A Comprehensive Guide On Web3 Marketing in 2024

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Web3 Marketing

With Web3 evolving big time, its emergence has raised many eyebrows in recent times. While the underlying technology and advantages on offer are primary reasons, more factors add to the list. Web3 marketing is one of those that has been elevating businesses to succeed in the virtual space. Note here that promoting businesses in the virtual world is not as straightforward as one might think. Catering to the challenge, the domain has evolved in the last few years and continues to grow intrinsically. Let us learn more about promoting Web3 businesses in depth and how we can help you in this regard.

Table of Contents

  1. Web3: Some Points Worth Knowing
  2. Examples of Feasible Web3 Marketing Campaign Ideas in 2023
  3. Business Strategies Impacting Web3 Advertising
  4. Top Benefits of Conducting Web3 Promotions
  5. Quick Plan to Create a Compelling Marketing Strategy
  6. What Can You Provide Users While Marketing Your Project
  7. Key Features of Web3 Marketing
  8. How to Prepare Your Brand for Web3 Marketing?
  9. Tap on These Metaverse Marketing Strategies
  10. How to Find the Perfect Marketing Agency?
  11. Our Marketers’ Web3 Toolkit
  12. How to Measure the Success of Your Web3 Marketing Campaign?
  13. Power of Creating Loyal Communities for Web3 Businesses
  14. What Should I Do to Create Engaging Content?
  15. Paid Advertising’s Worth in Web3

Web3: Some Points Worth Knowing

  • The current market capitalization of Web3 stands at over US$27 billion, expected to grow to US$81.5 billion in 2030.
    With Web3 encompassing multiple emerging markets, the overall market cap will likely be higher, making its future bright.
  • Numerous brands and influential individuals have embraced Web3 technology, which opens up new opportunities for Web3 marketing campaigns.
  • The standout factor increasing Web3’s importance is the difficulty associated with Web2 technology – Intermediaries getting out of reach.
  • While Web2 resolved Web1’s accusations of being monotonous by bringing in interactive interfaces, it brought in data centralization.
  • Data controlled by a handful of corporations have been subject to numerous unsavory events that fuelled Web3’s emergence.
  • By this decade, Web3 will become the central element of the internet, redefining how people go online.

Examples of Feasible Web3 Marketing Campaign Ideas in 2023

  • Example 1

We have witnessed many brands thriving on social media interactions from followers (likes and comments). But, there has been no way to reward them meaningfully in a secure manner as part of the recognition. If you are someone in the same boat as them, then read below:

As a solution, you can create Web3 tokens representing your brand for rewarding social media followers. Have your followers regularly engage in your posts, and don’t forget to collect their wallet addresses. You can use special tools to reward followers with your tokens in one click. Building viable utilities for your tokens is a must to gain success in the long run.

  • Example 2

Businesses see customer loyalty as a vital element to sustain in the market. But they don’t have many feasible solutions except loyalty programs that have gained mixed success. If you feel the same as an entrepreneur, read the below solution:

First, create exclusive Web3 tokens for your brand and give them some financial value using liquidity pools. Deposit your marketing budget into these pools to increase your tokens’ demand and price. Such a strategy can make consumers understand that their engagement with your brand and holding these tokens can bear fruit in the long run. Alternatively, you can consider creating new experiences often to form a consumer-run economy that can benefit from consumer activity.

  • Example 3

Brands often find it difficult to try out emerging methods such as Web3 marketing to gain reach. It can be due to many factors, including administrative restrictions and resource constraints. If you are someone in a similar place, the below idea can enlighten you:

Start by creating social tokens and NFTs representing memberships offering premium experiences that are easy to make. Create exclusive experiences surrounding these tokens, offering them a range of utilities. This helps to attract your users toward your NFTs, raising your brand value. Also, ensure to airdrop tokens to long-time users as a recognition of their commitment. On the other hand, you can consider building a sustainable community by setting criteria to buy tokens. This can include “holding niche-related tokens.”

Business Strategies Impacting Web3 Advertising

Today, most businesses go with websites and apps focusing on Web2 technology. Creating decentralized applications (dApps) can help them quicken Web3 adoption. They can use these applications to conduct sales virtually and more immersively. Sales transactions can be powered using smart contracts that eliminate intermediaries and save resources. Brands can also have their own crypto coins to reward customers and creators for engagement in their applications.

Furthermore, brands focusing on Web3 marketing can release limited edition content of any form. They can use such NFTs as exclusive access tokens that could help them replace web forms with NFT memberships. Businesses can also incentivize users who consume and engage with their content with utility tokens. They can also plan and host niche-related events on metaverse platforms, boosting their Web3 presence. Additionally, selling NFTs for charity causes has gained recognition recently, and brands can use this strategy wisely.

Top Benefits of Conducting Web3 Promotions

  • Web3 marketing reduces the possibility of data theft, which has been commonplace in the Web2 space. This gives no place for malicious actors who exploit user data for their personal gains.
  • Using Web3 for promotions dramatically reduces the number of intermediaries involved in any business process, increasing their efficiency.
  • With data being stored in decentralized blockchain networks, it is impossible for anyone to modify the data. These networks’ immutable nature comes in handy here.
  • Advertising on Web3 encourages businesses to go three-dimensional using 3D technology. Elements such as VR and AR are put into use to offer immersive experiences for users.
  • Web3 promotions can also save projects a lot of money, time, and effort put into creating traction. There are comprehensive strategies that can help execute campaigns flawlessly.
  • It is easy to reach niche markets with Web3 promotional campaigns through the power of communities. While reaching communities, it is essential to use the necessary channels for optimal results.

Quick Plan to Create a Compelling Marketing Strategy

  1. Creating a compelling Web3 marketing campaign begins with understanding the Web3 market and your business niche.
    Set the target markets you want to reach with your business. Note that there can be multiple factions to target inside your business niche.
  2. Identify the marketing channels you will use to promote your Web3 business to the audiences. Ensure to use a wide range of mediums for the best results.
  3. Shape the content plan for your promotions per the mediums you plan to use. Ensure to use content that is simple to understand, attractive, and engaging at the same time.
  4. Finally, fix the budget for the marketing campaign. Make sure to have a part of the funds for dynamic promotional needs that might arise during the campaign.

What Can You Provide Users While Marketing Your Project?

As a Web3 business, you can start providing your audience benefits even during promotions. For example, the emergence of the Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol (POAP) has helped projects appeal to the audience. POAP badges stand as proof for attending an event (typically online) that can come with utilities. Businesses can use POAP badges wisely to build their communities and gain traction for events.

Web3 ventures can also consider paying loyal users with crypto tokens or NFTs for carrying out some action. Such actions can range from engagement on social media to participation in affiliate marketing campaigns. In any case, providing utilities is paramount, as those will encourage users to be part of the project.

Key Features of Web3 Marketing

  • Semantic Web: Semantic web enables users to interact with devices in ways they can interact with humans. Semantics uses extensive data analysis to cater to the exact needs of users.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows users to communicate with computers in better ways. It also assists computers in creating content through processes such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Ubiquitous: Web3 is accessible by nature, meaning it can be used by anyone from anywhere with a smart device. IoT features help to make ubiquitous nature come true for Web3 projects.
  • Decentralization: Since Web3 operates without servers, the transparency level increases immensely. This also helps users to have complete control over the data they generate.
  • Three-Dimensional: Using technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Web3 projects can create immersive experiences. 3D spaces can be used by businesses in various ways to attract and provide exclusive experiences.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchains are based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) that register transactions as digital entries that cannot be modified. There are multiple networks one can build their venture, with popular ones being Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Polygon.

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How to Prepare Your Brand for Web3 Marketing?

Preparing your brand for Web3 marketing sounds hectic. But it can be made easier if you follow the suggestions mentioned in this section. As a Web3 project, your core value should lie around decentralization. Never think of using internet cookies, data without consent, and third-party tracking applications.

Instead, concentrate on building communities around your business’s products and services while making creators part of your promotions. Go for personalized and passive advertisements using AR, VR, and 3D technologies for better reach among target audiences. It is important to build a dApp in order for your venture to gain trust in your community. Consider implementing semantics and AI elements inside the dApp for more novel experiences. Lastly, create new key performance indicators (KPIs) focusing on Web3 to measure your campaign’s results.

Tap on These Metaverse Marketing Strategies

With the emergence of metaverse platforms, it has become important for businesses to use them for promotions. It can be done in various ways, with native advertising within the platform being a popular way. You can even go a step further to replicate your real-world services on the metaverse while offering perks.

You can even sell digital goods, such as apparel, clothing, and equipment, to virtual avatars on metaverse platforms. Additionally, you can consider setting up your venture’s digital version on these platforms to appeal to the wider community. You can also use virtual spaces to a good extent by conducting immersive events to attract people. As your business gets recognition inside a metaverse, make exclusive digital collectibles available for purchase for the most dedicated followers.

How to Find the Perfect Web3 Marketing Agency?

Although the above sections provide insights about executing successful promotional campaigns in the Web3 space, it is often not easy. Most enterprises do not have a dedicated marketing team or find themselves in a situation without enough expertise. The below points can help such ventures find the best Web3 marketing agency:

  • Ensure the agency is well-informed on the latest advancements in Web3 with access to necessary analytics and promotional tools.
  • Also Check the company’s services to make sure your project gets promotions of the highest quality across all mediums.
  • Look for client testimonials on the agency’s services which can help you have a clear picture of its working.
  • Additionally, choose a company that maintains transparent communications throughout the promotion process and one that offers extended support.

As a renowned Web3 advertising agency, Blockchain App Factory ticks all the boxes, making us the best option.

Our Marketers’ Web3 Toolkit

Whenever we promote a Web3 venture, we make sure to use some key elements that comprise our toolkit. This toolkit is a proven model for projects to reach their intended audiences and build a community.

The first element is “community,” a crucial piece of any Web3 business. With such importance comes great responsibility, and we ensure to build a community through various strategies. The next element is a special one – memes. We also tap into people’s perceptive senses to captivate them to be part of a project’s community. Memes can be hilarious, thought-provoking, suggestive, and at all times, attractive.

The final element is tracking and acting on Web3 key performance indicators (KPIs), a vital one. There are several parameters that constitute a Web3 project’s success, that include the community size, activity, and engagement levels. For NFT projects, the sell-out time and the floor price after direct sales also play an essential role.

How to Measure the Success of Your Web3 Marketing Campaign?

Measuring the success levels is essential for any Web3 marketing campaign. There are several metrics you can have eyes on to improve your brand’s awareness among the target audience. Some important criteria to measure success include the following:

  • User Adoption Metrics: These are based on measuring the number of new users in your business periodically. Measuring relevant statistics can help to devise new plans to attract more customers to your Web3 business.
  • Engagement Metrics: These are based on measuring the engagement levels your business has seen across various social and community channels. You can use these to find which modes are the most effective and establish your promotions accordingly.
  • Conversion Metrics: These show how many users opted to use your services as a result of your promotional efforts. Analyzing these statistics can help your venture identify which marketing strategies result in more success.
  • ROI Metrics: Metrics based on return on investment can assist you in finding the financial impact of your promotional work. Based on these, you can channel your marketing funds to channels providing success for your venture.

Power of Creating Loyal Communities for Web3 Businesses

“Community” has become the primary pillar of Web3 businesses in recent times, as projects work collaboratively in recent times. Marketing with a community in focus should always be based on bringing value to everyone involved. There are several ways your project can become the community’s favorite.

Community-driven marketing thrives on making your community promote the project for you through several modes. Togetherness among the community can be achieved by hosting events and featuring members on your official mediums.
Ambassador marketing makes use of advocates among your business’s community by incentivizing them for promotions. You can utilize the enthusiasm of your biggest supporters to promote, as a recognition for their involvement.

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What Should I Do to Create Engaging Content?

As a Web3 business looking to attract users toward what you do, having compelling content is important. Here are the steps to create Web3 content that can bring engagement among your target market:

  1. Know Your Audience: First, find who your target audience is by finding their interests and preferences inside your business niche. Research the market thoroughly and collect the necessary statistics to have an understanding of your target audience.
  2. Form a Strong Content Strategy: With a clear picture of your audience, it is necessary to form a formidable content strategy. The plan should be such that it should create the maximum impact possible with all constraints present.
  3. Utilize Storytelling: Storytelling is a powerful art in Web3 marketing, as the underlying technology is still not well understood by many. Create content that resonates well with your audience in a humanly tone to create maximum engagement.
  4. Integrate Visual Elements: Visual elements have a direct impact on promotions, and it stays the same for Web3 brands. Use various visual features per your brand’s niche and vision to increase engagement and brand awareness.
  5. Use User-generated Content: User-generated content (UGC) has gained power recently, with internet accessibility becoming widespread. Web3 businesses can use such content forms to make the users feel included while showing their market reach.

Paid Advertising’s Worth in Web3

Even though the Web3 community considers paid advertising “not-so-savory,” it is not always the case. With some points to remember, you can always make the most of this marketing strategy without getting frowned upon.

Firstly, ensure to understand your audience before spending a penny on such promotions. With a solid understanding, you can optimize your expenses while gaining valuable results. Then, select the right platforms to run sponsored advertisements, such as search engines and social media networks. Some operators also have restrictions on paid Web3 advertising, so pay attention to what you do.

Before running paid ad campaigns, it is essential to cross-check them and optimize them per the medium’s requirements. This can include the format, target markets, and even expenditure checks to optimize campaigns for maximum results. Apart from outright paid advertisements, you can offer tokens as rewards to users who drive traffic and new users. Providing tokens with utilities boosts the prospects further, as users will feel motivated to evangelize for your venture.

Preparing Your Brand for Web3 Marketing

As Web3 technology finds its way into steady mainstream adoption, it is essential for you to conduct promotional campaigns wisely in order to capture the market’s attention. As a first step towards becoming Web3-friendly, you should consider implementing a user-centric ecosystem in your venture by providing the ultimate power to the user wherever feasible.

For instance, your Web3 venture can let users control their data and privacy levels, which will certainly be a welcome move for people favoring decentralization. Utilizing blockchains will also aid businesses in offering data transparency and open access to all without restrictions.

Following Web3 Trends Without Skipping

While getting lost in the ocean of Web3 trend bubbles can be common, it is crucial for a business owner to find the appropriate ones to adopt in their venture. Depending on your business’s nature and working model, you can opt to utilize any Web3 trend going hot at the moment once you feel your audience could resonate with it.

The Web3 space is abundant with technologies ranging from blockchains and artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), from which you can use your preferred solution that resonates with your business. Boarding the Web3 bandwagon while the domain is still evolving could lead you to gain leverage once the space becomes competitive.

Add NFTs to Your Brand’s Content

If your brand depends heavily on promoting through content of all forms, using NFTs can be a great way to start. NFTs can be a viable marketing tool when used as digital rewards backed with tangible and real-world utility. Adding non-fungible tokens can be an easier and more economical way for businesses to utilize Web3 compared to others. 

Even if your venture uses Web3 technology in full flow, creating NFTs representing it will be a phenomenal addition as they can popularize your project’s presence to the masses. There are different layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains available for you to create and unleash NFTs, each of which offers varying benefits.

Web3 in Social Media

Despite having several critical flaws, modern-day social media hasn’t died yet, meaning that Web3 businesses need to use them to build their communities. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn possessing a rich source of people to access, Web3 ventures can maximize their presence by promoting judiciously without going overbound.

We should also note the rise of decentralized social networking platforms that leverage Web3 elements that could be instrumental in promotions. Social media marketing could evolve to address the preferences of users as they transition from mere viewers to owners of their information.

The 10 Best Web3 Marketing Strategies for 2024

Marketing in the Web3 space has to be executed carefully as the competition levels among businesses tend to get intense. Creativity and attractiveness should go hand in hand for a Web3 venture to find its groove in the market. We have listed the 10 best Web3 marketing strategies you can utilize in 2024 to reap incredible success.

  • Community Building is a fundamental yet powerful way to promote your Web3 business. With this new-age digital space focusing on remaining community-centric, every project should tap into platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Reddit to build a strong and reliant community.
  • Social Media Marketing remains an essential part of Web3 promotions, with applications like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn contributing to projects. Sharing content relevant to your target audience with a human touch and a unique approach can elevate your brand’s stature.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for Web3 projects despite its Web2-centric nature, as we are still in the early stages of making Web3 technology mainstream. Ranking your landing pages on the top of search engine results for relevant keywords can be a vital boost for your venture.
  • Influencer Marketing in the era of Web3 intends to utilize influential individuals believing in the magic of Web3 technology to talk about a business. Leveraging their voice through engaging content forms can create massive impact for projects trying to showcase themselves in the competitive space.
  • Native Ads in search engines, social networks, and crypto ad sites can bolster a Web3 project’s exposure. Using a combination content forms in an engaging and inciting tone to encourage users to act upon an ad is necessary for a campaign to be successful.
  • Video Marketing in the age of accessible internet is a strategy that should not be missed. Web3 ventures can use video-centric applications like YouTube and TikTok to create promotional material that taps into the latest internet trends and world news to gain followers.
  • Content Marketing can be leveraged as a valuable tool to promote Web3 projects, as most people are unaware of the technicalities involved in the space. By publishing blogs on leading Web3 and technology blogging sites, you can build an online presence and website authority through quality backlinks.
  • Email Marketing is a phenomenal way to reach out to prospective customers once a Web3 project has ample presence online. Crafting intriguing emails that do not smell promotional along with powerful calls to action can elevate conversion levels for your Web3 project.
  • Airdrop Campaigns can be used to attract people towards your Web3 project to provide fungible and non-fungible tokens directly to wallets. These can take different forms depending on your business’s nature but the only goal is to build a sizeable supporter community for your project.
  • Bounty Campaigns can aid Web3 businesses to garner valuable interaction from the community that provides insights on issues with your venture. Bounties can be offered based on the nature of the tasks given to form mutually beneficial campaigns between community members and projects.


Hence, we have provided you with a comprehensive outlook on how Web3 marketing should be performed for optimal results. As an experienced Web3 marketing agency, Blockchain App Factory also ensures to utilize everything mentioned above to aid clients. Web3 businesses want huge community reach, and our experts carry out necessary research-based action to generate ideal results. Apart from these, you can opt for our services for the following reasons:

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