NFT Marketplace – A Brief Introduction

An NFT marketplace is a software platform where people can purchase, sell, and trade assets backed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). If you wonder why one should buy NFTs, these tokens can work as proof of ownership and authenticity for assets they back. One can find various kinds of assets sold as NFTs on these platforms. Common NFT assets include artworks, music, video clips, collectible cards, in-game items, plots on metaverses, and even unique physical collectibles. NFT marketplaces are hosted on blockchain networks that form the basis of the future’s internet. Ethereum is one of the popular blockchains for NFT marketplace ventures. Other popular blockchain networks among NFT marketplaces include Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Flow, Harmony, Avalanche, and Astar.

Ethereum – The Blockchain Legacy

Ethereum is a blockchain network conceived by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and released in 2015. It was one of the first blockchain networks after Bitcoin came into existence. Due to its early entry into space, Ethereum has already earned legendary status in the blockchain world. The network helps developers build DApps (decentralized applications) and smart contracts, which paved the way for the first NFTs. Since its inception, Ethereum has been the home of numerous NFT marketplaces, profile picture (PFP) communities, blockchain games, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Particularly, an NFT marketplace on Ethereum is a great business option due to its popularity in the virtual world. The quality and the reputation of the network have enabled it to adopt newer applications seamlessly. The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called Ether, denoted by $ETH, and it has been seen as a great crypto investment option.

ETH NFT marketplace development

Why Should You Begin Your NFT Marketplace on Ethereum?

As we all know, running an NFT marketplace on Ethereum has been one of the most popular businesses on the network. Although the wide user community surrounding the network is a huge reason for its popularity, there is a lot more to understand.

Ethereum based NFT marketplace
  • Since the network is completely decentralized, all data gets distributed, which makes one trust automated entities.
  • Through Ethereum, firms can easily install platforms and look after exchange, mine, and storage without any hassle.
  • The huge support behind Ethereum is the result of seamless working with multiple nodes and many users.
  • Transactions on Ethereum are private and encrypted. Information is never exchanged to external parties until specifically requested.
  • The Ethereum network will soon become faster due to the development of Layer2 solutions and software protocols.
  • Ethereum also has earned many licenses across regulatory organizations worldwide, as it meets security and regulatory requirements.
  • Ethereum’s scaling solutions have already shown a better speed (100 TPS), which makes the network’s future safe.

Essential Features in an Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace Platform


The storefront is a user-end dashboard that has all the details for an NFT product, including descriptions, price, ownership, etc.

Search Engine

An advanced search engine feature helps users in searching their favorite NFT assets without needing to navigate across the platform.

Filter and Sort

These features are integral parts of the sophisticated search engine, which further eases users to reach their favorite NFT products.

Listing Portal

The portal helps sellers list their NFT items easily by providing options to enter information, including details, pricing, and sale mode.

Bidding Portal

The portal helps buyers place their bids on an NFT asset. Live bid updates should be displayed for the viewers.

Status Portal

The portal helps sellers to know the status of their NFT products during every stage, right from the moderation stage.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

A crypto wallet helps in processing every NFT asset transaction, which can be built-in or integrated from trusted external vendors.

Ratings and Reviews

These assist new buyers in knowing about the best NFTs and give a way to reach sellers for existing users.

Benefits of Running a Marketplace Selling Ethereum-based NFTs

  • The Ethereum blockchain does not go offline, meaning that users can carry out trading operations anytime.
  • One can easily access the ownership history and other related information for the NFTs based on Ethereum.
  • Ethereum’s decentralized nature means true peer-to-peer trading is possible, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.
  • Manipulating data inside the blockchain ledger is no longer possible as information is distributed across the network.
  • With a single back-end, Ethereum users can easily connect applications based on it, including wallets and marketplaces.
  • Your NFT marketplace on Ethereum can sail smoothly as the network supports multiple centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency wallets.

The Process of Creating an NFT Marketplace on Ethereum

Process of Creating an NFT Marketplace on Ethereum
  • Think : Collect all the ideas together, and decide on your venture and technology to be used to frame the plans and whitepaper.
  • Design : Create user-end screens that contain a smooth user interface (UI) that gives a seamless user experience (UX) and test them.
  • Choose Wallet : You can either build your own crypto wallet or integrate existing trusted crypto wallet software that matches all your requirements.
  • Front-end : You should use Architecture, SDK, IDK, and other programming tools to develop a platform that is quick, reliant, and efficient.
  • Back-end : You should utilize programming, frameworks, and databases to build smart contracts on which the logic of your platform is based.
  • Test : You should carry out repetitive testing using different test cases and troubleshoot all the defects to build an ideal platform.
  • Launch : Release the marketplace platform for public use. Ensure that you carry out enough promotions to gather an initial user base.

How can Blockchain App Factory Help You Develop an NFT Marketplace in Ethereum?

At Blockchain App Factory, our aim has always been to satisfy customer needs while learning newer technologies with each project. Even though developing an NFT marketplace on Ethereum can seem like a concept too old, we have been learning every day, which makes our experts utilize advanced development techniques to build your new platform. Our professionals excel in various aspects of development, and we possess access to all the state-of-the-art technologies that we implement in our projects. Hence, if you are still wondering about owning your own NFT marketplace on Ethereum, consider talking to our experts to know more.

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