Why is Sudoswap Trending?

Sudoswap is an NFT marketplace that has a working model incorporating elements from decentralized finance (DeFi) such as liquidity pools and automated market makers (AMMs). The platform is based on the Ethereum network and facilitates swapping between non-fungible tokens on the ERC-721 standard and crypto coins (ETH or ERC-20 tokens), incurring low gas fees in the process.

The platform was launched in July 2022, and its trade volume reached the 10-million dollar mark within 35 days, which is seen as a huge feat as NFT ventures of established Web3 firms have been struggling for months. Users in Sudoswap are Liquidity Providers (LPs) in essence, as mentioned in the platform’s documentation, and the platform solely focuses on them.

Our NFT Marketplace Like Sudoswap

Blockchain App Factory has always been fast to pick up advancements in the Web3 world that have resulted in us preparing a solution for an NFT marketplace like Sudoswap. While the platform’s uniqueness is revolutionary in its own sense, our development expertise can help you to run a business based on a similar model without complications.

Our Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace solution has a customizable user-end that can be tinkered with to fit your NFT venture requirements. As our Sudoswap NFT marketplace solution is already coded and tested beforehand, time devoted to hardcore development is minimal, which enables us to launch your business platform quickly for economical prices. The major problem of asset illiquidity in traditional NFT marketplaces can be overcome with our NFT marketplace solution like Sudoswap, that extensively uses Automated Market Makers.

Why Should Your New NFT Marketplace be Like Sudoswap?

A Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace can be useful to attract speculative NFT investors without fearing much about the rapid changes inside the overall NFT landscape.

Such a platform can be helpful as its business model targets the once-criticized community in the NFT world – speculative NFT traders, and allows them to thrive.

An NFT marketplace like Sudoswap could be a popular venture model in the future, and the wisest people will adopt it before it gets saturated with many businesses.

Such an application can easily appeal to retail NFT buyers who look to get assets from reputed NFT collections at lesser costs as sales are not based on auctions.

The platform provides higher liquidity for NFTs that are normally difficult to liquidize due to the holistic value associated with them, making NFT sales easier.

Unique Features of Our Sudoswap-like NFT Marketplace

Automated Market Maker

The AMM in the Sudoswap NFT marketplace solution assists with enabling liquidity for NFT assets through immediate selling to the pools in the platform.

NFT Listing

Users can list their NFTs on the NFT marketplace like Sudoswap for fixed prices and wait for prospective buyers to purchase these assets from them.


Pools in our Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace are where users can buy and sell NFTs. These pools can help to buy, sell, and perform both acts together.

Bonding Curves

These algorithms determine the price for NFTs sold to the pools. The immediate liquidating nature of the platform is supplemented by these curves.


The platform enables a user to buy, sell, and swap NFT assets for cryptocurrencies. It uses multiple methods to accomplish these processes efficiently.

Pricing Elements

Trading NFTs here requires a start price and a variable cost that is added or subtracted from the start price based on whether they are bought or sold.

Business Benefits of Our Sudoswap-like Solution

The Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace developed by us incurs lesser gas fees due to its AMM-based operations, thereby appealing to a larger user community.

Our NFT marketplace like Sudoswap also works seamlessly, which is advantageous to users and helpful to business owners as NFT trades can occur anytime.

Using automated mechanisms eliminates the number of illiquid NFT assets unnecessarily stored in the platform, easing business during maintenance.

Our futuristic Sudoswap NFT marketplace solution can be beneficial as it attracts hardcore traders who do not bode well in the traditional NFT world.

By combining non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance, a venture based on our solution could soon become the talking point in the Web3 world.

Such a platform can easily build partnerships with brands wishing to enter the NFT space as they wish to have more movement for their NFT items.

User Benefits of Our Sudoswap-like Solution

The platform also utilizes multiple decentralized finance attributes that make offering liquidity for NFTs easier than previously thought across Web3.

Users can buy NFTs immediately without paying exorbitant fees as royalties within a few clicks. If lucky, they can even get a popular collection’s NFTs.

They can also sell NFTs easily to pools where bonding curves offer the best price at that moment. They can also list NFTs for a price if they wish to.

Every transaction here is on-chain, meaning all trades are carried out transparently on the blockchain without auxiliary charging mechanisms.

Revenue Model
in Our NFT Marketplace Like Sudoswap

Our NFT marketplace solution like Sudoswap can have a platform transaction fee, which, even if a small proportion, can yield profits as its model attracts users.

The Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace solution can earn from brand partnerships as big brands see NFTs as a marketing tactic and not a revenue-generating stream.

Such a platform can also ingeniously gain money by running personalized ads based on user data taken and used after incentivization, preserving Web3’s nature.

Tech Stacks Used by Our Professionals

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Why Choose Us for Sudoswap-like NFT Marketplace Development?

Blockchain App Factory has been an industry leader in Web3 application development for more than half a decade. Our large team of 350+ blockchain avengers has assisted many Web3 businesses, including NFT marketplaces, to spread their wings globally. Our motto of understanding our clients beyond their business requirements has enabled us to successfully launch more than 200 Web3 projects and continue helping new businesses. Our expertise in launching your venture from our ideal solution based on an NFT marketplace like Sudoswap without hiccups quickly at friendly prices. Talk to us today to learn more about how our Sudoswap-like NFT marketplace platform could be the base of your new NFT venture!

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