Why Virtual Real-estate Games are using Polkadot Protocol

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Virtual worlds are computer-simulated worlds where the users can interact and relate with each other like in the real world. The users are represented by avatars and can interact with other users, play games, collect art and build houses. Digital gaming and Virtual reality (VR) are the two sides of the same coin. These digital industries are in existence for more than two decades, with gamers spending more than millions each year for the purchase of character skins, weapons and other items for their adventures.

Polkadot is a protocol that initiates cross-chain connections between different blockchains. By using this protocol, virtual real-estate games can be taken to the next level. Polkacity is a primary example of Polkadot based virtual real-estate games.


Polkacity is a virtual world blockchain game that gives users the ability to gain ownership of virtual lands and assets with a steady flow of income. The lands and assets are in the form of NFT possessing an actual value, which generates income paid in the native POLC token. To be precise, as long as the assets are under smart contracts, the user will have a flow of income. Polkacity represents one of the most simplified onboarding processes.


Once the user completes the registration as a member of the Polkacity community, the next step is to choose the asset. On these virtual real-estate games, Polkacity, there are several assets to choose from, such as Polka Taxi, Services, Shopping centre, Power stations, Polka Vehicles, etc. After selecting the desired asset, investment is made via a contract address that would be shared with the user at the initial stages of the game. Once the required payment is done, the payment starts to flow into the user’s wallet every week.

The purchase of assets is the primary key for this type of investment based virtual real-estate game. The assets represent the direct picturization of the real-life assets and their functions such as,

Polka Taxi:

Users can purchase and rent virtual taxis in this game, as the number of users increases in investing in that particular asset, the profit rate increases, it is similar to a real-life taxi rental system.

Shopping centre:

Users can purchase and rent shopping centres in the game, as the numbers of users are interested in acquiring the mini-shops inside the shopping centre, the return of investment for the user increases.

Power stations:

In Polkacity, the power station is classified into a petrol station and electric station where the users can invest in the asset and wait for their profit to rise as the number of users increase.

Polka Vehicles:

Users can buy vehicles in the game like the limo, the AmaZix car, Polka Lambo and much more different types of vehicles and the users can either sell the vehicle when its value increases or can own them for themselves as a digital asset.


Virtual real-estate games like Polkacity have taken over the NFT based game field by storm. The main reason Polkacity is so impressive is due to the integration of Polkadot’s cross-chain ecosystem. Developing your own virtual real-estate game will provide multiple opportunities to gain profits digitally. Basically, all the real-estate games are based on real-life investment scenarios, it can even be similar to monopoly which is a board game that deals with basic business transactions. The competition is high in terms of the development of virtual real-estate games as huge numbers of investors are getting interested in investing in virtual NFT based games, thus developing your own virtual real-estate game is very profitable because that’s where investors are focused on current and developing a virtual real-estate game based on Polkadot allows the user to cross-connect with different blockchain games and initiate transaction processes such as purchasing and selling of assets at ease and effectively.


If you are thinking about developing your own virtual real-estate game, there is no need for second thoughts. All you need to do is proper research, and choose the right platform to do it. To develop an authentic and efficient virtual real-estate game, reach out to Blockchain App Factory. Our extensively experienced Virtual real-estate game developers will assist you through every step of the way from development to deployment, and provide robust service that is quick and cost-effective. We also offer round the clock customer support and make sure you reach your business goals.


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