Crypto Community Building: The Pivotal Strategy That Keeps Crypto Businesses Running!

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Crypto Community Building

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the importance of crypto community building in the context of a new crypto project, irrespective of its scale and background.
  • Look at the top community-building strategies for crypto projects that can lead them to widespread popularity and immense success.
  • Implement an end-to-end promotional campaign with our team of experienced and creative professionals in the competitive crypto space.


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Ever since the first cryptocurrencies hit the market running, the importance of communities has been observed. Technology has evolved, and several innovative use cases have evolved from blockchains over the years. With such advancements, the importance of community involvement also intensified as competition levels increased. Our blog’s focus will be on crypto community building, a strategy that focuses on forming close-knit groups of people supporting a crypto project. From global brands and enterprise businesses to new-age startups and aspiring creators, community building is an essential part of promotions that enable them to achieve desired results.

Come on! Let’s begin exploring the diverse possibilities of crypto community marketing!

The Power of Crypto Communities

The current cryptocurrency market is gaining an optimistic reception powered by anticipated approval for Bitcoin ETFs from the SEC and the associated price surge. With more projects expected to enter the market in the upcoming months, the competition for grabbing people’s attention will only increase despite the rising user base.

  • With a crypto-savvy community supporting your project, you can have exposure to the market without even launching in the first place. This becomes possible as your community will become your project’s passive advertisers, etching your project’s name everywhere across the internet.
  • Exclusive crypto communities can support projects greatly as people in such groups tend to be highly interested and optimistic about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and Web3. What more is required for a new crypto project than a group of fervent supporters who believe in its vision and the technology it uses?
  • Having the right community of crypto enthusiasts for projects can be a blessing as it will be easy for them to realize their vision without complications and compromises. Businesses could even go as far as experimenting with their venture if their supporter base understands the notion behind it.

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Top Strategies for Crypto Community Building Now

With community building becoming a staple need for crypto businesses in the current market state, it is essential to discuss the tactics that can allow a project to show its community-centric nature to shine in the market. Strategies one needs to use for crypto marketing depend on the project’s nature, target audience, utility, and long-term plans.

  • Cryptocurrency-based businesses can tap into the power of community engagement platforms like Discord and Telegram to establish a strong market presence. With these applications, ventures can exhibit their community support as a means for promotions as people tend to flock toward projects with the biggest communities.
  • Building crypto communities can also be accomplished through established social media networks such as X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest. Showing a strong presence on these platforms can help projects garner optimal digital footfall and set a solid user base.
  • Collaborating with influential online figures, communities, and crypto brands can aid immensely in your project to succeed in building a strong community. With a more diverse target market to cater to, you can easily leverage the entity’s (influencer/community/brand) presence online to strengthen your project’s support.
  • Forming communities for up-and-coming crypto projects can also be executed by being part of crypto events online and offline. With more events popping up in recent times, being involved in such shows will only become an unavoidable element in crypto community formation campaigns.

Crypto Community Marketing Strategies Explained in Detail

We have seen a glimpse of the top crypto community creation strategies prevalent in today’s market. But that isn’t it! We will be digging deeper into individual promotional tactics that can aid you in forming a massive following for your venture. 

Discord Marketing

Discord has become the epicenter of all crypto activity due to its futuristic nature and easy manageability. Almost all crypto projects have a dedicated Discord server to communicate with their followers. Its humongous server capabilities, with an initial maximum of 250,000 users (which can be extended), make it an ideal platform for promotions.

  • The app offers separate channels that can be used to redirect people to necessary topics, decluttering the chat space.
  • It also supports various bots that can help server admins with routine management and small-scale user engagement.
  • Discord also supports various formats, including text, image, video, and voice, along with streaming capabilities, making it a go-to medium for crypto communications. 

Telegram Marketing

Telegram is another community application that has gained fame among crypto enthusiasts and businesses. At one time, Telegram even went as far as building a blockchain (which has evolved today into the community-managed TON chain). Its simple yet privacy-focused features make Telegram an effective option for crypto projects.

  • Telegram comes with several bots that enhance communication and built-in features that can enable the seamless sharing of large-sized files.
  • User profiles in Telegram do not expose any sensitive information (like mobile numbers), offering increased privacy for users.
  • The app also allows users to schedule messages, easing crypto project admins to send updates on the group on time.

X (Twitter) Marketing

X (formerly) Twitter has become the haven for crypto enthusiasts ever since Bitcoin hit the market running. The platform even has an unofficial section, “Crypto Twitter,” flooded with crypto-related updates and opinions. Such importance makes X a must-have for any crypto project.

  • With its nature of being community-centric and censorship-resistant, cryptocurrency projects on X can have a free space for interactions and community building.
  • Twitter Spaces allows voice-based interactions for crypto communities that can be used for AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions and guest talks.
  • X’s micro-content nature, alongside multimedia support, fosters creativity and extensive content-sharing capabilities for up-and-coming crypto-based businesses.

Reddit Marketing

Another community-centric social media app that has a profound impact on the crypto space is Reddit. With a diverse range of groups with crypto enthusiasts and great popularity in crypto-friendly regions, Reddit marketing is an essential strategy for building thriving communities for budding crypto businesses. 

  • Reddit’s support for NFTs through its avatars alongside its gamified points system makes it a vital medium for crypto marketing.
  • The platform also enables users to post upvotes (reflecting affirmation) or downvotes (reflecting negation) for posts, fostering an open environment for crypto enthusiasts.
  • Its focus on communities through subreddits makes it a feasible platform for cryptocurrency projects aiming to build an online presence. 

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing for crypto projects has emerged to become a community-building strategy, given its new features like Subscriptions and Broadcast Channels. Apart from these, its normal nature of being an image-sharing application remains a pivotal element for crypto project promotions.

  • Instagram’s Broadcast Channels let crypto projects convey important updates to the community through one-way communication.
  • Apart from broadcast messages, the application can serve as a medium for community updates through relevant images or user-generated content (UGC).
  • The platform mainly serves as a place to share real-time, real-world updates through Stories and Live Streams, making it suitable for crypto ventures aiming for real-world presence.

Facebook Marketing

Despite its minimal role in crypto community building, Facebook should not be missed by crypto projects due to its vast user base (over 2.9 billion monthly active users). The platform has built a diverse user base, with people of all levels actively using it every day. 

  • The platform supports multiple content formats without restriction in terms of size, offering a free space for projects to share their thoughts and promote their products.
  • Facebook has features similar to Instagram, such as Stories, Channels, Live Streams, and messaging that can facilitate seamless communication between crypto projects and users.
  • The application also has its own paid advertising provisions that can greatly aid in community building if used correctly.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have formed a crucial part of crypto community marketing as projects aim to multiply their follower base manifold within days. Crypto influencers are people with ample fame in the crypto space for a long time who can provide insights for external projects and promote them.

  • These people’s services can be used across all community and social media platforms in various ways, including contests, guest talks, and giveaways.
  • Crypto projects of various niches can find influencers in their niche, making it easy for them to reach a wider section of the relevant target audience.
  • According to the follower base, influencers can be categorized into Nano (<1,000), Micro (1,000 – 100,000, Macro (100,000 – 1 million), and mega (>1 million). 

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an underrated strategy when it comes to community building for crypto businesses. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have been leading the charge, with teams often conducting live streams and holding contests with or without the aid of influencers. 

  • Posting informative videos can be a brilliant way to build communities supporting a crypto business, as such videos tend to perform well in general.
  • Videos posted in a tone reflecting the project’s niche or stance in the crypto market can build a humane image surrounding the crypto venture.
  • Promotions using videos can also center around user-generated content that can bring a venture to the limelight. 


Airdrops in the crypto market have become an integral part of promotional campaigns due to their powerful impact in forming communities. While sending tokens to random users without monetary incentives might not sound like an ideal way to begin a project, the long-term benefits outweigh the losses.

  • Airdrops of crypto tokens can be performed through contests on social media and community portals. 
  • These events can even be executed under partnerships with influencers and other niche-based brands.  
  • Since tokens are directly sent to winners’ crypto wallets, this can be a way to pull people into the project’s communication channels.


Participating in real-world and online events in the crypto ecosystem can be a booster for crypto projects to bolster their communities. With the number of crypto-related events increasing month by month, it will only make sense to be part of such happenings to expose your venture to the world.

  • Projects can set up stalls at global crypto events to explain their provisions to visitors, who can include fellow business owners, investors, and avid crypto enthusiasts.
  • Crypto project team members can be part of guest talks in such events to shed light on their venture to the world and build their community.
  • These events can also aid crypto business owners to network with high-profile figures, written accounts of which can be used to generate buzz among the project’s existing community members.

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