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Be it any business, marketing, is that one crucial tool you cannot ignore. It informs and educates your potential audience about your business, makes you stand equal or above your existing competitors, helps sustain your business in the long run, creates reputation, reaches, and identity for your business.  It is the most important strategy that determines the growth of a business. In short, marketing is one tool that decides the future of your business and keeps customers engaged with your business.

Especially for a business for which the demand and popularity are alive and kicking like an ICO, marketing is the element that has the power to help you shine over the existing competitors and gain credibility among potential customers. Here, we are going to discuss some crucial marketing strategies that will gear up your ICO and also about the cost of ICO marketing. Let’s begin with a short glimpse of ICO and why it is popular in the crypto sphere.

ICO – A quick look!

ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering, which is a crowdfunding business where investors are issued a token/coin that they sell to raise funds for their start-ups. As mentioned earlier, ICO is one of the most popular and the most preferred fundraising methods among potential investors because ICOs are completely unregulated. Also, the investor does not have to pay a penny back from what he earns from the ICO. ICO also involves several other benefits that catch the customer’s eye towards investing in it.

Now, if you want to launch your own ICO,  let’s take a brief look at some of the soundest marketing strategies that will help you go viral in the market.

Entrancing marketing strategies for your ICO!

  • Whitepaper presentation

The whitepaper is one of the most important tools that help in marketing your ICO. It educates the audience about your project, the motive and benefits behind, and how it would help them resolve any current challenges that they face. A legitimate, detailed whitepaper report with clear, creative content about the ICO will highly influence the customers and bring up a new perspective among them for your ICO.

  • Website

The very first thing a customer goes looking for online when they want information about a company or a business is the website. As a matter of fact, it is said that 88% of customers research online for websites to learn information about a company. This indicates how important a website is. An efficiently designed, easily-navigable website will go a long way and creates an identity and awareness among customers for your business.

  • Content Marketing

Research says 58% of marketers around the globe had spent money on content marketing for their business. It is actually one of the cheapest, but an effective marketing tool. Engaging content does more than just filling up your pages. It helps your audience understand your project in detail and builds confidence and loyalty in them to invest in the ICO. Content marketing can be carried out through articles, blogs, posts, forums, etc., on different platforms.

  • Social media marketing

Social media is the tool that rightly fits with the current generation and has the ability to drive their attention towards the ICO. The primary goal of marketing a business is to communicate with customers. And social media is one of the effective elements to do that. Right promotion through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., will create awareness and bring in customers not just locally, but from around the globe for your business.

  • PR and media

For this strategy to work out, you need to conduct your research and hire a reliable PR team who will offer you the following,

  1. Write legitimate, informative content for press release copy.
  2. Publish the content in popular media forums. 
  3. Conduct constant research on the outcome of your reach and work on bringing in more.
  4. Bring in maximum media outreach for your business.
  5. Maintain cordial relationships with existing, potential media forums. 
  • Influencer Marketing

Influencers have the power to bring in some serious interactions with your customers. Hiring popular influencers/ YouTube vloggers with sound communication skills will help attract a wide range of customers from every nook and corner. Influencer marketing has evolved to be one of the most effective and scalable marketing strategies for businesses that crave attention, and that audience can no longer not notice.

  • Email marketing

 Email marketing is one of the effective ways to stay connected with your potential customers. By email blasts and crisp newsletters, businesses can reach the target audience and improve their visibility, reach, and generate leads. Also, it makes customers feel entitled to the company’s business information and updates, etc.

  • Bounty programs

Bounty programs are where investors are provided with incentives or free ICO coins as rewards for performing certain tasks such as identifying bugs etc. This helps in two ways. One is to educate the customer about the ICO and make them want to invest. Another is to make improvements to the ICO platform and avoid glitches once it goes live in the market. Bounty programs are gaining popularity these days in the marketing community and are considered as one of the feasible strategies.

  • Community Building

Every business needs to have its own community. Community building is considered as one of the most important marketing strategies because it brings in more loyalty, increases brand awareness among customers, and helps in producing better outcomes. Even the top companies have a community of their own! Your ICO definitely needs a community to widen its scope among the competitors.

These are all the most credible marketing strategies that will make your ICO a hit in the market.

But, how to attain these in the most reliable, efficient, and quickest, cost-effective way possible? Collaborate with our market leaders. We, at Blockchain App Factory, work with a team of some of the most experienced marketing strategists who will help you with top ICO marketing services that include,

  1. ICO marketing consultation
  2. Cutting-edge ICO marketing plan
  3. Implementation of marketing strategies
  4. Analyzing results and bringing upon new strategies accordingly.

Why choose us for your ICO marketing?

  • We have a highly-skilled team of marketing strategists.
  • We are vastly experienced with a number of successful projects, and our services are reliable. 
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  • We completely protect the customer’s interest. Your safety is our priority.

Our team of experts tries to cover every marketing strategy possible for your business at the most cost-effective prices.  We understand, your time and money are valuable and are equally important. Reach out to us to know more! We assure you to provide you quick services with appealing ICO marketing prices and make it a hit in the market. 

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