NFT Twitter Marketing: Utilizing Twitter for Better NFT Marketing Efforts!

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NFT Twitter Marketing

With a 2.44 billion dollar market cap, the NFT market is nothing short of fascinating currently as more people, businesses, brands, and celebrities adopt NFTs in many ways. But a part of the plot we often forget to unfold is the role of Twitter (Now X) in accelerating NFT adoption among the masses. Elon Musk recently tweeted about Twitter crossing 540 million users (just after Meta’s Threads launched). This statistic tells us one thing – No NFT project or brand aspiring to get to the next level could have a better platform to express themselves louder than Twitter. Our focus here is all about how you can utilize NFT Twitter marketing to reach your target audience better. Brace yourself for an enchanting ride online!

Table of Contents

  1. Why Twitter for NFT Marketing?
  2. Best NFT Twitter Marketing Examples to Shed Light
  3. NFT Twitter Marketing Tips for Impactful Promotions
  4. Importance of Running Ads as Part of NFT Twitter Marketing
  5. Understanding Twitter Analytics for NFT Promotions
  6. Combating Negativity During Twitter NFT Project Marketing
  7. How Can a Twitter NFT Advertising Agency Power You?
  8. Conclusion

Why Twitter for NFT Marketing?

Since Twitter’s arrival in the social media scene back in 2006, a lot has transpired in the digital space. The prominence of Twitter, as a result, skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, even becoming a haven for crypto and NFT enthusiasts. Marketers began using Twitter to promote NFTs, and soon, the platform became part of the evergreen marketing checklist.
If we think deeper, Twitter’s nature of free speech enhances NFT projects’ ability to advertise themselves freely, putting the platform on top. Also, the application has gained respect among crypto and NFT aficionados for its micro-content, communal nature, and pro-NFT features such as Twitter Tiles. With such provisions, no marketer can ignore NFT Twitter marketing as part of their promotional campaign. The below quote sheds light on how Twitter could be instrumental in a creative NFT project’s success in an indirect fashion.

“A creative idea plus a fresh network is the best way to go from zero to millions.” ― Jonah Peretti, founder and CEO of Buzzfeed.

Best NFT Twitter Marketing Examples to Shed Light

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

The famous PFP (profile picture) NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club uses NFT Twitter engagement as a primary weapon to stay on trend. Although the collection has established a cult following, its team utilizes Twitter to the fullest in various ways, including retweeting user-generated content and advertising real-world events it hosts.


Azuki’s Twitter team focuses on staying informative and engaging with NFT holders. They post regular announcements of new events and repost user-generated art content using Azuki’s artwork NFTs. They also post insights about their participation in prominent Web3 events to increase their exposure and gain brand recognition across the space.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks, the generative art NFT marketplace’s approach to NFT Twitter advertising, mainly drives on user-generated content. One can see its Twitter full of new releases from artists that serve as a two-in-one promotional idea. Its emphasis on personalized content, for example, wishing employees leaving the company, adds a human touch to its brand.


Doodles’ NFT Twitter marketing strategy revolves around user-generated content and video content based on its collection. The team also uses contests to the fullest as a way to engage with its followers and NFT holders. It also uses Twitter to ask for suggestions from the community as to who they should collaborate with.


DeGods’ idea of using Twitter for promotions mostly rides on tested tactics like content from users and giveaway contests. Also, it taps into its founder’s participation in the NFT gaming contest, showcasing itself as a prime NFT gaming material. To maintain its communications, DeGods utilizes Twitter Spaces to engage in intriguing sessions.

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NFT Twitter Marketing Tips for Impactful Promotions

Bio Optimization

Optimizing your project’s bio is one of the most essential NFT Twitter marketing tips to follow. A short introduction to your NFT business with links to your official website, community handle, or trade listing could be perfect. Telling it in a human tone with a little sarcasm or ambition can elevate your brand value.


Conducting giveaway events on Twitter is essential for an NFT project to garner engagement and community attention. Remember to organize such events according to the project’s exposure – an early-stage project should ideally have smaller qualification criteria than an established project. Doing so ensures the project tastes the desired success.

Multimedia Content

Apart from the 280-character limit Twitter places for its posts, projects can use multimedia content forms (images, video, audio, and external text) to convey more. NFT projects often use these to make their profile attractive and more informative to the community. Options such as Polls add interactive elements to a tweet even without multimedia content.

NFT Twitter Influencer Marketing

A Twitter NFT project marketing idea that has been in use forever, influencer-powered promotions have aided ventures to widen their user base while accelerating NFT adoption. Make sure to choose influencers who align with your project’s ideas and ensure they can work with you for the long term to enhance success.

Twitter Spaces

Started as a rival to the popular voice communication app Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces has captured the attention of NFT projects for a different reason. By allowing users to listen to their thoughts and intriguing insights without leaving Twitter’s interface, projects can make community-building smoother, which benefits them big time.


Using relevant hashtags on Twitter helps NFT projects gain a massive reach, as many people follow relevant hashtags to keep themselves informed of the latest advancements. While adding hashtags to tweets is ideal for generating traction, using too many hashtags could distract a viewer. Hence, caution should be taken while choosing tags for posts.

Business Partnerships

Forming business collaborations on Twitter can benefit NFT projects as every update here reaches faster than anywhere else. NFT projects often partner with global brands to establish themselves in the real world and reach a wider audience. Utilizing Twitter to post updates can incite excitement among followers, leading to higher traction and, ultimately, success.

Importance of Running Ads as Part of NFT Twitter Marketing

Marketing NFTs on Twitter is not only restricted to traditional and organic ways. Projects can promote themselves on Twitter through the platform’s paid ads, which show posts to prospective followers based on your requirements. The micro-blogging platform’s versatility allows projects to create ads consisting of multiple mediums.

While running targeted ads might sound against the very basics of Web3, one should remember that the world still largely runs on Web2 technology. Hence, projects using adverts to attract audiences are not threats to the NFT space. For NFT businesses wishing to use advertisements, Twitter offers extensive provisions to create and showcase themselves based on various criteria.

Understanding Twitter Analytics for NFT Promotions

How do you know whether your NFT Twitter marketing strategy was a success? Twitter’s in-built analytics portal offers valuable insights one can look at and take advantage of. It displays various metrics in various formats (textual and visual) for a better understanding of which projects can use to improve how they go about their promotions.

One can utilize analytics from Twitter for both organic and paid ad campaigns to track traction and conversion. Such extensive ability allows NFT project marketers to leverage the platform’s global reach and Web3 friendliness to take their venture to new heights.

Combating Negativity During Twitter NFT Project Marketing

A challenge any Twitter NFT project marketing campaign would have faced is negative activity on their handles. Comments and tweets focused on degrading NFT projects have become common in recent times owing to broader crypto volatility. Combating such content is essential for an NFT project to stay on top, as no one would want to be part of a venture with so much hatred or negativity.

For projects to overcome this, stringent online reputation management (ORM) practices should be put in place, especially on Twitter. Regularly carrying out such measures while avoiding posting negativity-inducing content is an effective way to stay away from hatred from the community.

How Can a Twitter NFT Advertising Agency Power You?

A Twitter NFT advertising agency with extensive experience in what it does can allow NFT projects to gain reputation and engagement from the platform. Such companies can also devise and execute strategic campaigns focusing on the project’s niche, mission, and target audience.

The costs involved in working with a professional NFT Twitter marketing company differ with an individual project’s requirements and the volume of external elements (such as influencers) used. Regardless, hiring such an agency is a better choice for NFT ventures as it reduces the burden involved in employing, training, and managing in-house marketing personnel.


Thus, we have seen what it takes for an NFT Twitter marketing campaign to be successful in the competitive space. Note that you should focus on both traditional and paid advertising in order to garner sufficient reach and brand awareness. With NFTs increasingly getting noticed by mainstream media, the day when NFTs become part of everyday life is not too far. If you have an NFT project in hand and want to reach the world via Twitter, you’re in the perfect place! With Blockchain App Factory, you can conduct an exciting campaign where promotions and community-building can both be achieved seamlessly through Twitter’s innate nature and our smartness. Fill out the form below to talk with one of our experts!

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