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White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange software has kept up the pace in digitization by offering profitable solutions to investors. Amid the uncertainty, it has emerged as a valuable asset by saving time and costs for people. Since it can be launched quickly, White label exchanges are in higher demand now.

Reasons why White Label exchanges are in high demand

Quicker deployment with core operations, customization for each company’s brand name and logo, and non-requirement of technical expertise for exchange owners are some of the reasons why White Label exchanges are controlling the market.

Some important features of a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software are

  • Margin trading – It benefits small traders with limited funds to take up a larger position. Margin trading is also known as Leverage. Traders get more exposure and greater chances of earning profits from market swings. Through efficient risk management, traders can go either long or short on different crypto assets.
  • Derivatives trading – Both buyers and sellers formulate agreements to trade assets at a fixed price on a later date. This is a benefit as traders who have to bear the risks involved in the volatile crypto market can protect their other investments. Based on the market position, investment strategies will be formed for the future by focussing on high liquidity.
  • Perpetual contracts – This is a form of investment where buyers and sellers acquire contracts with the belief that the price of an asset will increase. If there is an anticipation of a fall in price, they sell off the asset. Perpetual contracts ensure stability and manage risks efficiently.
  • Copy-trading – It benefits new traders who do not have much understanding of the market. In copy trading, new traders can create multiple portfolios and mirror the strategies of professional traders to make gains. Data analytics will be used for understanding previous order books and transactions.
  • Spot trading – Traders can open and close orders quickly. It is supported by a secure wallet storing cryptocurrencies. Other facilities, such as easy deposits, withdrawals, and smooth transaction processing, encourage spot trading. It gives a variety of options such as Market order, Limit order, and Stop Loss for managing risk efficiently.
  • Over-the-Counter trading – This technique enhances liquidity by allowing users to exchange large amounts of cryptocurrencies. It ensures the faster settlement of trades between buyers and sellers through peer to peer payments. Apart from supporting high-volume activities, it also has a robust dispute management system.
  • Peer-to-Peer trading – Buyers and sellers trade directly without any third-party involvement. Transactions are executed using a Smart contract-based Escrow system.

Other characteristics of a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software are

  • High Transactions per Second – A higher amount of Transactions executed per second enhances the trading experience. Up to 100,000 transactions per second can be processed by our software.
  • Robust trading engine – Buyers and seller’s orders should be matched perfectly without any delays. Flexible options such as stop loss and market order enhance the trading experience.
  • WalletsWallets are an important component as it helps in storing coins for a variety of cryptocurrencies. The presence of hot and cold wallets ensures the safety of funds. Multi-signature wallets with data encryption help in smooth transactions.
  • Security measures – With the rise in incidents of hacking and identity theft, robust security measures are in place to safeguard user’s data. Techniques such as two-factor authentication, password-protected user access, and jail login are set.
  • Presence of multiple digital assets – Traders benefit from possessing multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as it helps them to be flexible in their trading operations. Allowing exchange offers between cryptos and fiats through the creation of innovative coins improves the trading experience.
  • Liquidity – Sufficient liquidity is ensured for buyers and sellers by linking with external exchanges through the opening of a business account. This builds up the exchange’s reputation.
  • KYC and AML – Proper procedures are in place for implementing Know your Customer (KYC) guidelines and Anti-Money Laundering strategies. Geography based targeting is utilized for quick user verification. It helps in preventing fraud by building a database of legitimate buyers and sellers.
  • Referral program – The integrated referral program distributes valuable rewards to users for obtaining new clients.
  • Customer support – 24×7 technical support is rendered in multiple languages to address customer’s queries. This improves user retention and increases the global reach of the exchange.
  • Trading bot – Since crypto markets are subject to fluctuation, a trading bot helps in automatic management of operations round the clock. It enables better capitalization of market changes.
  • Interactive charts – Trading is done with analytics based on graphs which give users a fair idea of the market. Traders can view orders on a real-time basis and make decisions based on scientific evidence.
  • Forgery protection – Attacks are prevented using Cross-Site Request Forgery and Server-Side Request Forgery. It ensures the safety of internal systems and keeps note of unwanted user activity.
  • Admin panel – A robust admin panel helps in dispute management by giving a detailed insight into the user’s history of transactions and bank statements. It also helps in activating new currency and managing different trading pairs.

P2P exchange

Keeping up with the trend, we also offer a robust P2P exchange that executes transactions between buyers and sellers without the involvement of a third party. It enables users to experience more privacy and better security. P2P exchanges do not have to adhere to stringent regulations. Exchange owners will benefit from lesser operational overheads and transaction fees.

Special features of our P2P exchange

  • Multi-layer security – Through steps such as two-factor authentication, SSL implementation, and email verification, a safe trading experience is assured on our platform.
  • Strong matching engine– While processing orders, the matching engine matches the buyer with the right seller with perfect precision. It has built-in features to recognize actions such as buy order and sell order. The order gets executed after both parties agree on the terms of the trade.
  • Atomic swaps – In the absence of a middleman, transactions get executed completely or terminate themselves. It reduces the chance of disputes occurring if there is a breach of the agreement.
  • Preferred trader selection – More faith is imposed in the system as buyers have the freedom to choose sellers and vice-versa for conducting trading operations confidently.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing

Sustained marketing efforts are the key to the success of a Cryptocurrency exchange. It helps in gaining new users, boosting trading volumes, and reaching the target audience quickly.

Some of the valuable marketing services provided by our team are

  • SEO Optimization – Regular content is updated on websites and other platforms to make it SEO-friendly. It results in a higher ranking on search engines and improves the online presence.
  • Content Strategy – Audience engagement is enhanced by regularly posting blogs, articles, videos. It helps in better promotion and building brand awareness.
  • Public relations – Better rapport is developed with users through media coverage and press releases. B2B and B2C channels will be given more focus.
  • Social media marketing – Following can be increased on the company’s accounts by regularly posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. Important information and updates can be sent frequently.
  • Community marketing – For long-term survival, it is crucial to maintain an interested community around your brand.
  • Email and Newsletters – Information about the launch of new products, the addition of extra features in existing products can be sent to users via email marketing and the creation of periodic newsletters.
  • Affiliate network – A group of affiliates can be created for serving as the company’s partners. They will be responsible for driving customers to your platform.
  • Advertising Assistance – Location-based user targeting can be done with paid services such as Google Ads, and Pay-per-Click advertising.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal Solutions

Every exchange has to comply with different laws and regulations based on their scope of operations. Ambiguity in understanding the legal framework is resolved through superior consulting services by our team.

Some of our specialized services are

  • Separate litigation strategies for each crypto asset
  • Complying with anti-money laundering norms
  • Coaxing government agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as tax payments.
  • Establishing smart contracts for business firms
  • Assistance in obtaining cryptocurrency exchange license
  • Dealing with the planning process and logistics for creating crypto exchanges
  • Drafting necessary documents for domestic and international operations
  • Constant support services to deal with all queries and concerns after the launch of the exchange
  • Clearing Breach of Contract disputes that emerges between customers and exchanges
  • Complying with SEC investigations and Civil Defense
  • Meeting guidelines imposed by Securities laws for issuing coins and tokens
  • Preparing agreements for investment management and handling venture capital funds
  • Carrying out AML and KYC procedures

All the above services offered are an integral part of every White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. Reach out to the accomplished developer team of Blockchain App Factory for getting the best package for your target market at an affordable cost.

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