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White Label NFT Marketplace Software

NFT marketplace is circulating as a profitable business opportunity in the crypto sphere. Its phenomenal growth and abilities offer tremendous opportunities with the growing trends. The unique characteristics of NFTs and their rewarding features shine as the unique business fortune in the crypto sphere. Many business developers and technology ventures started to take part in the revolution of NFTs that unlocks the hidden potential of blockchain in multiple ways. Our blockchain business development and expertise in multiple networks enable us to offer a reliable Whitelabel NFT Marketplace with futuristic technologies and an engaging user experience. Endorse the most profitable business opportunities with an instant launch of our Whitelabel NFT Marketplace platform

Launch your NFT marketplace Instantly !

White Label NFT Marketplace solutions assist businesses to adopt the trend of NFTs and the advantages of blockchain technology. Market-ready products are being the pillars of startups to introduce themselves to the market instantly at ease. Whitelabel solutions support entrepreneurs and business developers to start their hustle and build revenues instantly without much expenditure

White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

“ Time is an irreversible asset that builds unexpected fortunes”
Grab the opportunity!

Building an NFT Marketplace from Scratch Vs from a Whitelabel Solution

Building NFT Marketplace from Scratch White Label NFT Marketplace Solution
All the steps involved in developing the platform are executed. The development process here involves a few simple steps.
The time taken for the final product is comparatively high. The time taken for the final product is comparatively low.
The cost of developing from scratch is comparitively high. The cost of using a Whitelabel solution is comparitively low.
The platform might contain unprecedented bugs even after launch. The platform would not have errors as it was extensively tested beforehand.
You have the independence to decide the end-to-end features. You can only customize the user-end features of the Whitelabel solution.
The resulting NFT marketplace platform will be one-of-a-kind. The platform will be similar to any of the popular marketplace platforms.

Our Clients


Our partnership with Polygon helps provide network support for client projects.


Our experts offered development support for Shell’s digital solutions.


We developed an NFT marketplace selling various digital assets for the firm.


We built an app to automate supply chain solutions between various end users.


We created a blockchain solution for a superapp with multiple functionalities.


We created a blockchain-based system to govern the firm’s supply and logistics.


Globant’s featureful music NFT marketplace “Enigma” was created by our experts.

Brevan Howard

Our team built “Trufin”, an options trading platform based on blockchains.

Experience the craftsmanship with our White Label NFT Marketplace Platform


Futuristic technology

The platform is equipped with trending features that engage the user to explore the platform efficiently. With the powerful blockchain technology, we unlocked the potential of NFT to connect the global audience with the trend.


Ensuring authenticity

Our experts meticulously test the smart contract of each NFT to ensure authenticity and ownership of the asset. Each NFT here is unique and builds exceptional value in the market with proven ownership.


Cross-chain connectivity

Offering seamless NFT creation and trading experience by connecting with different blockchain NFTs. The user can create and list their NFTs in multiple networks which provides global visibility for NFTs


Multi-standard Support

The platform supports all the existing standards of NFT that allow creating NFTs for your unique assets like art, tweets, images, even physical assets. The platform also allows trading bulk NFTs with its unique standard.


Auction integration

Our platform facilitates the users to purchase NFTs through its auction feature. Users can bid for their respected NFTs and make purchases for a reasonable price. The value of NFTs will be evaluated through the bidding proposal.


Reliable security

Our platform is developed to sustain any catastrophic failure and technical breach. Our development expertise allows us to create a secured platform that manages the details of the user and transactions effectively


Complete personalization

Our whitelabel solution offers end-to-end customization opportunities where the user can customize the platform to their business needs. The platform will be tailored to the user requirements from technology stack to UI

Customer Centric

Customer-centric approach

The platform is designed to engage users with a simple workflow in order to support users to mint and trade NFTs at ease. This allows users to experience the hassle-free trading experience of NFTs

Our White Label NFT Marketplace Offer

virtual landsVIRTUAL LANDS
video clipsVIDEO CLIPS

Business benefits of White Label NFT Marketplace Solution

Meet evolving needs

Meet evolving needs

Developing a premium brand of products and services to build trust among the customers is the key point to earn loyal customers. The platform should be ready to upgrade and evolve with new trends.

Establish a brand identity

Establish a brand identity

Customers prefer branded solutions because of their trust in the brands. Delivering valuable services by creating your own brand is a key way to validate your brand and build equity.

Extend brand awareness

Extend brand awareness

Creating brand identity and awareness through marketing and advertising builds great visibility of your brand among society. The value of service you provide engages the customer for reputation.

White Label NFT Marketplace Talk with our Experts

Revenue generators of your NFT Marketplace

Protect Your Business

Buy White Label NFT marketplace software

Buy a White Label NFT marketplace software to build our business instead of spending time and money to build an NFT marketplace from scratch. These whitelabel products offer the premium features as offered by other brands.

Offer a backup solution

Offer a cloud backup solution to protect their assets and data to recover from catastrophic failures.

Enhance security features

Enhance the security of your platform by integrating security features and offer a robust platform to build trust among the investors and users.

NFT standards that allows to create your unique NFT

ERC-721 Token Development
ERC -721 is the first NFT Standard introduced by ethereum to create NFT that allows the digital representation of unique assets. This digital token standard creates intrinsic values to the tokenized unique assets in the crypto market by building scarcity and demand for those NFTs.
ERC 1155 Token Development
Enjin’s innovation towards these NFT leads to the introduction of a new standard for NFT that offers semi fungibility features for your unique digital assets that can be traded and exchanged by its phenomenal characteristics.
Tron Token
TRC 721
TRC 721 is the TRON’s inheritance of ERC -721 token standards from ethereum. This standard inherits the same feature and characteristics of ERC -721 in TRON to offer TRON’s scalability and throughput for NFTs
ERC 998 Standards
ERC 998
ERC 998 standard allows the composition of multiple tokens from ERC 721 to ERC -20. This allows the creation of multiple tokens in single NFTs. For example, crypto kitties and other accessories related to these kitties can be minted as NFT that can be sold in as a single package.
EIP 2309 Extension
EIP- 2309
EIP-2309 is an extension of ERC -721 standards that allows the consecutive execution of NFT minting process where an user can create multiple NFTs by making a single transaction. The NFTs will be minted automatically in a sequential order

White-label NFT marketplace solutions we offer



The platform will be deployed at ease with utmost transparency. Every activity will remain transparent to the customer



The platform will be meticulously deployed and maintained to offer uninterrupted services and prevent hacks.

On-Time delivery

On-Time delivery

We value time over money. We understand and assure the fulfillment of our customer’s expectations with timely delivery

Hassle-free deployment

Hassle-free deployment

Our expertise in blockchain technology supports us to establish your business at ease with a market-ready NFT marketplace to begin your hustle

Customer support

Customer support

Our team offers flexible support and maintenance of the platform for a certain period of time to get your business on board

Watch Our White Label NFT Marketplace Demo

Dive In, Experience our craftsmanship with our Interactive product demo

NFT Marketplace Demo
White Label NFT Marketplace Live Demo

Get your White-Label NFT Marketplace now

Blockchain App Factory’s expertise in blockchain technology enables us to offer a reliable White Label NFT marketplace solution to launch your crypto business at ease. Our proficient team analyses your requirements and designs an interactive UI for a better user experience. The platform will be customised as per your requirement specification. Our development team offers API and external wallet integration facilities to provide the best user experience for customers. Launch your NFT marketplace at ease with our meticulously crafted Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

NFT Platform Package

Development Services Basic Advanced Multichain NFT Platform Premium Multichain NFT Platform
NFT Token Development (ERC721 & 1155)
Collectibles(Art, Music, Video)
Admin Portal
Ethereum/ BSC/ Polygon Any one Any Two Multi-chain - Support
Wallet Integration Metamask Trust wallet, fortmatic wallet, myether wallet- anyone Metamask and Wallet Connect
Decentralized Centralized or Decentralized
Bids open Auction & Instant Buy Different Types of Auction
Multi-language Only one Upto 5 languages
Marketing Services

Add ons- (Any Two)

  • Lazy Minting
  • Drop
    • Timed Auction
    • Reserved Features
    • First Come First Serve
  • Fiat Integration (Only one)
  • Own Token Development with Integration
  • Split Royalty
  • NFT Packs
  • Import NFT’s
Any Two
  • Physical product delivery API
  • NFT Staking


A Whitelabel NFT marketplace is a pre-built platform that can be customized to suit your needs. Since the platform is built beforehand and fully tested, the platform works without flaws. The Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform can also work across blockchains with additional development.
You should opt for a White-label NFT marketplace since the platform can be launched quickly at lower costs. The platform also offers customizability, meaning that you will decide the features your NFT marketplace will have.
Our White Label NFT marketplace software is extremely user-friendly as it allows extreme customization for business owners to have something unique. Also, at the final user-end (the customer), the NFT marketplace will function smoothly to ensure that the user has an excellent time using the platform.
An NFT marketplace platform comprises features such as filters, search engines, storefront, listing portal, bidding portal, admin panel, crypto wallet, minting portal, and more. It is important to note that the power of designing your NFT marketplace lies with you, as all your needs will be fulfilled.
While we can develop your Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform within a few days or months, the exact number of days cannot be generalized since everyone’s requirements tend to vary. Therefore, you should know that the time taken is minimal with less customization, although it would not take too long to develop a totally customized Whitelabel NFT marketplace.

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