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Play-to-Earn NFT Platform

Play-to-earn NFT games are the latest buzz in the digital space. This type of game furnishes the players with the ability to earn rewards where these rewards can be monetized.Players get these rewards when they unlock or achieve higher levels by completing the goals of the game. These rewards are provided to the players in the form of cryptocurrencies or in-game assets.

To be precise, along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs are provided to the players in the game as well. The NFTs in the game represent in-game assets like avatars, accessories, weapons, etc. These NFTs can be monetized by trading them on various types of secondary marketplaces.These play-to-earn games utilize the effectiveness of the cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens to the fullest. NFTs are not only provided as avatars or weapons, they are provided as redeemable rewards as well. These utility tokens can be redeemed in the physical world seamlessly which is highly beneficial for the players who choose the play-to-earn NFT games. Therefore, this type of gaming platform is estimated to bring-in enormous significance to the gaming platform and meticulously furnish players with highly advantageous features and rewards.

NFT Gaming Solution

Why NFT in games?

NFTs have set a new trend in the crypto market with its superlative characteristics and distinct features. Unique assets and its scarcity is the crucial element for its sudden spike and huge trend in the market. The gaming industry is a massive sector that has the huge potential to attract an audience towards it regardless of age. This mega-industry has experienced significant growth and changes with the evolution of technology and the environment. The gaming industry is being served as a baseline for the introduction of new technologies and trends in the market. The interest and enthusiasm in games support society to understand and adopt the latest technology. Introducing NFTs, the phenomenal innovation of blockchain technology in games lays the foundation for creating gaming assets and collectables as NFTs. The huge gaming industry is piling its revenue by introducing gaming assets, exclusive tokens, and other gameplay options. NFTs offer the possibilities to develop, buy and sell these exclusive gaming assets tokens at reasonable costs and also drags the ever-growing gamers community towards your NFT marketplace.

IGO - Establishing an Own way of Gaming trade-in NFTs

NFT gaming marketplaces are existing in ample quantities, the trade about NFTs is never a question but the in-game assets need a space where they can be sold more freely without any restrictions and dependencies. Here comes the Initial Game Offering, which offers a platform for gaming industry’s In-game assets to list as IGO which the user can directly sell and buy in the IGO platforms. IGO’s also extend their ability to neutralize the complexities by providing a very simple workflow. On the other hand, The IGO launchpads are very helpful in making the launch very fast and reliable. These asset-based offerings have a large opening in the crypto era, where the investors look for a solid consensus to invest. The In-game assets of familiar NFTs will have a very higher chance of trade in a higher ratio.

IGO is now at its growing stage, which makes it experience many new features day to day. Our NFT gaming platform developments will also include developing the platforms where the in-game assets are used for playing. IGO is yet another offering with a wide variety of business opportunities in the crypto market.

NFTs and the Future of the Blockchain Gaming Industry

NFT empowers various industries with its surplus features and decentralized environment. Blockchain technology offers transparent ledger distribution, which consists of multiple nodes and virtual databases that are not stable. This complex network and decentralized environment ensure the technology’s security and compatibility

The key factors of NFT that empowers the gaming industry are


Liquidity is a significant advantage in the NFT space. That too in the NFT game platform, the tokens are instantly available for making a trade if the buyer decides to resell it. The liquidity of the NFT is an advantage when a certain NFT is in huge demand.


The NFT tokens in the NFT game marketplace that are created under those NFT required standards own standardization to serve their Uniqueness, ownership, and basic functionalities. Those NFTs can be normal and repeatedly usable on public blockchains.


The Immutability in the NFT game development allows the users to access their game assets anywhere outside the game whenever. The assets are stored in decentralized servers, so there is no chance of data loss or wipe in the server.


Programmability in the NFT game development allows us to build and customize the assets completely. The programmability enables the path to develop and integrate an asset or character into the NFT game development platform easily.

Cross-chain Compliance

Multiple chain support or cross-chain compliance is a significant advantage for an NFT. NFTs are built in association with the different blockchains. A platform that supports many blockchains will bring many insights to the platform.


Game developers offer the asset which is virtual and can be developed in huge numbers. The money we pay is not transparent and the details of the purchase are not reflected. And the community pays enormous funds to stay transparent.


The revenue-generating fact of the gaming environment is its scarcity of epic virtual assets. This demand for virtual assets is at a peak and there is no sufficient provider found yet. So utilizing this time-space is the best way to build a career.


Blockchain transactions between gamers and developers are verifiable. This transparent infrastructure offers fair benefits and trust to the gamers by allowing them to purchase an enormous variety of virtual assets in the NFT marketplaces.

Benefits of NFTs in Games

  • Offers exclusive gameplay with customized virtual assets
  • Demand in exclusive assets increases your token value.
  • Developing NFT games offer huge revenue-generating opportunities.
  • NFT gaming assets are interoperable and can be used in any games with the collaboration of developers.
  • Same NFT game assets cannot be used in multiple games to maintain scarcity.
  • NFT games facilitate earning possibilities in NFTs instead of real cash.
  • Developing an NFT marketplace for games attracts a huge audience to the marketplace.
  • The cost of the game assets will be transparent in the NFT Marketplace.
  • The revenues in the game will be transparent among the gamers community.
  • Facilitates contribution rewards for gamers in NFTs
  • Listing exclusive game assets in the NFT marketplace drives huge attraction towards your NFT as well as marketplace
NFTs in games

What are the privileges gamers gain while using the NFT gaming platform?

  • NFT gaming marketplace offers the gamer ownership of the in-game assets,

  • Centralized servers of gaming industries revolutionized with the NFT with decentralization

  • The NFT game platforms are interconnected. Offers inter-platform purchase of the same chain.

  • The distributed storage platforms are used to make the data immutable.

  • The decentralized servers will be the key to privacy and anonymity in the NFT game platform.

  • Rarity is the main advantage of the user to monetize the assets of the NFT games.

Our NFT Solutions in Gaming

NFT For Action Games

NFT for Action games

Action games are the attention seekers of the gaming industry that offer tremendous opportunities for NFTs too. We create your gaming assets like characters, special powers, equipment and tickets into NFTs allows a huge audience.

NFT For Adventure Games

NFT for Adventure games

Adventure games like Minecraft, Walking dead offer a virtual environment and real experiences. We offer NFT gaming assets like exclusive tickets, costumes, power upgrades, maps in an exclusive marketplace.

NFT For PvP Battle Games

NFT for PvP Battle games

PvP battle games are the field to rock your gameplay with exclusive upgrades, costumes, skills, powers and weapons. We enable tokenizing your virtual gaming assets into valuable NFTs for exclusive sale.

NFT For Arcade Games

NFT for Arcade games

Arcade games are fun factors in the gaming sector. We incorporate NFTs in your game environment and we support converting your entire game to an NFT.

NFT For Board Games

NFT for Board games

Online board games like ludo offer a community gaming experience. Each player will have a unique representation of their Identity. We enable you to represent you with unique NFTs among the community.

NFT For Casino Games

NFT for Casino games

Play casinos like Bond with NFTs. We offer NFTs for casinos to represent themselves and play for the NFTs instead of real cash. Also, NFT facilitates the representation of asset value for playing casinos.

NFT For Card Games

NFT for Card games

Online card games have seen its recent popularity with its earning benefits in the pandemic. We offer an option to play with NFTs and make your earnings in NFTs.Also, we offer the collection of trading cards as NFTs to start your NFT card collection from our marketplace.

NFT For Fantasy Sports

NFT for Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports platforms like Dream 11 offer revenue opportunities to the users who can select the team and players and play for rewards. We innovate the solution to convert your players and teams to NFTs which will benefit the users with surplus rewards.

NFT For Racing Games

NFT for Racing games

Racing games are the best entertaining games that cover a huge audience, regardless of age. We offer the creation of NFTs in the form of cars and bikes and its accessories virtually which is exclusively crafted for your taste and performance to use in games.

NFT For Sports Games

NFT for Sports games

Sports games offer a real experience of playing. The visual of games provides a realistic approach for a better gaming experience. We support purchasing exclusive players and teams as NFTs and also listing in marketplaces for better deals.

NFT For Simulations Games

NFT for Simulations games

Simulations are the virtual ecosystem of the real world. The AR/VR advancements offer a better simulation experience. We upgrade the real-life experience by allowing you to purchase your game assets like cars, trucks, bus, and planes as NFTs.

Our NFT Marketplace for Gaming collectibles

We offer NFT marketplace development solutions exclusively for games. The marketplace lists a variety of game assets and collectibles in the form of NFTs. Also, our NFT marketplace facilitates the creation of your own NFT game assets resembling real-life equipment that can be integrated with the gaming environment.

Crypto kitties

Crypto kitties are the NFTs that allow you to purchase adorable kitties and grow them in the virtual world. We offer other creatures and cartoon characters as NFTs to buy and grow them in virtual space.

Gaming characters

We offer special gaming characters with enormous power packs as NFTs in our marketplace for the community of gamers and collectible lovers. Gamers can represent them with unique NFT characters in games.

Virtual lands

Virtual lands are the land space you can virtually design and develop with your creativity as NFTs. We unlock the hidden potential of real estate, infrastructure development and architecture with our innovations by offering virtual landscapes and buildings in our NFT Gaming Marketplace Development.

Virtual assets

Our marketplace development facilitates the creation of virtual assets like guns, swords, boots, costumes, cars, bikes as NFTs that can be used in the games. Also, the user can list their exclusive virtual assets in the NFT Gaming Marketplace that can be purchased for high costs.

Blockchain App factory’s Craze for Games

  • Customizable NFT marketplace
    Customizable NFT marketplace
  • Exclusive NFT token creation
    Exclusive NFT token creation
  • Realistic gaming approach
    Realistic gaming approach
  • Plug and Play environment
    Plug and Play environment.
  • Creative visualisation
    Creative visualisation
  • Futuristic Design for the taste of gamers
    Futuristic Design for the taste of gamers.
  • AR/VR integration in NFTs
    AR/VR integration in NFTs
  • Automated listing in our NFT Marketplace
    Automated listing in our NFT Marketplace
  • High-end graphics
    High-end graphics
  • Deployment at ease
    Deployment at ease.

Start your Gaming action with your own NFT marketplace.


NFT’s unique nature enables the gamers to represent their identity with NFTs unique gaming assets. NFT in games offers unique gaming assets for exclusive gameplay.
Virtual assets such as weapons, characters, gaming accessories, vehicles, trading cards, virtual landscapes are the types of NFTs created in the gaming platform.
NFT in games offers realistic gameplay where the users can purchase virtual assets in the form of NFTs in the marketplace. These NFTs gaming platforms offer realistic gameplay and offer rewards in the form of NFTs.
Various NFT games are exciting people, with their unique style, here are some examples of the NFT games,
  • Sorare
  • Axe Infinity
  • Crypto kitties.
  • NFT games are decentralized and it offers the user to utilize the game assets outside the game as NFTs. And the users can make money selling those NFTs in marketplaces.
    Crypto Kitties, DeCentralands are the market toppers, with huge numbers of players and very unique style to attract the users, Crypto Kitties is the best of all.

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