NFT Aggregator Platform Like Blur: Unifying NFTs for Business Success

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NFT Aggregator Development Like Blur

As we pass through more than half of 2023, the NFT business space has witnessed numerous notable phenomena that could change the space for the better. One of them is related to Blur, a new-gen NFT aggregator marketplace that has firmly established itself within a short time. Notably, its trade volumes exceeded that of OpenSea in February 2023, just mere months after its launch. The platform has already witnessed unprecedented success, and the future could hold more surprises. Its prominence in the market and presentation to the users has what propelled aspiring entrepreneurs to think of developing an NFT aggregator platform like Blur. Let us see the importance of running a business based on Blur’s business model with insights from our professionals.

Blur: What Should We Know?

Blur is an Ethereum-based NFT aggregator marketplace launched to the public in October 2022. Portraying itself as an “NFT marketplace for pro traders,” Blur’s developer team has been putting tremendous effort into conserving the interests of all user ends when other prominent NFT marketplaces make stringent changes to how they handle creator royalties. 

Reasons Blur is Famous

The NFT aggregator platform like Blur has been credited for its trader-friendliness, even though it is not very difficult for newbie NFT collectors to understand its working. Its vibrant visual themes, along with extensive provisions for data analytics, makes its model an inspiration for future NFT aggregators. 

As an NFT aggregation platform, it provides collection prices across numerous major Ethereum-native NFT marketplace platforms. Blur also offers a unique royalty system for its users where they will be incentivized, which contributes to the platform’s success. It is not surprising that Blur overcame the NFT aggregator app Gem within three days of its initial launch and OpenSea within half a year with such a plethora of provisions.

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Unique Features of an NFT Aggregator Platform Like Blur

NFT Aggregation Portal 

The foremost feature of an NFT aggregator like Blur is the Aggregation Portal, where users can compare prices of NFT collections across various Ethereum-native marketplaces. This portal allows buyers to make better decisions when building their NFT portfolios.

Operational Speed

The Blur-like NFT aggregator is greatly renowned for its Operational Speed, as it overtakes most platforms in the segment, including established NFT marketplaces. Its speed can be witnessed in how quickly it facilitates pending transactions and listing updates. The platform boasts of being ten times faster than its competitor, Gem, when it comes to detecting pending transactions. It also works 13 times faster than Gem when it comes to updating NFT listings on the application.

NFT Sweeping

Such an NFT aggregator marketplace platform also allows people to purchase multiple lowest-priced NFT assets during one go through NFT Sweeping. This feature can help buyers to reap profits and save expenses incurred on transactions and gas fees by allowing them to list and delist NFT assets in bulk.

NFT Listing

An NFT aggregator like Blur provides different kinds of NFT Listings that attract seasoned and new NFT traders alike. Popular listing modes include the following:

  • Floor Price Listing: Lists your NFT at the collection’s floor prices.
  • Trail Floor Listing: Lists your NFT at the floor price of the NFT’s best trait.
  • Ladder Listing: Lists your NFT at an increasing price ladder.

Portfolio Management

Users in such an NFT aggregator marketplace can easily Manage Their Portfolios. By using real-time analytical data, users can track the trading activities of specific wallets (such as ones owned by pro traders and crypto whales) and collections to get insights on the latest trends.

Creator Royalty Provisions

Our NFT marketplace aggregator platform like Blur supports Creator Royalties while being diplomatic toward all user ends involved – art creators, collectors, and pro traders. The application has a provision in place that rewards people who enable royalty commissions for NFT sales with the platform’s native tokens.

Platform Native Tokens

For an NFT aggregation platform with such futuristic features, Native Tokens are an essential addition. These tokens allow holders to be part of decision-making activities on the platform to encourage community participation and contribution to the platform’s growth.

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How Do We Build Your New NFT Aggregator Like Blur?

As a pioneer in launching NFT business applications, Blockchain App Factory excels in building ready-made NFT aggregator solutions similar to popular platforms, including Blur. Our approach to launching such a platform for you involves the steps discussed in the below subsections.


We begin with elaborate discussions with you where we will understand your unique business idea and demands. Our analysts conduct extensive research market research to place your business idea in a position that addresses a unique problem. Our business developers will also come with out-of-the-box solutions that your NFT aggregator like Blur can incorporate.


Based on the insights gained from the ideation process, we prepare a full-fledged development plan complete with documentation, a whitepaper, and the project’s roadmap. Throughout this process, we prefer using simplified language so that people can easily understand what they are looking at. Having perfect documentation means half the task is done beforehand, as we can utilize these insights whenever the campaign comes across complexities. 

Front-end Design

Now, we progress toward designing the aggregator’s front end – the one that faces all user ends (sellers, buyers, and admins). Our seasoned designers and developers come into the act by utilizing appropriate technological frameworks to build an application that conveys your business’s unique nature through its look and feel. High-end user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) practices are used in the process to ensure the same. Based on your needs, we can create app versions compatible with browsers, computers, and smartphones.

Back-end Development

Our blockchain programmers get involved at this juncture to integrate the NFT aggregation platform like Blur with the necessary blockchain network. It is even possible to make the platform compatible with multi-chain or cross-chain technologies. They create the foundational smart contracts using high-grade programming languages that govern the platform’s basic activities, such as listings and transactions.


It is time to put the NFT aggregator into testing. Our experienced quality assurance and testing teams subject the platform to automated and manual use cases multiple times. Deficiencies encountered during the phase are resolved promptly by our experts until most possible errors are ruled out. We can also offer a pilot version of the NFT aggregator app you can test with selected people that could serve as a vital promotional technique.


After ensuring everything is refined and polished, we can launch your NFT aggregation platform like Blur for public use. Before launching, you should ensure to have a sizable community following consisting of creators, collectors, and traders who can be instrumental in making your application active. This can be achieved through an end-to-end marketing campaign using multiple mediums.

Ongoing Maintenance

Like any other application, your NFT aggregator could encounter unforeseen errors and functional deficiencies over time. Understanding this, we can lend our expert services that ensure your NFT aggregator like Blur, is adequately maintained and upgraded per market demands and trends. At any time, your word is the final, and we shape the application per your business decisions.

Cost to Launch an NFT Aggregator Like Blur

Like any other business software, deciphering the cost to launch your NFT aggregator like Blur cannot be fixed. The final costs depend on numerous factors like technology stacks used, novel elements built as part of your venture, and the number of hours put into shaping your platform. Since this is generally a long-term process, costs tend to pile up. Even then, our economical pricing scheme ensures you would not be incurred herculean costs to develop your NFT aggregator. To know the exact possible price, consider contacting our experts today!


Henceforth, we have seen everything it takes to build an NFT aggregator platform like Blur. The application’s innovative and user-focused features have equally captivated enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. Also, the aggregation platform’s fundamental working model has untapped potential that can be used by business-savvy individuals like you. If you are curious about running a Blur-like NFT aggregator, this is the perfect time to begin! Work with our expert team at Blockchain App Factory to realize your new-age NFT business application. To begin, fill out the form below to schedule a consultation session with one of our professionals!

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