DeFi Smart Contract Development: Everything You Need to Know

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DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development: a Brief Guide

DeFi Smart Contracts operate decentralized finance in a pre-programmed manner according to various terms and conditions without the intervention of any central authority in the system. The benefits of Smart Contract in DeFi are enormous for both entrepreneurs and customers.

DeFi Smart contract developers can establish smart contracts on Ethereum, TRON, and EOS. Smart contracts can be utilized by cryptocurrency exchanges, lending and borrowing service providers, stablecoin developers, prediction markets, and asset management companies.

Understanding the Importance of DeFi Smart Contract Development

  • It acts as the backbone of the entire Decentralized finance ecosystem.
  • No DApps can operate without the presence of robust DeFi smart contracts.
  • It helps in automating all the transactions taking place in different DeFi applications and projects.

Analyzing the Supremacy of Smart Contract Development for DeFi Dapps

  • It is highly secure due to the usage of quality code. Any transaction executed on the blockchain network using DeFi smart contracts is non-alterable and can never be reversed by anyone. Funds of the users can also be safely locked up in smart contracts.
  • It reduces the efforts and costs involved in cumbersome paperwork by fully digitizing the operations. It uses a decentralized ledger to store all the records and data of all the users. They power the DeFi protocol to completely go online.
  • A high level of accuracy is ensured as they do not depend on any manpower to perform any task or activity. This reduces the chances of errors or bugs to occur on the platform.
  • It speeds up the entire processes of lending, borrowing, investing, staking, payments, and insurance by reducing the costs and time involved and increasing the overall operational efficiency. This leads to a better user experience and improved customer satisfaction. It is also faster than conventional services.
  • No external factors can intervene with the various financial services being offered by DeFi protocols. This prevents chances of misuse by unauthorized parties.
  • It ensures no chances of disputes to occur between different parties as the presence of any intermediary is ruled out and the participants are expected to strictly adhere to the various terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement signed beforehand.
  • There is no possibility of hacking attacks to happen as the role of central authorities is eliminated.
  • Users have complete control and authorization over their valuable data as there are no intermediaries involved in the system.
  • The other benefits include high immutability, lower transaction costs, full control of the assets handed over to the users, greater security, reduction in chances of fraud, sufficient liquidity, complete transparency, global access, and safe storage of assets.

What All is Provided by a DeFi Smart Contract Development Company?

DeFi smart contract development

They can prepare DeFi solutions for a range of applications like lending and borrowing, provision of insurance, banking services, education, and market prediction.

DeFi smart contract auditing

They can avoid any bugs or glitches in the code which will help to eliminate any vulnerabilities. Smart contracts can contain a lot of issues in the form of overflows, underflows, and reentrancy attacks. Extensive testing will ensure that your smart contracts for your DeFi dapps are more trustworthy and highly demanded in the market by users.

DeFi smart contract optimization

It involves enhancing the functioning of the smart contract by optimizing the code leading to better execution and faster computation. This will save you valuable time and costs in the future. In the end, your DApps will witness a performance improvement.

DeFi smart contract reauditing

It eliminates all the smart contract vulnerabilities through retesting. This ensures that people are highly confident about using your DApps without facing any fear. Reauditing will prevent all these unnecessary scenarios.

Integration of the DeFi app

The DeFi app will be finally deployed into your operational network. This will help you in offering specific decentralized financial services to your target audience.

The Popular DeFi Smart Contracts Being Used by Various Projects

MakerDAO – MakerDAO has built a decentralized digital currency that functions in the form of a stablecoin named DAI. It maintains a constant price, the holders of DAI can take part in decentralized governance through voting rights and decision making, and it can be integrated with the leading wallets, DeFi platforms, and games. DAI can be obtained from Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and InstaDApp. DAI is used by UNICEF and Airbus. DAI can be held in digital wallets like MetaMask and Trezor. Users can deposit ETH as collateral on the platform and borrow DAI which is pegged to the USD.

Compound – Compound is an Ethereum-based autonomous interest rate protocol used by cryptocurrency exchanges, asset managers, crypto custodians, and portfolio managers. It is financially backed by Coinbase and Bain Capital. The top three markets for Compound are DAI, ETH, and USDC. The interest rate offered by Compound is not fixed but depends on various market dynamics. When there is a high demand from borrowers, the interest rate shoots up. When there is more interest shown by the lenders, the interest rate drops down.

Uniswap – It is a completely decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. Liquidity providers will earn a 0.3% fee on all the trades conducted on the platform proportional to their share of the pool. The liquidity provider needs to deposit his tokens to receive UNI, the Uniswap protocol governance token. UNI tokens can be used as voting rights to participate in the governance of Uniswap or the users can delegate their votes to a third party. The top tokens available on Uniswap are Ether, Tether USD, and USDC.

Summing up

Hence, choose Blockchain App Factory for DeFi based Smart Contract Development to reap all the above-mentioned benefits in no time. Our developers use high-end Solidity programming language and ensure end-to-end encryption in all the DeFi Smart Contracts. This will automate all your business processes based on predetermined terms and conditions. Involving in smart contract development for DeFi dapps will ensure that your enterprise receives a heavy inflow of investment and witnessed tremendous growth.

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