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Stand out from the rest and set yourself on the path to success with our out of the box marketing strategies. ICO has proven to be a revolutionary way for many companies and projects to raise money. A large part of ICO community marketing is to build trust among your target audience and build a sense of community.

Blockchain App Factory, as a leading ICO Community Marketing Agency, works extensively towards this goal and helps customers achieve that level of trust in the shortest amount of time. If you’re trying to promote your ICO among the community with tried and proven strategies, this is the way to go! Get in touch with us, and spread the word about your ICO worldwide!

Our ICO Community Marketing Strategy

As a leading ICO community marketing firm, we have established ourselves with a tried and proven marketing strategy that will leave your competitors behind in the dust.

Community Outreach

Connect with various forum communities and initiate discussions in different top sites like BitcoinForum, Cryptocurrency Talk, Crypto Junctions, and more. Our Crypto community management tactics are tried and tested for guaranteed results.

Brand Loyalty

Our expert marketing team will help you build a loyal following by making your customers feel like they’re part of your community with consistent material.

Social-Media Groups

A large part of fostering a community is to be visible in all the premier social media platforms and actively participating in discussions, and offering your thoughts. Our team will help you do so.

Regular Content

To make users feel like they are part of the community, our marketing team, in tandem with our content creators will regularly upload content, such as blogs, newsletters, and articles to keep your users engaged.

Badges and Rewards

As part of our drive to attract more potential investors to your platform, we will equip you with custom badges and rewards that can be given out as incentives.

Group Activities/Competitions

What’s a better way to build a community than to participate in group activities or compete against each other in fun ways? We will help you plan and execute these activities that will enable you to see quick results.

Why is Building a Community Important for ICO Marketing?

The importance of community building for ICO marketing cannot be emphasized enough. Every ICO project requires support to be successful. This support comes from developers, small-scale investors, and supporters who happen to be the blockchain community.

For Feedback

Testing the market is important for any venture or product. This is true for your ICO, as well. In order for products to be successful in the market, they have to undergo market testing. You can collect feedback about your project or whitepaper as you engage with your community members on different platforms. You can use this critique from your community to make improvements to your cryptocurrency. Not only does this help you make improvements but makes your members feel valued and appreciated.

ICO Community

Knowing your Target Audience better

Crypto community management for your ICO ensures that you have a target market from the word go. These are the people you will explain your project to. You need to provide them with all the information about your project and explain how the project works. Understanding how the projects work will enhance their confidence which ensures that you get a successful initial offering.

In addition to enhancing confidence, your community members can help educate other potential customers. You should, therefore, ensure they understand your project well. Also, treat your community members as part of your team. That way, they will be your ambassadors who bring more customers on board.

ICO Community Marketing

Inexpensive PR

Your community can play a major role in your PR campaigns. This ICO marketing technique is essential in achieving increased publicity about your ICO. Getting publicity in the cryptocurrency industry is achievable through other means such as publishing articles on websites as well as paid ads. Community PR, however, is a more strategic and inexpensive method of gaining publicity. If you build a bigger community for your ICO, then you have a higher chance of success. This is because the size of the community you build is correlated to the success of your ICO.

ICO Community

Esteemed Web3 Clients
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As a reputed Web3 marketing agency, we strive to offer the best-in-class services to promote projects
to the intended audience using a plethora of strategies. Such an approach has led us to work with
top Web3 businesses, and we have generated fabulous results for them.

How does ICO Community Management Work?

Our tried and proven process for building and maintaining a community. With our immense knowledge of the field and varied expertise, we can help not only create a community but make sure it thrives.

We will assign an ICO community marketing consultant to start communication activities about the ICO project as soon as the company decides on doing a token sale campaign.

They will work towards building a strong consumer base before the ICO program even begins.

Different avenues of marketing will be utilized in order to promote your ICO campaign to a much larger target audience.

Our Marketing consultant will help you address all the queries and concerns users might have on the different platforms and forums we utilize. This will help you not only spread word about your ICO but gain the users' trust.

They will increase awareness about the campaign by constantly looking for important articles about the venture and publishing them on prominent social media sites and well-known ICO forums like telegram and Bitcointalk.

The community management experts will build various profiles for different ICO communities for successful branding and advertising of the ICO and other blockchain-based ventures for the clients.

The consultant will form two independent telegram networks. One group would be generated specifically for sharing relevant and necessary information pertaining to ICO, staff, Bitcoin, altcoin, or cryptocurrency announcements.

Most researchers agree that creating two networks with different communities on the internet would help companies generate great awareness about the initiative within the planned timeline.

Our experts use verified and reliable accounts when supporting ICO ventures.

They will ensure that investors and other appropriate participants have direct contact with consumers about the updates happening with the ICO.

They will periodically ask for feedback from the community members which will be adopted as part of the marketing strategy we utilize.

Our staff are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. We will continuously work towards making the community a better place and boost the chance of success for your ICO.

Why is Community Building an Essential Part of ICO Marketing?

The marketing game has changed in many ways over the years. With the advent of social media and other instantaneous forms of communication, there is more of a need than ever to build a sense of belonging and establish a loyal following for your product. This need is emphasized a great deal when it comes to marketing an ICO campaign.

The success of the whole ICO and blockchain initiative relies on the energy you put into engaging with people. Each day you should generate useful material, respond to questions, and participate in online crypto-related discussions. Your goal should be to have your followers feel as if they are a member of the team. Bounty contests, telegram groups, and social media engagement all help build a community that values your project as much as you value them.

ICO Marketing

How does Community Marketing help Blockchain-related projects?

By utilizing our experience, knowledge, and understanding of the ICO campaigns and blockchain-related projects we have carried out over the years, our experts will offer community management services that will maximize potential investment and strengthen the confidence of potential investors. They will also perform quality moderation as well as answer questions about the project and token sale to the clients so they can get a clear idea to know how to invest in ICOs.

  • Our ICO community marketing solutions will systematically ensure a positive outlook among the public and build a strong network for your users.
  • When the ICO campaign and ICO token sale are over, the community managing services rendered by experts will ensure the long-term value of the cryptocurrency.
  • They will help companies to build trust on the project and its token sale by answering queries and questions related to the project on different forums, communities, and platforms.
  • Positive articles about the team, ICO, and the companies will be posted by the community managing experts on a regular basis on various forums, communities, platforms, etc.
ICO Community Marketing

All these will help your ICO or any other blockchain-related project get the exposure it deserves and witness a great deal of success.

Benefits of ICO Community Marketing

By getting in touch with Blockchain App Factory, you can enjoy all the benefits that ICO community marketing has to offer.

Increased exposure

We have intimate knowledge of the market space.

Tried and tested process

We have worked with numerous successful ICO projects in the past and have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Expert guidance

We employ the best industry professionals in the market, from expert developers to marketing analysts to content creators.

Hands-on approach

You can delegate the work to us and spend your time doing other critical work. Our team will take care of building your community.

Our partnerships

We have formed critical relationships with influencers in the varying parts of the ICO community. They will help us spread the word about your ICO in the best way possible.

Result Oriented ICO Community Marketing Services

As a premier ICO Community Services Marketing Company, we can help you with our tried and proved process that guarantees results.

  • Help you formulate a marketing strategy
  • Get your ICO campaign off the ground
  • Review your ICO to ensure that it meets market standard
  • Advise you on revisals and critical areas such as the Whitepaper
  • Spread awareness about your ICO
  • Increase your visibility on all the appropriate platforms (forums and social media)
  • Build a community of users
  • Foster a sense of community and keep users engaged
  • Regularly create and curate content for you
  • Test the market and get feedback from potential investors
  • Use that feedback to improve our processes
  • Ultimately secure funding for your ICO campaign

Why Choose Blockchain App Factory as your
ICO Community Marketing Company


We are very much committed to providing you a better result and will offer you timely intimations so that you can track the progress of the project.

Privacy & Security

We value the confidentiality of the project which is the most and offer complete security during transactions.

Result Driven

We are highly organized and offer you a detailed schedule on ICO Marketing campaigns. Our strategies will help you in generating your desired result.

Skilled Team

We have a dedicated team of marketing experts who are very expert and proficient with ICO campaigns.

Dedicated Manager

We provide a dedicated project manager to each and every client to manage the entire ICO project, to work with marketers, and also to share timely updates.

24*7 Support

A dedicated team will be provided to offer you extensive support to resolve each and every query and provide you full assistance.

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