How To Construct Your Own NFT Real Estate Marketplace? – A Complete Guide

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NFT Real Estate Marketplace

At the present time, the majority of the business models gravitated towards the digital sector due to the influence of cryptocurrency. The crypto world has produced many DeFi based applications and development protocols for increasing the output of business entities. Along with the growth of cryptocurrency, a new platform was introduced, which is known as non-fungible tokens. The arrival of NFTs has opened plenty of opportunities for business models and independent digital creators. They have been a great booster for businesses and independent digital creators. The NFT domain is evolving, as a result, it has paved the way for many varieties of NFT marketplaces and crypto protocols. Development platforms like NFT real estate marketplace is a new entrant into the evolving NFT ecosystem. We at Blockchain App Factory dedicate ourselves to develop a top-tier virtual NFT real estate marketplace for our customers.

What Is Virtual NFT Real Estate?

The concept of NFT is very simple, non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are traded on a decentralized exchange platform, since they are built on blockchain technology, they can verify the ownership of the digital asset for the buyer, and secure transaction details. NFTs have the potential to represent physical assets as digital assets, such as video clips, audio clips, trading cards and even real estate assets. The evolution of non-fungible tokens has unlocked many exciting opportunities and features for business models who are interested in elevating their businesses to the next level. The real estate domain is the new addition to the NFT field. The real estate assets can be also represented as NFTs.

The virtual NFT real estate marketplace based games have been the starting point for representing physical real estates as a digital asset like NFT. The pioneering NFT based game is Decentraland, which represent virtual real estates as NFTs for the players. This game has introduced the idea of converting real estates into NFTs for blockchain enthusiasts.

The Reason Behind NFT Real Estate Marketplace

The primary reason for implementing the idea of converting real estates into NFTs is because of the present obstacles the community faces in real-life transactions. The transfer of property ownership from one buyer to another is a very tiresome process as it requires hectic paperwork and processing. The minting of real estate has made trading very easy and simple for users. The constant NFT adaptation of business models and the crypto community has created many exclusive marketplaces like the NFT real estate marketplace.

Our Non-fungible token Real Estate Marketplace Workflow

The working of our NFT real estate marketplace is very similar to a general NFT marketplace. At first, the legal preparations for the sale of real estate as an NFT must be processed, after the processing, the NFT is minted, which includes the paperwork of legal sale, descriptions, videos, images, and disclosure agreements of the real estate. As soon as the minting process is done, the seller should integrate their digital wallet with the marketplace where they are going to upload their NFT. The NFT is dropped into our virtual NFT real estate marketplace. As soon as the upload of the NFT is completed, the virtual real estate is listed on the listing section for buyers. The listing section provides exposure to the NFT among the buyers, as the bidding process takes place. Once the bidding process is done, the NFT will be available for purchase. The transaction is processed by any mode of cryptocurrency or fiat cash. The cost of the real estate will be transferred to the seller’s digital wallet. The final stage would be the transfer of ownership where the buyer has to process a few paperwork to get the full ownership of the NFT.

The Salient Benefits Of Our NFT Real Estate Marketplace

  • Highly Secure

Our real estate NFT marketplace is built on powerful blockchain technology that secures all transactions and prevents theft of data.

  • Easily Transferable

Since our NFT marketplace is exclusively built for trading real estate based NFTs, the transfer of NFTs are processed at ease.

  • Verification Of Ownership

Since our NFT real estate marketplace is created on a blockchain network, the ownership of the real estate NFT is verified precisely.

  • Low Transaction Fee

Our real estate NFT marketplace is an exclusive marketplace, thus, network congestion is less, resulting in low transaction costs.

Why Hire Blockchain App Factory For Developing Your NFT Real Estate Marketplace?

Blockchain App Factory is a world-renowned NFT marketplace development agency. In the past, we have developed numerous marketplaces for our clients and the key benefits of availing of our NFT real estate marketplace development services are,

  • We are extremely experienced in developing NFT marketplace platforms due to our past success in the crypto development domain.
  • We develop our marketplace based on the specifications and customizations of our clients, thus, delivering a purely custom made real estate NFT marketplace.
  • Our development company has the resources to develop your marketplace on various blockchain networks, such as Ethereum based NFT Marketplace, NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, TRON NFT marketplace, etc.
  • Our development process is very quick and affordable, and we provide post-marketing services along with the deployment of the NFT project.
  • Our post-marketing services include content marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, influencer marketing, etc. The main function of our NFT marketing services is to increase your market visibility among investors.

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