What is Bounty Marketing?

Bounty is a marketing tool used in the crypto-market by offering tokens or coins, to keep in circulation. Bounty adds more value by informing people of their offering while giving the chance to have more tokens.

In addition, we can hire the services of key influencers to talk about your projects. Posting a link to official social media channels will increase the number of engagements and spread the word.

How to create ICO Bounty Framework?

Bounty has to be planned in a way that all the channels are in sync. These include increasing engagements on Telegram, forums, and other cryptocurrency channels.

We can start a campaign for Bounty in various Bounty websites, channels, and forums. The offerings of the participants will be as follows:

Pre-ICO Bounty Programs

Social Media Campaign

We promote the ICO on official social media of the project and ask the participants to spread the word about the bounty among their peers. Their rewards will be dependant on the engagements they have generated by the posts.

Article Writing

Our content marketing team will work with influencers to write blogs, articles and press releases and spread to their large number of followers and readers. Similar to the social media bounty, the rewards for it will be dependent on the engagement level of the articles and blog posts.

Bitcointalk Signature

This is one of the most popular types of Bounty we deliver to our clients. The ranking of the participants who post this signature determines the number of stakes they get. For most bounty programs, only people on Bitcointalk who are Jr. Members and above can participate.

Post-ICO Bounty Programs

After the ICO has been completed and the soft cap has been reached, Post-ICO bounty programs are aimed to improve your project through constructive feedback. Some of the common types of Post-ICO bounty programs are as follows:

Translation Campaign

In this bounty, we provide the community with the bounty to translate all documents with regards to the project as well as moderating different forum groups in the native language. It is the perfect bounty program for native speakers who can translate cryptocurrency website, white paper and the forum threads.

Bug Reporting

Apart from being an effective bounty campaign activity, bug reporting also helps the developers. A good bug report clearly and concisely identifies issues with the cryptocurrency software or platform.

What We Offer!

Community Management

We make sure your channels are moderated and your audience gets all of their tricky and technical questions answered.

24x7 Engagement

Our dedicated management team will make sure your brand can boast an unrivalled response time, 24/7.

Content Management

Our in-house content marketing department is specialized in researched articles, illustrations, and whitepapers as per your project needs

Be Heard

We make sure your content gets published in Top PR sites in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, thereby, targeting the right audience for your projects.

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