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Game tokens like ALICE


The crypto-token like ALICE has rolled 60,000% from $0.1 to $60 within a minute and topped the list of crypto exchange Binance. ALICE is a native crypto token in a multiplayer blockchain game platform. In the My neighbor Alice gaming world, players can contribute to buying and owning the virtual islands. In the Binance launch pool, the social blockchain game is considered the 18th project. The users can stake their BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrency tokens into separate pools to form ALICE tokens. 

Ever since Binance had been the world’s largest crypto exchange platform in the marketplace, with high volume and listings on Binance holds a significant impact on token price. It’s noticed that ALICE traded $25.61 with a market cap of more than $443 million and ranked 110th in the list of over 4300 cryptocurrencies. The ALICE listing steps at the same time as NFT assets take place in the crypto market. The creators of ‘My Neighbour Alice game initiate combining two worlds. It has a fun place for players to experience the gameplay and on another side players of this ecosystem wish to collect and trade NFTs. 

This game conducted its first NFT auction on 25th Feb 2021, where 255 game animal NFTs auctioned for a bid amount of $700,000. The game’s native token called ALICE was used for In-game purchases and participating in the game’s governance operations through votes. Players can earn the ALICE tokens only after completing certain quests associated with the game.

Efficient game features are :

  • Avatars :

Each player can represent them by choosing an avatar in the game, and players can also interact through these avatars with others. Players can modify the avatar by installing different assets to it. 

  • Virtual Islands :

In the gameplay, players can either purchase virtual plots from ALICE or in the marketplace. There is an insufficient supply of properties in the universe, and each piece of land needs to be represented as NFT tokens. 

  • In-game Assets :

The In-game assets can be deployed into the game and bought from the marketplace.

Alice Tokens :

Alice token is the main currency in gameplay; it allows players to exchange their NFTs, buy land and use specific DeFi products like collateralization, buyback, and staking, mainly on the first phase of game development.  

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