A Detailed Look On ICO- Development, Launch, And The Costs Involved!

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When you talk about blockchain-based businesses, you cannot ignore ICOs. While blockchain is revolutionizing almost every major industry, ICOs serve as an effective approach for blockchain-based startups to raise funds for their businesses. Being one of the most trending, fastest fundraising mechanisms, ICOs bring out every major benefit involved with blockchain to the customers and helps with more secure and efficient business experience.

 If you are familiar with blockchain-based businesses, you will definitely be acquainted with the concept of ICO and its functioning. But if you are a beginner, this blog will help you understand all about ICO, the working, the benefits involved, how to develop your crowdfunding ICOs, launch, and the costs involved. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How does ICO work?

ICO – Initial Coin Offering is a process where investors are issued tokens/coins that they sell in the market at a discount, to boost capital for their business. Interested investors will buy those tokens.  If the ICOs do well in the market and are appreciated in value, the investors make a profit. ICOs are completely unregulated, i.e., there are no central authorities involved with an ICO. Also, the investors do not have to pay anything in return from what they earn from ICOs.

There are several benefits an ICO fetches for the investors. Let’s take a look at the most significant benefits among them.

Crucial Benefits of an ICO


As mentioned earlier, ICOs are completely unregulated. ICO platforms are decentralized and are available to everyone globally. ICO only requires the investor to transfer funds on the expected time to be available to buy. Other than that, there are no constraints involved.

Enhanced Liquidity

The most common issue investors face with traditional businesses is the lack of liquidity. ICO investors have the advantage of acquiring high-volume liquidity and real-time price values that helps them with an efficient buying and selling process.


ICO allows customers to invest from anywhere at any time they want. ICOs provide users more flexibility and transparency compared to traditional fundraising systems as it does not allow them to become an early investor without having close connections with the founders of the business.

Cost Variations

The value of the ICO tokens varies in value from the business to business. It helps customers to expand their profit earning opportunities at lower risks. Also, it paves the way for a large group of investors to participate, which enables million dollar ICO projects.

Elimination of risks

As ICOs are decentralized, it eliminates the involvement of any third party, which reduces risks/fraudulent activities and helps customers to raise funds in a quick, secure, efficient, seamless manner.

The above mentioned are the top benefits of an ICO. Now, if you are someone looking to raise funds for your business with your own ICO, it is mandatory to carry out an authentic development process for your ICO to be the best seller among the widespread competitors in the market.

There are two ways to create ICOs for your business. The first one is developing from scratch. To create an ICO from the ground up that is successful consumes a lot of time, effort and money. Also, it requires qualified technical assistance. Whereas, if you conduct proper research and go for a reliable token development company, they will assist you with everything from development to launch, and the services will be quick and cost-effective.

We, at Blockchain App Factory, consist of a team of the most dedicated and experienced developers who will offer advanced, tailor-made solutions for your ICO,  from development to launch that will gain greater credibility for your ICO in the market and pour in profits for your business. For your understanding, let’s go through the steps involved with our ICO development services.

Our ICO Development Process

Whitepaper creation

We help you with an effective whitepaper presentation with a clear vision about your ICO that will grab customers’ attention towards the project and gain their loyalty.

Token development

We develop the perfect tokens with robust integrations that meet the objectives of your ICO and meet your requirements.

Wallet set up

You can store your tokens/coins safely in the wallet built by our experts with advanced security features.

ICO Landing Page

We help design a landing page for your ICO, with a user-friendly interface. This will help customers with efficient use and navigation to the platform and the ICO website.

ICO fundraising dashboard

Our unique ICO dashboard helps investors with various purposes, such as token sales,  efficient fund management, etc.

Automated KYC

We integrate automated KYC verification into the platform, which offers security by allowing only legitimate users into the platform.

Blockchain technology integration

Our blockchain pioneers integrate the most advanced technology,  making your ICO platform standardized.

Smart Contracts

Our smart contract development ensures seamless self-executed transactions and transparency and reliability to the users.

Enhanced security

It is a common fact that ICOs are more prone to hacks because of their unregulated nature. Our ICO platform is integrated with multi-layered security protocols to avoid any hacks/ threats to the future.

ICO marketing structure

Our market experts derive the best marketing strategies that will help your ICO sustain and stand out from the existing competitors and gain huge scope among potential global investors.

ICO Deployment

You can launch your ICO now quickly, efficiently, and effectively, which will drive immediate attention from potential investors towards your ICO and make a strong impact in the market. 

Now, with the constant traction and demand, ICOs have been recovering in recent years, every entrepreneur with an idea of starting a blockchain-based business is looking to create their own ICOs to raise capital quickly for their business. But there is a common question that intrigues them. What is the cost of ICO development? Find the solution below.

How Much Does It Cost For ICO Development?

The cost to build an ICO depends upon several factors, such as the funding budget limit set by the customers, their preferences regarding the technical, security, feature integrations, and their personal customization preferences. To build an ICO all the way from scratch will cost a fortune, with all the above elements put together, each holding a cost of their own.

ICO Development Cost

At Blockchain App Factory, we offer different ICO development cost packages, estimated, $20,000, $50,000 and $100,000, from which you can pick the one according to your convenience. Our team of experts makes it easy for you by offering you a well structured,  detailed, variety of plans that will help you understand how ICO costing works. However, we cover everything for your ICO from development to deployment at the most nominal ICO development costs.

The experience of our developers is unmatched, which will assure you a 100% reliable and profitable ICO. We customize your ICO according to your desired preferences, and the ICO will be all set to hit the market within 2 weeks. Also, our quality developers offer round the clock support for our customers and help them with hassle-free business experience. Reach out to our team of experts to find out more.

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