IDO A Decentralized Way of Crowdfunding that Never Lets you Down

Initial Dex Offering

Fundraising was not that easy at the initial stage, people have to search for investors, and they need to convince the investors, post that there are many hurdles to be turned off to get sufficient funds. But when the crypto industries emerged, there came the liberty and ability to raise from the entire world. Cryptocurrency started emerging as a finance alternative, and even many financial institutions began adopting crypto-based financial services.

In 2017, Initial Coin Offering, ICO came into existence and played a vital role in the crypto market that year. Gradually, with the evolution, many blockchain-based companies started introducing new methods in the crowdfunding markets to prove legitimacy and build trustability.

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

In 2017, ICO, also called Initial Currency offering, made way for the startups to raise funds via cryptocurrency. The user who seeks funds needs to put up a whitepaper along with the roadmap. The investors will offer funds based on the idea behind the paper and how the picture will be carried based on the roadmap.

The ICO will only become valid if the funding reaches the minimum amount level set; else, the ICO goes null. These minimum amount raises are said to be the soft or hard cap. The ICO will offer tokens for utility services or use them as a stake. These tokens can be redeemed or staked based on the user’s willingness.

ICO – this method has evolved into a great medium with the token system they had. The tokens they offered as functional services for the early investors build trust among the investors. The funds raised were huge, and many startups emerged as big giants in the market.

Advantage of Making ICO

Global Market

The ICO opened the gate for globalization, where anyone interested in the projects can make investments. The cryptocurrency made this exchange easier without even paying tax for international transactions like we usually do with fiat money.


If your idea is strong enough to get you, investors, it will also fetch you free promotion from the investors.

No Boundaries

You don’t have any boundaries in the ICO, and you can be the genuine proprietor of your idea at the same time you don’t have to reveal much of yourself.

But Why IDO Service

Both the IDO Service and ICO Service hand in common is the decentralization, but ICOs unregulatory and parameterless functionality caused some distress. People started fussing about the way ICO’s work. They are being influenced by decentralized authority but no proper regulation for making the investment.

IDO – Initial DEX offering

Initially, the idea of decentralized crowd fundraising was first brought in by Ethereum. But now, many DEX-based ideas were also built with Binance Smart Chain. Raven Protocol – the first-ever IDO made, is a faster deep neural network training-based decentralized distributed protocol. It works on boosting the speed and making the platform more cost-effective.

Another main difference is that in typical traditional exchanges, the liquidity will be a bit closed compared to IDOs. In contrast, in IDOs, since they are based on the decentralized crypto exchange, they are open to a liquidity pool of token pairs. The videos are independent, and they can autonomously carry out all the functions without any central node to control them.

Benefits of IDO Development

There are several upgrades, and IDO Development has worked on mitigating the problems faced by the ICOs,

High liquidity

The Initial DEX offering serves instant liquidity without any hurdles to be taken care of, and they don’t restrict or influence users for investing. They offer very low listing prices.

Sustainable Market

IDO Development covers a significantly lower market capitalization than ICO because ICO has made billions of dollars as funds raised in a single year. The vesting period for private investors is the main reason for sustainability. IDO Platforms is a focused and slow but steady growth market.

Fewer Service fees

Since it is decentralized, you don’t have to pay any hefty amount as a transaction charge or for other charges. you can also exchange your tokens for the process,


They have control over the sales and another structural context. No intrusion is possible.

IDO Platforms versus ICO Platforms


Benefits of IDO versus ICO

Growth of IDO Service Providers and Preferences

The IDO – Initial DEX Offering Platforms is growing at a very steady pace, and it just concentrated on providing a stable and trustable market to the users. The preference over IDO Initial DEX Offering Platforms is ultimately the choice of the user who is in need. It is not that ICOs are poor, only IDO Initial DEX Offering Platforms is best. They both have their own credibility and advantages. ICOs are still preferred for many people who prefer some to have those non parameterized systems. ICO’s have made hefty crowdfunding in the market. And IDO is also making a good start. If you are a Kind of user who prefers privacy and anonymity, then IDO is your best choice.

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