto community.
  • The visibility and reach for a business project increase if it is listed in an IDO launchpad. Investors can know more about the project and, if interested, can invest in it. In a nutshell, an IDO launchpad platform increases the possibility for a crypto business project to be successful.
  • Built-in automated liquidity pools ensure that the investors can acquire the yields when they invest capital in the pool.

What is a Multi-chain IDO Launchpad?

As said before, every launchpad is prepared for working on a blockchain and, therefore, has unique characteristics. Since there are newer blockchains up and running each day, it is difficult for project owners and investors to remember the specific attributes for each blockchain. To address this issue came the concept of a multi-chain IDO launchpad, which incorporates several features required to make the platform function on various blockchains. Particularly, essential characteristics such as instant market trading and high liquidity are provided, and the business owner only needs to select the blockchain according to their needs. Let us see a few popular IDO launchpads in detail.

BSC IDO Launchpad

An IDO launchpad that runs on the Binance Smart Chain, the BSC IDO launchpad incorporates all the great features of the chain. Given below are some prominent features of this IDO launchpad:

  • Firstly, the BSC launchpad offers an advanced security solution to operate high user traffic and defend and protect the portal from any malicious threats.
  • The IDO launchpad would also incorporate a Web3 wallet that supports multiple cryptos and stablecoins to simplify token distribution and investments.
  • The launchpad portal would operate smoothly almost under any circumstances, as it is equipped with a highly effective and responsive back-end system.
  • Such a launchpad offers its launchers (that is, project owners) with customizable portfolios that can be edited to suit their needs along with additional features.
  • Additionally, other features such as an integrated KYC (Know Your Customer) portal, token listing, immediate trading, and instant liquidity are offered, further enhancing the BSC IDO launchpad.

Cardano IDO Launchpad

Running on the Cardano blockchain, this IDO launchpad features the efficiency factor that Cardano is well known for. Some salient features of the Cardano IDO launchpad are as follows:

  • The project’s roadmap that is offering the IDO would be listed on the corner of the particular IDO’s page in the launchpad portal. This enables prospective investors to make an informed decision before investing in the project’s IDO tokens.
  • Unlike other portals, the whitepaper of any business that offers an IDO in the Cardano chain can be downloaded and read offline by a potential investor. This is a great feature, as reading the whole whitepaper can be an eye-opener for investors in some cases.
  • Such a launchpad on Cardano can list its IDO tokens in a popular decentralized exchange and thus, make the token known to the wider crypto community to increase capital.
  • In addition to all these, a Cardano-based IDO launchpad offers a verified listing feature, incorporation of multiple crypto and stablecoin wallets, and real-time security surveillance features to ensure the safety of the users’ data and transactions.

Ethereum IDO Launchpad

Being one of the earliest and most utilized blockchains in the crypto world, Ethereum is also one blockchain that hosts a wide variety of IDO launchpads. Their layer two protocol – the Polygon, ensures more efficiency in the Ethereum environment. In the below points, we can see some of the features of the IDO launchpad based on Ethereum.

  • Such a launchpad platform will host a reputed Web3 crypto wallet for transactions and token acquirements, ensuring a secure and convenient experience for the user.
  • An IDO launchpad on Ethereum can allow business owners to customize their portfolios as per their needs.
  • Like the Ethereum blockchain, the IDO launchpad will also be protected using advanced security features which can defend any threats and mitigate them effectively to make the portal safe.
  • As the IDO is listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX) where liquidity is very high, investors can hold and trade their investments immediately.

Polkadot IDO Launchpad

Being a reliable blockchain that concentrates on affordability, sustainability, and regular upgrades, Polkadot is a blockchain that has its base of users. Now, let us look at some of the important features of a launchpad built on the Polkadot chain.

  • The IDO launchpad can offer immediate liquidity for its tokens, which can benefit the investors and become the preferred platform as time flies.
  • Such a launchpad platform offers stability for its IDO tokens through fixing a limit to the flow of investments (Fixed Swap).
  • A Polkadot launchpad can offer business owners the ability to raise capital on the same chain without any difficulties and ensure transparency.
  • Listing tokens on such a launchpad will be a feasible solution that would not compromise the functional efficiency and security.


Multi-chain IDO launchpads such as the above ones are here to stay and rule the fundraising campaigns of the future crypto and even real-world projects. Such a platform ensures a wider reach, thus attracting investors globally. So, starting an IDO launchpad working on multiple blockchains is an idea that would gain traction shortly.

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