QuillAudits: Our Newest Partner Whose Expertise Can Make Web3 a Safer Place!

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QuillAudits: Our Newest Partner Whose Expertise Can Make Web3 a Safer Place!

For over seven years, Blockchain App Factory has been striving hard to make Web3 better through its services and strategic partnerships with some of the industry’s leaders. This search led us to our new partner QuillAudits, a globally leading provider of smart contract audits and Web3 security solutions. If you are curious about how this partnership can assist you, read on!

QuillAudits: What Does the Firm Do?

QuillAudits is a prominent provider of security solutions for Web3 projects worldwide. The company provides high-grade smart contract audits and security tools businesses can tap into to safeguard their applications. Its services emphasize maximum security in the decentralized space for both users and businesses.

With expertise in over 10 leading layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain networks, QuillAudits has already been part of securing over 850 projects prior to the partnership with us. The company even provides general Web3 security solutions such as due diligence services for businesses based on decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and those for checking rug pulls. 

How Can Our Partnership Help You?

Our partnership with QuillAudits can be of great use if you want to implement top-end security measures for your Web3 application. While we offer other facets of developing the business platform, our esteemed partner can conduct smart contract audits and due diligence services both before and after launch to enforce safety.

Don’t worry! You can avail the benefits of our partnership irrespective of what kind of development you opt for – Full-fledged development or Whitelabel solutions. Tapping into our combined excellence can lead your business to be safeguarded from potential attacks and losses.

What Should I Do Now?

If you are interested in harnessing the power of two giants in their respective fields, this is the perfect opportunity! Get in touch with our experts to know how your Web3 business application can be audited and necessary improvements can be made on the go. Fill out the form below to start an inquiry!

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