Asset Tokenization: Rising Trend for Investment in 2020

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Asset Tokenization


According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will assemble into cryptographic assets in the coming decade, encompassing a total value of $10 trillion. Thus, the tokenization market size will attain $2.67 billion within just four years from now. Also, as per the Transparency Market research forecast, the tokenization market will emerge up to $6.9 billion by the year 2026. 

On that account, “asset tokenization” is one of the top emerging trends and is expected to attain sustainable growth shortly. While the traditional asset and commodities trading businesses were facing a downfall, “asset tokenization,” along with blockchain technology, is completely revolutionizing the industry and taking it to the next phase. Asset Tokenization is here to stay, and if you want to create your asset tokenization platform, and amplify your business, there is no better time than now. If you want to know all about asset tokenization, this blog is for you. Let’s begin with what asset tokenization means. 

What is asset tokenization? 

In simple terms, tokenization of assets is nothing but the conversion of real-world asset values into digital tokens backed by blockchain technology. Tokenization helps divide the ownership rights of property into different shares. It also involves several other benefits like increased liquidity, globalization, easier access, elimination of third parties, blockchain immutability, user anonymity, etc. There are different kinds of asset tokenization, let’s find out what they are. 

What kind of assets can be tokenized? 

Asset Tokenization

  • Intangible assets – Intangible assets are the ones that don’t exist physically, such as trademarks, patents, carbon credits, copyrights, etc. 
  • Fungible assets – Fungible assets can be easily replaced by an identical item. Fungible assets include tons of gold, metals, grains, etc. 
  • Non-Fungible assets – The assets that cannot be divided in the real-world, but through digitization, are non-fungible tokens, such as art, real estate, cars, etc. 
  • Financial Tokens – Financial tokens include gold, precious metals, stones, gems, monetary vessels, etc. 

Now let’s move onto the development of your asset tokenization platform. To develop a legit platform, you need to follow a few basic essential steps before entering into the development process.  What are they? Let’s see. 

Must to do’s before tokenizing your assets: 

  • Conduct extensive research on the current market requirements 
  • As mentioned earlier, the demand and urge are tremendously evolving, so conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing competitors and what they offer to make your solutions different from them, which will drive potential customers towards your business. 
  • Gather expert advice in terms of financial and legal aspects according to what type of assets you want to tokenize.

The principal step is to choose the best platform to build your tokenized asset offerings. The right company with the right amount of experience will offer you a feature-rich, secure platform for a seamless business. 

At Blockchain App Factory, we offer whitelabel solutions for your asset tokenization platforms that are 100% tried and pre-tested. Our whitelabel solutions come with a name, branding, logo designs, etc., that will create a reputation and identity for your business among potential investors in the market. Our team of dedicated and well-experienced developers will offer reliable tailor-made solutions for all your needs and help make your business a hit in the market. 

Exclusive features of Our Whitelabel asset tokenization platform: 

  • Automated legal compliance
  • Automated KYC/AML verification and globalization
  • Multi-ledger tokens
  • Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Interoperability of tokens
  • 24/7 trading access
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Automated reporting to authorities
  • Non-fungible tokens for every token issuer
  • Automated policies and regulations
  • Illiquidity discounts/ Liquidity premiums
  • Voting rights

What we cover in the development of your tokenized asset offering: 

  • Custom ethereum tokens development
  • Whitepaper drafting
  • A website that is efficiently designed and easily accessible
  • Legalization
  • KYC/AML integration
  • Secure, multicurrency wallet integration
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts integration
  • Investor dashboard and fund management
  • Dividend issuance platform integration
  • High-Volume liquidity integration
  • Enhanced multi-layered security integration

Why tokenize with us? 

  • The experience of our developers in the field is unmatched, and their tokenization platform will allow you to gain access to standardized institutional private investments. 
  • We create reliable end-to-end asset tokenization platform solutions for every kind of asset be it real estate, art, stablecoins, illiquid assets, fungible, non-fungible, etc. 
  • Our expertise helps with a user-friendly interface and highly-secure, instant, efficient transactions, and our robust blockchain technology solutions completely protects the interest of the investor. 
  • Our white-label solutions are highly-programmable, scalable, and can be customized according to personal preferences of every customer. 
  • Our distributed ledger enables peer-peer transactions and ensures quick settlements and reduced transaction costs. 
  • The experience of our developers ensures a risk-free, hassle-free, highly profitable business. 

Get in touch with us to explore more about tokenizing your assets. Talk to our experts, tokenize your assets, and maximize your benefits and profits!

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