Why White-Label NFT Marketplace Solutions?

White-label solutions are the convenient option to launch a product immediately in the market for its customizable features. The complexities and the flaws in existing products can be resolved by equipping the product with intrinsic features. NFT marketplace is one of the revenue-generating platforms that keeps increasing its services in the crypto market. Owning a White-label NFT marketplace is the right choice for the instant launch of your crypto business for immediate revenues to sustain in the crypto market.

NFT marketplace emerged as a revenue stream by the spike of NFTs. Digital representation of unique assets and their intrinsic value drives the fame of Non-fungible tokens. Numerous NFT marketplaces with different verticals and different blockchains are speculating in the crypto market. Also its development is being a better investment option among the investors and entrepreneurs who strive to enter the crypto world with a boom.

Building an NFT marketplace from scratch is a time-consuming process. Blockchain App Factory offers a whitelabel solution that enables you to launch your marketplace in a matter of days. Our White-label NFT marketplace is built with state of the art technologies and audited by multiple security agencies that save a lot of time and money.

Business benefits White-Label NFT Marketplace


Meet evolving needs

Developing a premium brand of products and services to build trust among the customers is the key point to earn loyal customers. The platform should be ready to upgrade and evolve with new trends.

Establish a brand identity

Customers prefer branded solutions because of their trust in the brands. Delivering valuable services by creating your own brand is a key way to validate your brand and build equity.

Extend brand awareness

Creating brand identity and awareness through marketing and advertising builds great visibility of your brand among society. The value of service you provide engages the customer for reputation.

Revenue generators of your NFT Marketplace

Protect Your Business

Buy white-label software

Buy a white-label software to build our business instead of spending time and money to build an NFT marketplace from scratch. These whitelabel products offer the premium features as offered by other brands.

Offer a backup solution

Offer a cloud backup solution to protect their assets and data to recover from catastrophic failures.

Enhance security features

Enhance the security of your platform by integrating security features and offer a robust platform to build trust among the investors and users.

NFT standards that allows to create your unique NFT

ERC -721 is the first NFt standard introduced by ethereum to create NFT that allows the digital representation of unique assets. This digital token standard creates intrinsic values to the tokenized unique assets in the crypto market by building scarcity and demand for those NFTs.
Enjin’s innovation towards these NFT leads to the introduction of a new standard for NFT that offers semi fungibility features for your unique digital assets that can be traded and exchanged by its phenomenal characteristics.
TRC 721
TRC 721 is the TRON’s inheritance of ERC -721 token standards from ethereum. This standard inherits the same feature and characteristics of ERC -721 in TRON to offer TRON’s scalability and throughput for NFTs
ERC 998
ERC 998 standard allows the composition of multiple tokens from ERC 721 to ERC -20. This allows the creation of multiple tokens in single NFTs. For example, crypto kitties and other accessories related to these kitties can be minted as NFT that can be sold in as a single package.
EIP- 2309
EIP-2309 is an extension of ERC -721 standards that allows the consecutive execution of NFT minting process where an user can create multiple NFTs by making a single transaction. The NFTs will be minted automatically in a sequential order

Features of our White-Label NFT Marketplace

Fully customizable and configurable

We offer a completely customizable marketplace that enables us to configure the platform as per your requirements.

Plug and play

Our market-ready white-label solution allows you to launch your Marketplace at ease.

Military-grade security features

Our White-label NFT marketplace platform is meticulously designed and developed with reliable security.

User-Friendly Platform

Interactive UX/ UI customization offers a better user experience.

Trending features & Integrations

We equip the platform with trending features and third party integration with Metamask connection.

Integrated NFT Wallet

The platform is integrated with multiple NFT wallets to manage and trade NFTs.

Wide Range NFT standard Support

Our White-label NFT Marketplace supports all the existing standards of NFTs

Auction portal Integration

We integrate the platform with the auction platform for seamless purchase and trade of NFTs

Cross-chain connectivity

Our platform is built under the Polkadot ecosystem to offer cross-chain connectivity to your NFT marketplace.

Development under multiple blockchain technologies

Our expertise in blockchain enables us to develop our whitelabeled NFT marketplace in multiple blockchain technologies to avail of its specialized benefits.

White Label NFT Marketplace Demo

NFT marketplaces have been a great revenue generator for businesses. The major business models are switching towards the field of NFT by developing their NFT marketplaces. There are many methods to develop an NFT marketplace, such as using the clone script method, white label NFT marketplace method, etc. A white label NFT marketplace is the most preferred business model around the globe. It is a ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace that saves time and money for the customers.

We at Blockchain App Factory assist the crypto-preneurs to deploy their business with white label NFT marketplace. But, at first, we provide a white label NFT marketplace demo to the customers. The white label NFT marketplace demo is basically the showcasing of the functionalities of the marketplace to the customers before its deployment into the digital market. The business models are provided with how the marketplace operates in the digital market, and how the profits and losses would be shared. Our white label NFT marketplace demo is similar to a simulation of any platform. Our NFT marketplace development company

Get your White-Label NFT Marketplace now

Blockchain App Factory’s expertise in blockchain technology enables us to offer a reliable NFT whitelabel solution to launch your crypto business at ease. Our proficient team analyses your requirements and designs an interactive UI for a better user experience. The platform will be customised as per your requirement specification. Our development team offers API and external wallet integration facilities to provide the best user experience for customers. Launch your NFT marketplace at ease with our meticulously crafted White-label NFT Marketplace

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