Exploring the Lucrative Potential of Launching NFT Ventures Amidst Market Resurgence in February 2024

February 2024 NFT Market Surge

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the surging NFT market activities of February 2024, signaling promising growth and investment opportunities.
  • Gain insights on the top NFT projects like Azuki, which showcase significant sales volumes and market dominance.
  • Discover how launching an NFT project now presents a prime opportunity to capitalize on the market resurgence.

The realm of NFTs remains captivating, marked by dynamic trends and distinctive investment prospects. Amidst the crypto market’s volatile performance making waves in headlines, the NFT sector also commands attention, demonstrating noteworthy developments. 

This blog delves into the standout NFT projects and deeper market analysis with the recent NFT market surge in February 2024. It highlights their expansion and promise in the NFT space and beyond.

The Transformative Resurgence Activities of NFT Projects in February 2024 

Last month, the NFT market experienced a significant surge of activity, with many NFT projects making notable strides and showcasing themselves in the industry. The following are some noteworthy activities shaping the NFT market and propelling it to new heights.

The Surge in NFT Sales

NFT sales surged by 32.8% in the past week, totaling over $422 million between February 26 and March 3, according to CryptoSlam. This marks an increase from the previous week and a significant rise from January’s sales.  

Among the top 5 NFT collections by sales volume, three are on the Bitcoin network, including:

  • Uncategorized Ordinals
  • NodeMonkes

Bitcoin experienced the highest sales growth among the top 10 blockchains, surpassing Solana and Ethereum, with an 83% increase. Regarding total NFT sales volume for the week, Bitcoin led with $159,422,112, slightly ahead of Ethereum’s $158,564,872..

The Rise of NFT Buyers

In February, the number of NFT buyers nearly doubled, indicating strong upward momentum in the NFT market. According to CryptoSlam, there was a significant 43% increase in NFT investors by the end of February, totaling 861,918 enthusiasts. 

This surge in interest contributes to a broader uplift in the NFT market, with volume spiking by approximately 25% this week alone, reaching over $381 million. February has been particularly favorable for the industry, with a 30-day trading volume showing a remarkable 964% increase in NFT buyers and a 734% increase in sellers.

Azuki NFT Collection

Azuki collection notably outpaced its competitors with a remarkable 196% increase in sales volume, reaching an impressive $230,650. This growth is significant within the NFT market, indicating a surge in enthusiasm and confidence among investors and collectors.

This surge underscores Azuki’s rising popularity and highlights the dynamic and volatile nature of the NFT marketplace. The sales volume has also peaked at $46 million, indicating a vibrant atmosphere of activity and anticipation within the NFT arena.

Solana NFTs

Solana-based NFTs have achieved a significant milestone with an all-time sales volume exceeding $5 billion, following a surge in trading activity on the blockchain last month. According to data from CryptoSlam on February 23, Solana’s NFT sales volume has reached $5 billion, with the blockchain boasting over 2.2 million buyers and 1.6 million sellers.

As of February, monthly sales volume stands at $161 million. Overall, Solana NFTs have witnessed a significant rise in sales performance in February 2024.

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Inspire from the Top NFT Marketplaces of February 2024

Staying updated on the latest activities in the NFT market is essential for successful NFT marketplace development. With the surge in the NFT market in February, several marketplaces have recently demonstrated outstanding performance, including:


OpenSea is a premier NFT marketplace, consistently earning recognition as the top platform for newcomers in the industry. With a diverse selection of NFTs across eight different blockchains, OpenSea has maintained its leading position in the market for an extended period.


BLUR has rapidly ascended the ranks of NFT platforms and aims to claim the top spot by consistently achieving the highest daily trading volumes among all marketplaces. Offering an array of features and sophisticated trading tools, BLUR caters to both seasoned collectors and adept traders.


Rarible operates as an open and community-owned NFT marketplace, facilitating multiple wallet connections and aggregating listings from various top-tier platforms. It also features its own token, $RARI, designed to incentivize and empower active platform participants by allowing them to take part in shaping the platform’s future.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway appeals to serious art collectors by curating artwork from established artists, most notably including pieces from Beeple. The platform offers the convenience of credit and debit card payments and gas-fee-less transactions for users utilizing a custodial wallet.


OKX NFT Marketplace offers NFTs across an impressive 17 different chains. It is seamlessly connected to the OKX exchange, enabling users to trade cryptocurrencies for different currencies to acquire NFTs easily.

Tremendous Surge of NFT Market in Feb 2024: Is It the Right Time to Launch Your NFT Venture?

The surge in NFTs presents artists with fresh opportunities to capitalize on their digital creations. By minting their creations as NFTs, they preserve their uniqueness and can directly sell to collectors through blockchain platforms, eliminating traditional middlemen and gaining more control over their earnings. 

Despite the volatility typically associated with NFTs, there are more positive aspects to prioritize, such as ensuring creators receive royalties from secondary sales and establish a sustainable revenue stream, empowering them to thrive in the digital realm. Launching your NFT venture in this resurgence time is a superior choice and opens lucrative opportunities to capitalize for businesses.

Wrapping Up

While the NFT market faced setbacks in 2023, February 2024’s recent surges showcase renewed vibrancy, transformation, and potential within the industry.  At Blockchain App Factory, we offer exceptional services tailored for various NFT projects, solidifying our position as a premier NFT development company. Now is the right moment to equip your venture with innovative NFT projects aligned with current surges and trends. Partner with our experienced professionals to capitalize on emerging opportunities and launch your NFT project today!

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