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Astar NFT Marketplace

Since it was first released, Astar (previously Plasma) has been making waves in the blockchain community for its vision and the progressive nature it holds. Astar, by definition, is a dApp hub functioning as a parachain on the Polkadot main chain. It capitalizes on the Polkadot’s inability to work with smart contracts and makes Polkadot accessible to all dApp developers. Astar also supports different networks, including Polkadot, Ethereum, Cosmos, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), WASM (WebAssembly), and various Layer2 protocols such as ZK Rollups. In the future, Astar aims to support more blockchains and virtual machines, efficiently becoming a blockchain aggregator. The network has $ASTR as its cryptocurrency, whose exchange value is projected to rise with time. With the names that have sponsored or extended support to the Astar network, it can be inferred that the network will work beyond its expectations.

With such a wide range of networks to connect to, Astar might be the best place to begin an NFT marketplace business in the current day. Also, with more people actively getting into the NFT space, it makes sense to own an NFT marketplace on an advanced network like Astar. In this blog, we are going to look in detail at setting up an NFT marketplace on Astar.

Developing an NFT Marketplace on Astar

Since Astar has been operational only recently, there are not a lot of businesses carrying out their work on the network. But, TofuNFT, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, has already shown what Astar is capable of as it recently opened its platform on the network. The trend has been slowly changing now as more and more NFT projects, including marketplaces, have been listed on Astar due to their explosive potential. As we had seen earlier, Astar intends to connect multiple blockchains, virtual machines, and Layer2 solutions, so running an NFT marketplace on the network can be a great option for appealing to a wider potential audience.

More Features of the Astar Network

  • The network offers scalability with which transactions can be made faster and cheaper. Also, the nature of the network makes them not to be bound to a blockchain network.
  • Astar also provided interoperability which has not been achieved between independent blockchains so far. With the parachain slot on the Polkadot network, Astar can facilitate such functions while maintaining decentralization.
  • The network is open-source, meaning that anyone can contribute to the network. Astar has already announced that it will be incentivizing dApp stakers on the network, which has already attracted many developers in a short time.
  • Also, the dApp development on Astar can be flexible. The network also offers a first finality, which is impressive, along with the range of networks Astar has been aiming to link.

The Process Behind Developing a Marketplace on Astar

  • Like every other blockchain business project, the development of an NFT marketplace on Astar begins with framing the ideas for the platform, including the technology to be used and business features of the platform, among others.
  • Then, start front-end development for your NFT marketplace platform. Here, you should be building your user interface (UI) and incorporating user experience (UX) features with mock test screens.
  • After that, continue ahead with creating the back-end components for the NFT marketplace platform. This step will be your first encounter with the Astar network as you will need to work on integrating your NFT marketplace platform into Astar.
  • Develop smart contracts for your platform, which is one of the steps which is extremely important while working with an advanced network like Astar.
  • Then, perform various testing processes, where you must be using different test cases to test your NFT marketplace platform. Repetitive testing should be performed until there are no deficiencies in your NFT marketplace platform.
  • As the last step, deploy the platform onto your server, which applies in the case when Blockchain App Factory develops the digital marketplace platform on Astar on your behalf. Then, launch your application for public use and release regular updates based on consumer feedback.

Advantages of Basing Your NFT Marketplace on Astar

  • One of the main advantages of building your marketplaces on Astar is that the parachain of the Polkadot network provides access to multiple well-known blockchain networks and Layer2 protocols, which means a wider user base becomes possible.
  • Also, an NFT marketplace on Astar can utilize the blockchain’s main features of scalability, interoperability, and the ability to build smart contracts on a network like Polkadot.
  • Since the ASTR tokens used on the Astar network come with a great value, we can say that an NFT marketplace can have its fair share of advantages through the usage of $ASTR as the transaction currency.
  • Additionally, the community around Astar has grown to a great extent within months of its rebranding, which brings a lot of promise to a cryptopreneur aspiring to launch an NFT marketplace on Astar.

How can Blockchain App Factory Aid in Realizing Your New Business?

Therefore, we can say that owning an NFT marketplace on Astar network can be a profitable option due to all the positive features that Astar has on offer. The experts at Blockchain App Factory have all the necessary skills to build an NFT marketplace platform on the Astar network from step zero. We also accommodate all your requirements on the platform without fail as a part of our customer-centric stand. Along with this, our firm also consists of a talented marketing wing that can promote your NFT marketplace platform to the intended audience using new-age strategies. Hence, it will be a wise option all-in-all to hire Blockchain App Factory for your next NFT marketplace platform on the Astar network.

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