BCoT – Securing Cloud Computing with Blockchain

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Blockchain and cloud of things

The world is evolving at a breakneck speed ever since the internet was introduced. This juggernaut of connectivity changed the way the industries worked and business progressed. The introduction of Smart Devices only made the world more dynamic, bringing the people closer to each other. This marked the dawn of the digital era, where data started dictating the order of the day.

Digital data has started proliferating in its forms like pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. The present storage mediums don’t suffice the space needed to store the data. To overcome this predicament, Cloud computing emerged, providing a way to store data and then access it whenever required with an internet connection. Delving into the feasibility of implementing things on the internet, there is a problem in accessing the data. The user here doesn’t have any surety of privacy in that particular medium. This blog will provide a flick through the concept of cloud computing and how the proposed method “Blockchain and cloud of things” will help in making this ecosystem better.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a service that lets the user access the server they have remotely from anywhere and anyplace with an internet connection. The services are about serving the data storage medium, database management, network and software tool management, and storage. Cloud computing is completely based on the remote-based service, so the user has no chance of viewing those centralized server nodes.

Many big companies in the world are offering excellent cloud services for commercial purposes too. The dependency on cloud services started increasing as more IT and other firms decided to use them as their primary storage medium.


Blockchain is a technology that makes everything decentralized where it is deployed. The distributed ledger technology keeps track of all the information it comes through and distributes them into the decentralized servers… By this, Blockchain does everything with code and lets no one tamper with it.

What’s with CoT? And Why BCoT is needed.

Blockchain and cloud of things integration are considered to be the BCoT to make the cloud ecosystem healthier and maintain privacy. The users of Cloud computing services are facing various violations of their data day today. Even the data of the users is wiped in some free cloud storage service companies. But first, let’s look at the need for CoT to be decentralized.

Challenges with Centralized nodes

As we discussed earlier, in the existing cloud service, the control over is complete with a central power of authority. Who can access any kind of data and can hold it as they wish. As the cloud services are established, there are even risks in national security if Vigilante or adversaries compromise those cloud services.

Privacy Concerns

There are several lawsuits filed against many of these cloud-based services for data compromise or privacy breaches. As a central authority controls the data, no one other than the authority can see what happens inside the service medium. People started fearing for how the data are processed and how the data breach occurs in those heavily armoured companies.

Data Integrity

At some point in time, significant companies decide to integrate them with their partnerships or sister companies. This creates a ruckus among the users, where their trustability is being mishandled or dumbed.

Need of BCoT

Both Blockchain and the cloud of things are doing their best in making the users less disturbed, they have their advantages, and they are considered to be the mere future as they are showing results that many said impossible in the industry.

The term Decentralization is repeatedly echoing all around as the growth of the Blockchain keeps increasing. Decentralization has a network topology where every node it has will have the same number of edges. The decentralized nodes have more than one route where every node is connected with each other. These nodes will even function if any of the nodes goes offline in the topology, and they stay connected always. And maintaining these decentralized nodes is very affordable, and there is no central node to command over the other nodes. They all stay the same even after some nodes go off.


Blockchain and Cloud service integration will put an end to all the challenges mentioned above, and it will improve data privacy and enhance the security of the services. If there is no central authority, there will not be any need to panic about confidentiality. The Blockchain will encrypt the data and store them in the distributed servers.


Blockchain has already shown the world its capabilities of securing and encrypting data. So, in BCoT, every data will be encrypted, verified, and stored. Only the smart contract deployed can decrypt the data. This makes no mediator between the complete functionality of BCoT.

BCoT – Knight to secure connectivity and data from “centralized.”

BCoT will show a path to a secure and privacy-friendly ecosystem, where the node-to-node communication and connectivity information will remain secure this time. The BCoT will stand as the saviour for the people who are in need, maintaining privacy, and they will act as a golden ticket to,

  • Defence and military-related industries
  • Health care systems
  • Insurance industry
  • Finance institutions
  • Smart city and home projects
  • IT and data centre firms.

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