White Label Multi-chain NFT Marketplace Development Services

The crypto world is not an alternative anymore. Many business vendors, corporations, production industries, even banks have started accepting and launching cryptocurrencies. And the crypto industry is still showing its potential with various instances, and one such is the Non-Fungible Tokens. The growth and potential of the NFTs have made the world’s most reputed media promote and talk about NFT after. They even consider NFT as the future of the trading system. And NFT has the efficiency to make them possible. Already NFT is serving various platforms and professions. Multi-national corporations to renowned celebrities, everyone is interested in minting their NFT for multiple outcomes. Launching your marketplace based on multiple blockchains at ease is where White Label Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development hails at.

Whitelabel Multi chain NFT Platform

NFT - An Invincible Market

The initial stage of the NFT market was not much recognized. Only the collectibles and rare art collecting crowd hardly showed their attention towards the NFT. But NFT managed to attract the crypto enthusiasts with its characteristics, and they released the potential of the NFT. When many business models in the crypto market are struggling hard to make their model a billion-dollar business, NFT reached billions in very short. And now NFT’s services are marking records beyond billion dollars in market capitalization. And amuses the entire crypto industry on its every update.

Non-Fungible Token - Future of Trade

NFT, an asset that is stored with unique value to differentiate it from anything else. The token can be both physical and digital assets, for example - audio, video, pictures, real estate, and more. The NFT has the ability to tokenize anything by assigning a unique identifier to them. Blockchain networks in the NFT will take care of handling the privacy and security of the user information. NFTs will support only certain specific token standards - a subsidiary to the smart contract like Ethereum ERC-721 or BSC‘s BEP-721 as they play a major role in maintaining the uniqueness of the NFT.

 Whitelabel NFT Development in Multi Chains

Whitelabel NFT on Multiple Blockchain Networks

NFT can be developed on copious blockchain networks, but only a few support the NFT to get into the level of pioneering heights. And we offer NFT development on the Blockchains, which are in the topmost tier of the crypto networks.


Ethereum is the most substantial blockchain network in the crypto space. It is the most stable and reliable blockchain where many developers and contributors prefer to work with Ethereum to develop Dapps. More contributors and more users make this blockchain network even stronger. Though there are many competitors on the ground, Ethereum always stands out with its immense expertise and experience in the market.

Whitelabel Multi Chain NFT Marketplace Development

Features of Ethereum

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain runs parallel along with the Binance chain. This helps the BSC to serve the crypto space as a dual architectured chain. This can be very helpful in building NFTs, Dapps, and smart contracts effectively. BSC is one of the more suitable blockchains for developing the NFT

Whitelabel Multi Blockchain NFT

Features of BSC


Polygon is the direct layer two protocol of the Ethereum blockchain, which is working on mitigating all the issues that Ethereum faces. Polygon is a very excellent protocol trusted by crypto enthusiasts, and it can avail all the benefits from the Ethereum and Ethereum based.

Whitelabel Multi Chain NFT

Advantages of Polygon


Solana blockchain is the latest entrant to the blockchain sector. This is a high-speed processing blockchain that is deemed to function more than 50,000 TPS at a block time of just 400ms. This platform is perfect for marketplaces that require high scalability and security without compromising the core of the blockchain.

White Label Multi-Chain NFT Platform on Solana

Features of Solana Blockchain


Harmony has become a very essential blockchain network for decentralized applications and marketplaces in the digital space. This blockchain network provides complete scalability and security to the platform at a high level.

White Label Multi-Chain NFT Platform on Harmony

Characteristics of Harmony


Avalanche is a new blockchain that is based on the system of smart contracts. This blockchain concentrates on the effectiveness of transaction speed, energy efficiency, and low transaction fees. These virtues are achieved without causing complications to decentralization and security.

White Label Multi-Chain NFT Platform on Avalanche

Characteristics of Avalanche

White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Developing an NFT and NFT marketplace with the best blockchain networks in the crypto space is a wise idea to sustain the crypto waves, which are quite unpredictable. There are several components needed to be integrated into White Label Multi-Chain NFT Development. Blockchain suitable for an NFT can be finalized by analyzing the pros and features we provide.

Whitelabel Multi Chain NFT Platform Development
Whitelabel Multi Blockchain NFT Development

User Interface

NFT marketplace needs a user interface for the user to interact with for making a trade with NFT.

Whitelabel Multi Blockchain NFT Developer

Search & Filter

Search & Filters are more essential in the NFT marketplace for support users to buy what they desire.

Multi chain NFT Marketplace

Wallet integration

The wallets are much needed in the NFT marketplace to make the trade successful, and to stake the NFT bought.

Multi chain NFT


APIs are more essential to add various features in the NFT marketplace to keep it in the trend of the market.

White Label Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Types

Based on the NFT audience and the asset types, the NFT marketplace is classified into various categories. And every White Label Multi-Chain NFT Development platform type has its own audience and is building its own market with high demand. Here is the major NFT marketplace we develop on the most promising blockchain of the industries,

Multichain NFT Marketplace Developer
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Art
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Video
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Meme
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Real-estate
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Music
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Sports
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Gaming
  • White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace for Physical assets

How Blockchain App Factory can excel in White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace on Multiple Blockchain?

Being the best development firm in the crypto space for years, our experience in the blockchain enables us to develop a White Label Multi-Chain NFT marketplace on the crypto space’s most promising blockchain networks. Our developments are more stable and reliable. To get your White Label Multi-Chain NFT development , all you need to do is join us by filling out the form. We will get you to the height you never imagined.

NFT Platform Package

Development Services Basic Advanced Multichain NFT Platform Premium Multichain NFT Platform
NFT Token Development (ERC721 & 1155)
Collectibles(Art, Music, Video)
Admin Portal
Ethereum/ BSC/ Polygon Any one Any Two Multi-chain - Support
Wallet Integration Metamask Trust wallet, fortmatic wallet, myether wallet- anyone Metamask and Wallet Connect
Decentralized Centralized or Decentralized
Bids open Auction & Instant Buy Different Types of Auction
Multi-language Only one Upto 5 languages
Marketing Services

Add ons- (Any Two)

  • Lazy Minting
  • Drop
    • Timed Auction
    • Reserved Features
    • First Come First Serve
  • Fiat Integration (Only one)
  • Own Token Development with Integration
  • Split Royalty
  • NFT Packs
  • Import NFT’s
Any Two
  • Physical product delivery API
  • NFT Staking
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