Is Blockchain the Future of Game Development?

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Today’s gaming culture has grown from a nerd’s hobby to a multi-million dollar industry. Gaming has come a long way from physically hooking up a game console to an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). This revolution was bound to happen. This blog post will elaborate on how Blockchain and Game development goes hand in hand.

How the Gaming Industry came onto the scene?

Gaming Industry has created a whole new ecosystem with vloggers and live streaming of games. It has turned into arena-style competitions in professional sporting events. This growth is currently accelerated with the introduction of the blockchain, which allows the game developers to bring their concepts directly to the table.

There is an ongoing speculation that blockchain will completely destroy the gaming industry, but the reality is blockchain is disrupting the gaming industry for good. One of the first roadblocks to overcome is to establish a transparent platform for game developers to bring their new game concepts.

Introduction of DApps

The gap between gamers and game developers is being bridged with blockchain. For instance, Unity, a game engine, running on blockchain integrated with DAppChain Backend, allows any game developer to create games without any hassles. Unity has a dedicated ecosystem that allows the transferring of game assets, dedicated wallets, management of user’s private keys, and much more. Additionally,  the blockchain-based platform will allow users to purchase games and in-app purchases using cryptocurrencies.

Developer pool with underlying features

The gaming industry has never been tied down by location and the introduction of blockchain will change the outlook on the gaming industry and will bring global connectivity, peer-to-peer transactions and much more. This, in turn, will create a pool of game developer talent where anyone can work for anyone.

Digital Assets

Game developers can make use of the continuous and parallel gaming universes where the gamers can create their characters and items in multiple games simultaneously. The gamers can buy and use virtual gaming items or digital assets and pay for them in cryptocurrencies easily. So advertently, the value of the cryptocurrencies increases.

Proof of Rarity

Blockchain has the reputation of being secured, and encrypted blockchain ledgers help store digital assets and game items. As for game developers, they can create web pages that retrieve data from blockchain; this, in turn, creates proof of rarity. Another reason is the regulation of trade without the interference of unregulated black markets. You either trade your digital assets through the legality of blockchain or don’t do it at all.

End of Fraudulent process

For gamers, they can customize avatars with ease, as all the data is stored on the blockchain. In doing so, gamers could create a proper digital asset that could be rare to find. This inadvertently curbs fraud and ends leakage on lost revenue.


In all seriousness, the gaming industry has always gone through notable changes, right from inception. Blockchain technology will make sure that gamers and gaming industry will come together into a single, transparent platform with both hardware and software evolutions. The fact that many of us have played Ether Warfare, has captured the gamers’ attention and blockchain will adopt more blockchain-based games. Blockchain will revolutionize the gaming industry and take it to greater heights.

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