What is a White Label NFT Launchpad?

A White label NFT launchpad is a prefabricated solution based on the NFT launchpad model. By the way, an NFT launchpad is where creators can list their NFT projects to raise funding from the public, similar to other crypto crowdfunding mechanisms. The mechanism used here goes by the name “Initial NFT Offering” (or INO), and it has been a fairly recent trend in the Web3 space. These platforms are expected to be the epicenter in the future for aspiring creators and NFT ventures with their financial features and supplementary capabilities that can help them reach better places. Popular NFT launchpads in the current Web3 space include NFTb, NFTLaunch, and NFT Launchpad.

NFT Launchpad Development VS White Label NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad Development

White Label NFT Launchpad

Building it requires all the steps in the development process to be fulfilled. The solution is built and tested beforehand, reducing the burden related to development.
The cost of developing it is comparatively higher. The cost of launching it is comparatively lower.
Time taken to develop an NFT launchpad from scratch is comparatively higher. Time taken to launch from a White label NFT launchpad is comparatively lower.
You can decide on every feature of the NFT launchpad platform. You can modify the user-end of the pre-built NFT launchpad platform.
You will get a one-of-a-kind NFT launchpad platform as a result. You will get a platform similar to a popular NFT launchpad venture.

Business Benefits of a White Label NFT Launchpad

Increase Profit with Our Premade NFT Launchpad Solution!

Our White label NFT launchpad solution can be embedded with elements that can assure that firms behind the business yield benefits. You can take advantage of levying fees for various operations inside the launchpad environment through automated smart contracts. Fees for project listing, marketing, consultation, and other relevant services are common profit streams for NFT launchpad solutions. These platforms also have native tokens, which are needed for buying NFTs during project offerings similar to an IDO or an ICO. They can also have NFT marketplaces built into them so that secondary NFT sales are made inside the platform, easing things for both project owners and investors.

Our White Label NFT Launchpad Features

Native Tokens

Native tokens (that of the blockchain or a unique one) can be useful for investors to earn staking rewards and invest in NFTs listed on the platform.


These protocols are in place in our platform so that every user (project owner/investor) participates with good intentions, ensuring peaceful operations.

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity for NFT offerings listed here is provided by the solution’s huge liquidity pools, where investors can stake native tokens to yield rewards.

Multi-level Staking

Our readymade NFT launchpads contain multi-level staking modules to ensure that investors are benefitted according to merit based on participation.

Capital-raising Models

The prefabricated solution can utilize multiple crypto crowdfunding mechanisms (ICO, IEO, IDO, STO, and INO) to enable project owners to raise funds.


NFT projects can get consultation from Web3 industry experts to get insights that can be applied to result in more business success for the venture.


Our launchpad solution’s marketing tab gives provisions for projects to get an extra boost to their promotional campaigns through proven tactics.

Built-in Wallet

The White label NFT launchpad will have an integrated crypto wallet that enables users to hold and trade platform native tokens and NFT asset offerings.

Categorized Display

NFT projects listed in the platform will be displayed under various categories to reach potential investors easier, that could even include filtering.

Other Features

Elements related to decentralized finance and marketplaces can be added to our initial White label NFT launchpad solution as per your requirements.

Popular Filter Options in Our White Label NFT Launchpad Platform


Our White label NFT launchpad shows NFT projects popular among the platform’s investor community under this tab.


Under this tab, all NFT projects listed recently are shown in reverse chronological order for the investors.

Coming Soon

This tab is for NFT projects that will be launched soon on the NFT launchpad platform as means to generate buzz.

Most Views

The tab shows NFT projects that have been seen by more users on the platform, inciting newcomers to see them.

Price: Lowest

When applied, this filter option shows projects in an order so that low-priced NFT offerings are shown first.

Price: Highest

When applied, this filter option shows projects in an order so that high-priced NFT offerings are shown first.

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