zkSync 2.0 Integration and Development for NFT Platforms: The Newest Way to Gain Prominence!

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zkSync 2.0 integration

The growth of NFTs has flabbergasted the whole crypto world with its prominence as digital collectibles. The star of the NFT surge was the Ethereum network, as it was the go-to destination for newbie enthusiasts, and most platforms based themselves on the network. Fast forward to today, while many networks have become popular among the Web3 community, Ethereum still holds a special place and massive dominance in the space. Talking of Ethereum, zkSync 2.0 integration and development for NFT platforms could do a tonne of good for businesses aspiring to make their Web3 presence well felt through Ethereum, along with improved scalability

zkSync 2.0: A New Chapter in Layer-2 Solutions

Before delving into the details of integrating zkSync 2.0, let us get to know a little bit about it. zkSync 2.0 is the latest upgrade to zkSync, a layer-2 solution of Ethereum. The solution aims to resolve the scalability issues encountered by Ethereum by grouping transactions as batches and executing them in a single turn, reducing gas costs in the process.

While it may be similar to the famous Ethereum L2 solution Polygon, zkSync is quite different as it uses zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups to full effect. ZK rollups are based on proving transactions off-chain, hence increasing security.

zkSync 2.0 Integration and Development for NFT Ventures: The Need

The zkSync 2.0 network has already gained momentum among the Web3 business community due to its Ethereum base. The network rideson its ability to work with all networks compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its usage of math-centric zero knowledge rollups gives an edge over networks based on assumption-based optimistic rollups.

Such advantages offer power for new ventures utilizing the network to base themselves and existing ventures to integrate this layer-2 solution. Batch processing of transactions can benefit Web3 ventures based on NFTs and cryptos, although platforms such as marketplaces and games will gain immensely from it.

The platforms mentioned above, along with metaverse applications, could reap high yields as they can function per their aspirations while still lying within the jurisdiction of the Ethereum mainnet. Network congestion and gas wars would not be factors to worry about for users of businesses on zkSync 2.0, as zkSync takes transactions to group them off-chain before processing these groups on-chain.

Innovative Elements Present in the zkSync 2.0 Network

  • Transactions in the network are grouped into batches off-chain for verification on-chain in a single transaction using zero-knowledge rollups for better throughput.
  • Blocks in zkSync 2.0 are off-chain transaction entries that are grouped into batches in chronological order that are Ethereum Layer-1 blocks.
  • System Contracts constitute a large portion of logic coding used by the zkSync network that offers exclusive access and purposes ensuring users pay only once using these programs.
  • Account Abstraction lets users initiate transactions and process pre-coded logic via the same accounts, combining the functionality of externally-owned accounts (EOA) and contract accounts.
  • Ergs is the term used to denote gas costs in the zkSync 2.0 network. Although this varies according to variations in the Ethereum L1 gas fees, the costs associated with operational codes will stay consistent.
  • Interoperability in the network allows code to be executed seamlessly between Ethereum L1 and zkSync 2.0 using priority queues irresistible to censorship, irrespective of operator availability.

Valid Reasons for Businesses to Turn to zkSync 2.0

  • The security offered in zkSync 2.0 is comparable to mainnet-level due to its association with the Ethereum network, hence offering businesses to stay secure.
  • As this network processes transactions away from the Ethereum main chain through batch processing, the transaction speed will be higher.
  • The smart contracts created on the network will be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensuring ventures can retain their presence across the Web3 ecosystem.
  • zkSync 2.0 has an application programming interface following the requirements of the Web3 ecosystem, making sure the new-gen internet’s principles are preserved.
  • The network’s nature of executing transactions as batches on the Ethereum mainnet also results in lower gas expenses for businesses.

What will be the Cost for Platform Integration and Development in zkSync 2.0?

The costs for zkSync 2.0 integration and development for businesses depend on the nature of the campaign and the venture’s requirements. For existing Web3 businesses, the price for integrating their applications into the L2 solution will be lower than one getting into Web3 for the first time.

For ventures making maiden appearances in the Web3 realm, though, expenses add up, as they have to create the fundamental platforms before integrating zkSync 2.0’s code into them. However, there would not be many special expert requirements to program zkSync 2.0 for ventures as the network uses common Web3 coding languages, including Solidity, Java, Python, and Go.

How can Blockchain App Factory Aid You Integrate or Develop Your Venture in zkSync 2.0?

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