Custom Blockchains on Polygon: Uncovering New Horizons for Businesses to Adopt Web3!

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Custom Blockchain on Polygon

If there is one thing that blockchain technology has to say to the world, that will be, “Adopt us before danger becomes inevitable.” Here, we can consider the “danger” to be the current Web2-based ecosystem, ruled by huge server rooms of several tech giants. Blockchains, in contrast, eliminates such centralization through distributed ledger technology (DLT). For businesses, though, creating a custom blockchain on Polygon can be immensely helpful for a variety of reasons which we will discuss as we progress through. Business possibilities are unrestricted with blockchains, and the newest capability from Polygon would be one to cherish for many generations.

Develop a Custom Blockchain on Polygon: An Overview

As we know, Polygon is a Layer-2 solution built upon the Ethereum network’s mainnet. What started as a minuscule has evolved into an ecosystem provider with capabilities to support businesses from the real and virtual worlds. Polygon’s Supernets and Nightfall help ventures build their own networks for efficient and decentralized operations.

We have to mention here that both these projects went live in 2022, a year when the crypto winter was the harshest, although Web3 adoption by mainstream businesses has not dwindled. These projects aim to provide a facelift for ventures of any scale working hard to adopt Web3 technology.

Polygon Supernets: What’s On Store?

There was much hype when Polygon Technology launched Supernets earlier this year, which aimed to serve businesses wanting to adopt Web3 with their own networks built on Polygon’s scalable solution. These Supernets can be built in two ways – As shared-security chains and L2 chains. While a shared-security chain makes use of professional validators, a Supernet L2 chain can utilize zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups for maximum decentralization.

These networks can even offer support for private blockchains, which could be necessary for ventures handling highly-sensitive data. There are more advantages provided by Polygon’s Supernets which we will talk about in a later section.

Polygon Nightfall: A Ray of Hope for Enterprises

Being the latest revelation from the underlying firm, Nightfall is a network enabling ventures to build their custom blockchains on Polygon. It effectively helps existing businesses to scale up on the Web3 ecosystem through solutions built using rollups. These rollups enable transactions to be bundled and processed in the Layer-1 network as batches, offering lots of benefits.

Nightfall utilizes both Optimistic and Zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups, making the need for third parties redundant. The usage of these protocols reduces transactional fees and increases privacy, enabling businesses to function without worrying about slowed operations and security breaches while gaining huge profits all day.

Generalized Benefits of Polygon’s Custom Blockchains

  • Building a custom blockchain on Polygon offers compatibility with all EVM networks, enabling ventures to widen their target audience scope.
  • High throughput is guaranteed with Polygon’s customizable sub-networks, allowing businesses to scale up with just enough privacy without revealing all details.
  • Assets and data from various blockchains can be interoperated seamlessly using these privacy-focused networks, enabling businesses to focus on captivating their audience.
  • Decentralization is assured for ventures using Polygon’s customizable networks, offering them and their users complete ownership of assets and data generated inside their mini ecosystem.
  • These networks’ community-driven nature ensures accessibility to the greatest extent, with the availability of extended support and SDKs in case businesses need improvements.

Venture Models Where Polygon’s Sub-networks will be Beneficial

  • Industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, communications, and finance can benefit immensely by forming exclusive networks on Polygon. Even other real-world business sectors have enough scope to use these networks, although most are in nascent stages at the time of writing.
  • As far as the Web3 realm is concerned, every business model can use custom blockchains on Polygon to elevate their stature in the community. NFT marketplaces, P2E gaming platforms, crypto exchanges, and decentralized finance applications can make use of either Supernets or Nightfall to generate reach and earn profits.

Why Opt for Polygon When Several Other Networks Offer the Same?

Custom blockchains on Polygon offer several livid advantages compared to its competitors’ capabilities, such as Subnets from Avalanche and private blockchain development provided by a few networks. Firstly, being built upon Ethereum, the network with the widest community, Polygon, offers exposure to a broader audience for any business. Also, custom blockchains offer more freedom compared to private blockchains, which essentially replace physical servers.

With decentralization becoming more widely accepted, Polygon’s blockchain solutions could be ideal for ventures of any scale to adopt Web3 technology without much fuss. Also, businesses can eliminate fears of being invaded or having their data stolen while staying part of the public network using these exclusive blockchains.

Blockchain App Factory: The Hub Creating Innovative Custom Blockchains on Polygon!

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