Essence of security tokens

Smart contract capabilities offered by ethereum serve a prominent role in the decentralized financial world. Smart contracts are a computer program that controls the protocol that handles the exchange between buyers and sellers.

Smart contracts allow users to make transactions, exchanges, and agreements anonymously without any KYC and centralized legal systems. The significance of smart contracts in DeFi arises from multiple solutions for financial services.

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What is a Security Token?

Security tokens are the tokens that derive value from the assets we trade. The token follows the federal securities and regulations also qualifies the howay test. These evaluated tokens offer trust and security among investors to make huge investments. Most of the projects use ethereum tokens for their efficiency. These security tokens allow purchasing stable coins where the investors need not suffer Ethereum's volatility. Security tokens are like holding the shares of a company with the benefits of blockchain technology.

STO Smart contract development services

Smart contract Audit services

Smart contracts are not fault-tolerant. These contracts are prone to hacks and other malfunctions. Such data breaches may cost billions of dollars in the crypto world. Our smart contract audit services verify your smart contract with our database to detect issues and flaws. We further validate your contract by ensuring its performance and security vulnerabilities. Our gas analysis optimizes your smart contract by preventing unnecessary fees.

Taint Analysis

Taint analysis is the process of auditing external code’s runtime errors.

Control Flow Analysis

We evaluate the possible paths and suggest the optimal solution for code implementation.

Data Validation

Here, We attempt multiple tests for data to ensure that smart contracts are safe from a breach.

Model Checking

Our Security model checks the contracts to ensure it performs with intended functionality.

Fall Back Mechanisms

Our smart contracts are work-shopped with associated fall back mechanisms to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Audit report

Our team constructs a detailed report that enlists the security fixes undertaken by the project team.

Our Development Process

Requirement Analysis We Serve
Understanding the requirements for New and Existing Application NDA
Identify business logic to be migrated to Smart Contracts. Use Cases
Roadmap of the product Proposal for Technical Design
Technical Design We Serve
Smart Contracts Definition Document Flow diagram
Design technical Architecture System blueprint
Document technical GDPR compliance requirement Epics and User stories
Create sprints and delivery milestones Document scalability and security requirements
Development We Serve
Alpha Source code
Beta Smart Contracts
Release Candidate Builds
Production Test Blockchain Deployment
Deployment We Serve
Provisioning Main Network Release
Deploy on Main Network Rollout execution
Upgrades We Serve
Requirements gathering Smart Contracts upgrades
Backlog prioritization New contract Deployment

Our Influence in Blockchain development

Blockchain App Factory offers a wide range of DeFi services. Our experience in the DeFi journey articulates the flaws and insecurities in smart contracts, a compelling feature of DeFi.

Our team offers a prominent solution to mitigate the risk in smart contracts with STO. We ensure the product serves its designed functionalities by multiple audit services before we deliver.

Craft your product with our experts to assist with innovative ideas and design for the flawless execution of your STO smart contract development. Outsource your business with robust smart contract development services to build trust among the investors to contribute to the DeFi ecosystem.

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