Top 5 Investment Models in the Blockchain World in 2022!

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The year is 2022, and times have changed so much that it is enough for one to make and spend money at the same time from the comfort of their home. While Web2 technology has eased most tasks for us, it comes with the risk of data breaches for businesses and end-users. Applications based on Web3 came as a relief to combat such challenges by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and other emerging tech domains such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). As far as businesses are concerned, the blockchain world is one streaming with opportunities spread around the internet. While one cannot simply believe everything from the internet, consultation experts from Blockchain App Factory present us with the top 5 investment models for businesses in the blockchain world this year.

1. Put Your Bounty on NFTs!

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are currently popular in the blockchain business world due to their unique benefits. A business based on NFTs can function as marketplaces, launchpads, and exchanges. All these platforms, in essence, allow users to create and trade NFTs for cryptocurrencies. Investing in such a platform can be useful as it will serve as the entry point for newbie NFT users.

These NFT platforms offer unmatchable benefits to venture owners as they can yield profits through levying fees for various operations and in-platform promotions using data collected by incentivizing users. Businesses can also benefit from NFT trading fees.

2. Metaverses are Here to Stay!

Metaverses for business owners mean a lot more than roaming aimlessly in virtual environments. These worlds offer ample opportunities to get their investment through various business platforms. While metaverses themselves can be launched, building metaverse-native platforms is easier for small businesses striving to make an impact. Such flexibility allowances make metaverses attractive venture options.

While flexibility to determine the business nature is a major benefit of metaverses, ventures can mix experiences from both worlds through these platforms. With support from VR, AR, and AI-based technology, businesses can elevate user experience, which in turn increases returning users, which means huge profits.

3. Be Adventurous Through Play-to-Earn Games

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming mechanism based on crypto tokens and NFTs have come a long way to become a standalone model due to its humongous success. As a business owner, one would know how much profit the gaming industry generates per year. This extends to the blockchain world as well, with mechanisms such as P2E.

Investing in a blockchain P2E game will make sense as regular engagement is guaranteed, which offers ways for profits. A venture can reap benefits by utilizing in-game NFT marketplaces, and community NFT drops. One can even add rental features directly from the venture’s warehouse to enable renting of in-game assets.

4. Take Part as an IDO Venture!

IDO or Initial DEX Offering launchpad platforms are attractive among business owners for various reasons. While these platforms help to catapult Web3 startups through fundraising, they can boost their reputation through the same. Assisting in launching good Web3 projects means the platform does good in the eyes of investors. You can invest in forming an IDO launchpad venture to make use of the rise of the Web3 world.

An IDO launchpad business can benefit owners by providing income streams through project listing and marketing. It can also provide owners with valuable connections that are vital while moving to higher levels

5. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Will Stay Forever!

Perhaps the first venture option in the blockchain world, cryptocurrency exchanges have been synonymous with the progress of new-age technology. Investing in a business based on the model can do more good, as a regular flow of cryptos is guaranteed at any time. Such a venture can become better reputed by offering a user-friendly platform.

The main benefit of a crypto exchange business is that it can reap profits from fees for listing and marketing cryptocurrencies and platform-native tokens. These platforms can also get transaction commissions for trade that enhance profits and benefit from staking amounts that ensure nothing is lost.

So, What Should I Do Now?

The business models mentioned above are viable in the current blockchain scenario, despite the crypto winter. This is because good projects always thrive under any circumstances, which holds true even for blockchain-based businesses. If you want to progress your new venture with one of the above blockchain business models, Blockchain App Factory offers excellent development services in all of those domains.

Our workforce of over 350 employees, including a team of 150 blockchain professionals, ensures that all your business demands are met without compromises. We have been behind the inception of several globally-acclaimed blockchain businesses in the past with our development expertise. Contact us today to kickstart your novel venture based on one of the aforementioned blockchain business models and gain success.

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