Fractional NFT Development – Breaking barriers and Making NFT Extensive

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Fractional NFT

Amazing NFT

NFT never fails to amaze the Crypto ecosystem. Everything right from the market growth to the emergence of the NFT marketplace was experiencing amazing growth in the Crypto sphere. At some point, Even NFTs amuse the people with their sale value for, e.g., Beeple – An Picture NFT went for 69 million US Dollars. And now, to break in the existing barriers in the NFT and to enhance the NFT market, “Fractional NFT” is getting more popular among the crypto menage.

So, What is Fractional NFT?

The Fractional NFT is a bit different from the traditional Non-Fungible Token. To fractionalize an NFT, the NFT is at the beginning integrated with the smart contract. Then that particular smart contract divides the ERC-721 (i.e., the token standard of the NFT) into different ERC-21 parts. This is known as the Fractional NFT.

This fractionalized NFT will be valued based on the possession by calculation of the fractional supply and fractional NFT holders where the complete asset is still an NFT integrated and locked within a smart contract. This fractional NFT takes out the restriction on investing in NFT, as the Fractionalized NFT is way more feasible than the actual NFT. This makes everyone invest in the Non-Fungible tokens.

The Market growth of the NFTs has gone beyond imagination with the NFT development, NFT marketplace. Now NFT marketplaces types are setting up their own market and own audience in the Crypto space. Even celebrities and Many MNCs have shown interest in NFTs, and some even launched their own NFTs.

Need for Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalized NFT’s are feasible yet locked with the actual NFT smart contracts. And focus on solving the errors in the NFT space. Many people are keen to invest in the NFT as they are considered to be the next-gen of the crypto space, but the NFTs are not at an affordable price, and at some times, without a proper price system, NFT’s orderless pricing system sometimes makes it impossible to invest on NFT.

But Fractanilized NFT brought solutions to all the above-mentioned problems and solutions to even more that are not listed,

  • Liquidity – Fractionalized NFT boosted the ratio behind the liquidity to very high; the lightweight and very high liquidity make them in the circulation, which is a very good sign of the best market.
  • Pricing – fractionalized NFT brought price methodology to the market.
  • Accessibility – the accessibility over the asset becomes much simpler.
  • Controllability – Fractionalized NFT offers the owner complete controllability over them, and there is no restriction in utilizing this F-NFT.

Pricing with NFT fractionalization

Fractionalized NFT or the concept of NFT fractionalization brings in certain methods to fix a price to the NFT based on the

Past-sales mechanism

The past-sale mechanism is the analysis of the NFT assets and comparing that particular asset with the history of the same asset of selling prices or the history of selling prices of a similar asset. With these NFT fractionalization claims, at least the overpricing of those NFT assets can be mitigated and can widen the approachability of the NFT.


By splitting the NFT’s into different ERC 20 after integrating them into smart contracts, The ERC-20 are now eligible to sell in the open markets. This allows us to estimate the price of each ERC-20 token, and then they can be used to evaluate the total value of an NFT.

Features of Our Fractionalized NFT development offers


Though the fractionalized NFT has its own method of pricing, we integrated auction as many people believe that auction is the best way to define the price of a particular asset. The reason behind this is that the mechanism takes the highest price from all the bidding of the bidders who are willing to pay the amount.


Our Fractional NFT Development is built on the motto of bringing in more small investors into the NFT space. The NFT markets are more likely to have an unwritten rule that only investors with high sums can get into the market and own an asset. We changed it with the NFT fractionalization concept by making it available to everyone in the crypto space.

Buyout Option

We offer the BuyOut option in our fractional NFT development, which states that even after they are split as ERC-20 tokens, with the Buy option, the actual NFT can form by initiating the smart contract with the buyout option. This will fix a period of duration where the ERC-20 token holders can take part in the auction to buy back all the tokens to revert them. In this way, The locked NFT can be set free.

Technical assistance

We offer extensive technical assistance to the clients, even after the deployment, to enhance the quality of our services. We aid in real-time to any technical glitch, and our customer support is readily available to guide you out through any complex situation.

We Blockchain App Factory in Fractionalised NFT development

With the best development team and market research team, the Blockchain App factory has travelled a long way in the road of making our clients the industry pioneers. Providing extensive technical support and excellent customer relationships made us a business-friendly development firm. To launch your own fractionalized NFT, just fill out the form here and hit the button. We are just a few clicks away from reaching you.

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