6 Ways to Invest in Marketing Your ICO

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The era of Initial Coin Offerings(ICO) is on an upward trend with media channels talking about the cryptocurrency on a daily basis. The end of 2017 closed with three ICOs per day. However, many of the ICOs ended up failing to reach their soft cap.

In terms of marketing an ICO, the budget for being successful along with the initial investments. It is recommended to create a prototype and gaining approval from the communities and advisors before scaling up to succeed.

The article contains optimal ICO marketing strategy you can use to market their ICOs :

  • ICO Listings

The preferred strategy is to list your ICO on Con schedule, getting ratings from rating service. This will help you plug the leaks on the ICOs. This has to follow by pushing Free listings for placing the ICO. ICO Ratings appear and disappear every day starting their ratings from the top lists resulting in you gaining more traffic.

  • Paid Advertising

You should gain traction in traditional ad networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This must be followed by moving into specialized crypto networks before few days of  ICO and sale. The ad manager operating this must have the knowledge of the craft he/she is working with. It is recommended to find an agent who specializes in ICO marketing like Blockchain App Factory.

  • Event & Shows

The main focus of the activity is finding the place to find and get the message across to your investors face to face for getting your initial capital. The crowded capital might follow you if you raise the initial capital with big league investors. The communication for the events or shows must begin early while building online relationships by sending them relevant information.

  • Media & PR Outreach

After the product is ready with product descriptions along with your website with high-quality content, it is time for you to reach out to the media. A good content along with press release could make your ICOs go viral.

  • Bounty & Airdrop

The main part of the budget should be driven towards Bounty & Airdrop campaign. The social media marketing must focus via Social Media Marketing or on websites like Reddit and BitcoinTalk.

  • Native Ads

If you are constrained by the budget or have a great product to tell the world, native ads are the way to do it. This is part of the ico marketing agencies offerings who can customize as per your requirement.


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