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STO Marketing

Security Token Offering or STO has radically changed the way enterprises can raise funds to power their projects. This method moves away from the traditional formats of venture capital or angel investment. STOs also protect the interests of investors by guaranteeing their investments. This is achieved by using tangible assets such as property, vehicles, and others as collateral. Additionally, in contrast to an ICO, when an investor purchases STOs, they gain an ownership stake in the company. Finally, STOs adhere to regulations such as KYC and AML which allows investors to purchase this token without any restrictions.

However, an entrepreneur cannot simply raise funds based on the positives of STOs. Just like any other commercial product, an STO also has to rely on marketing to amass popularity and investments. STO marketing is not rocket science and can be efficiently executed if the following 6 steps are followed:

  1. STO Listing Platforms: The best way to convey that you mean business is by featuring your STO on a popular listing platform. Here, the community can review and rate your token. This helps to build credibility for your project and attracts investors.
  2. SEO and Advertising: This step involves the use of advertisements and SEO techniques to improve the online awareness of your token. This also allows you to target specific demographics using industry-specific terminology.
  3. Organizing Events and Shows: Another way to increase engagement with your token is by hosting events featuring bigwigs, influencers, investors and celebrities. These not only help to popularize your project but also encourage other investors to invest in your project.
  4. Bounty Programmes and Airdrops: Creating an incentive programme is a guaranteed way to gain traction. These programmes help nurture a dedicated community and an audience that is invested in your product.
  5. Press Release and Newsletters: This step helps your project in reaching a wider audience while also allowing to retain your existing investors. Finally, regular updates also allow the investors and community to follow the progress of your project.
  6. Website and Social Media Platforms: Today, it is essential for companies to host a dedicated website for the business. Similarly, the presence on social media platforms is equally important. These tools help to create a positive image for your project while also acting as a portal to share media such as photographs, videos, reviews, and testimonials.

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