NFT Gaming: Points That Could Change the Future of Web3!

NFT Gaming

Video gaming has been a profit-generating industry for many decades as rapid technological advancement has occurred. From computer-like consoles to smart devices and intriguing game titles, gaming ventures have earned profits. But, gamers did not get much tangible in return, apart from the experiences they offered. With such awareness levels and economic conditions, NFT gaming became a viable alternative for gamers. Industry pioneers also sensed the opportunity as it provided inclusive profiting opportunities for everyone involved. For anyone aspiring to get running in the domain, there are some points to remember. We will see all the attributes to be known before launching an NFT gaming venture.

NFT Gaming Offers Value-added Experiences

NFT gaming’s nature of incentivizing players in multiple means makes virtual gaming a value-added experience. The use of NFTs and cryptos that can be owned by players is an example. The possibility to sell in-game items secondarily and exchange cryptos offer passive income to gamers. So far, many gaming studios have made use of NFT gaming’s rise to stay relevant.

Games’ Flow to be Determined by Players

Since NFT games utilize key blockchain applications, players gain total control over their in-game assets. Such control provisions enable the game’s ecosystem to be built around players and their activities. Players can earn profits from reselling their in-game items and exchange in-game currencies for fiat. Hence, the involvement of developers will be reduced, unlike before, and they can still make profits.

Play-to-Earn NFT Game Will Become Prominent

Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT games will become the face of gaming in Web3 with many titles. Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Uplands, and Sorare are some popular NFT gaming titles in 2022. The P2E mechanism calls for monetizing gamers for their playing time and winning in-game missions. With such unprecedented growth, P2E gaming will surely be ruling the future gaming world.

Interoperability Will Become a Big Deal

NFT gaming’s extended use of blockchains enables a game’s assets to be used in another. While there might be off-chain restrictions put in by gaming developers, interoperable assets still sound intriguing. This can be beneficial for gamers as multiple gaming ecosystems can be joined, opening never-seen opportunities. One should note that interoperability in the NFT games applies to platforms on the same network (At least for now).

NFT Gaming Will be the Lead Up to the Metaverse

Despite skepticism, the metaverse’s role in NFT games has already been massive in today’s Web3 environment. NFT games can provide leads to these virtual worlds, as already demonstrated by multiple platforms. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Otherside, and Polkacity have shown how blockchain gaming will boost metaverse applications. Developments in XR technology will only supplement the growth of hardcore metaverse gaming applications very soon.

Immersive Gaming Experiences Will Extend to the Real World

Apart from offering earning opportunities, NFT games can provide various real-world benefits to gamers. Special benefits such as exclusive meets, parties, and goodies can help build a strong community. Many game developers do this in order to bring a sense of community among gamers. Such real-world benefits only help to enhance the adoption of NFTs among the mainstream public.

NFT Gaming Will Bring Back the Collectible Culture

Remember the times when collecting trading cards was intense among youngsters to show off? NFT gaming might bring that back, as collectible NFTs could be seamlessly integrated into games. Even in-game assets and event ticket NFTs can become cherished virtual collectibles in the future. This could call for the evolution of a sub-domain dependent on the NFT gaming industry.

NFT Gaming Could be the New Fundraising Mechanism

Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), a subset of Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), have become viral recently. The fundraising mechanism lets gamers assist NFT gaming platforms to be launched by selling NFTs. These offerings can predominantly include in-game assets and early-access tickets that could arouse gamers’ interest. Platforms such as GameFi and GameStarter are popular among NFT gaming startups for crowdfunding purposes.

Rewarding Esports Fans Will Become Prevalent

NFT gaming’s incentivizing nature will extend to esports fans who enjoy watching live gameplay experiences. They can get ticket NFTs that can be used to access events and POAP badges. These items can be sold secondarily as collectibles if something important occurs during that event. There are also lifetime NFT passes that serve as utility tokens irrespective of price volatility.

NFT Game Can Rejuvenate Gamified Fitness Applications

NFT gaming has already impacted gamified fitness applications with an earning mechanism called Move-to-Earn (M2E). These platforms tend to offer crypto rewards for physical movements, replacing traditional points and achievements. Such provisions motivate people to work out to earn passive income, and gamification brings more immersiveness. Move-to-Earn NFT gaming platforms such as StepN and Genopets have become popular among most gamers.

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