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IDO Launchpad Development

IDO Launchpad – How Does It Work?

An Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad is a crypto crowdfunding platform that utilizes decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs) for token listing and liquidity. These platforms also serve as one-stop solutions for investors (retail/venture) who look for interesting Web3 projects all the time. Projects aspiring to raise funds through IDO launchpads should provide information such as their website, whitepaper, team details, and more, which are visible to prospective investors. These platforms also have automated or community-based vetting protocols, which should be satisfied by projects to get listed. This blog gives some IDO launchpad development ideas that can be valuable in the future.

Main Reasons to Develop an IDO Launchpad

  • IDO launchpad development aids investors in selling their tokens immediately after the project gets launched. This means a buyer getting their tokens early in the token launch can sell them immediately during the IDO event.
  • As developing an IDO launchpad is supplemented by decentralized exchanges, projects need not pay exorbitant fees for listing in centralized exchanges. The costs for IDO listings are low, which keeps launchpad ventures busy anytime.
  • Liquidity has been an issue for new projects, and IDO launchpad ventures can help them through huge liquidity pools supported by the investor community. These platforms offer high liquidity for project tokens with almost no slippage, ensuring a strong community is built.
  • Unlike other crypto fundraising models (ICOs and IEOs), which were unregulated or over-regulated, IDOs work like a charm as project tokens are distributed fairly to all interested parties, hence building trust around the launchpad platform.

Create Your IDO Launchpad Like Top IDO Launchpad Platforms

Develop an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker

DAO Maker is an IDO launchpad platform that can be used for fundraising, DeFi staking, and NFT sales. The platform runs on the Ethereum network, giving access to the wider Web3 society. The platform also provides services related to Web3 consultation and incubation, which are useful for aspiring project owners.

Build an IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

BSCPad is the first-ever IDO launchpad on the BNB Chain that allows crypto fundraising through DEXs full of liquidity pools. The platform also has a two-round token distribution system based on rounds called “Allocation” and “FCFS.” The platform might even have community participation features in the future, as per some reports.

Make IDO Launchpad Like Red Kite

Red Kite is a multi-chain IDO launchpad with many innovative features not found elsewhere. The platform has rewarding systems based on participation that affects investors’ tiers and ability to invest in future IDOs. It also has fixed swap pools that ensure that all investors get their tokens without any problem.

Create an IDO Launchpad Like TrustPad

TrustPad is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that uses smart contracts efficiently to launch project tokens securely. The platform allows project owners to launch their tokens within minutes, eliminating any intermediary involvement and time constraints. It also offers features like asset management, portfolio tracking, integrated DEXs, and multi-currency support to users.

Some Best Blockchains to Develop an IDO Launchpad

Develop an IDO Launchpad on BSC

BNB Chain (Formerly BSC) is a blockchain that allows transactions to be processed quickly at low fees. It will be great to develop an IDO launchpad on BSC as the network is now preferred by many aspiring crypto entrepreneurs. Its EVM compatibility has helped many Web3 projects to work successfully.

Build an IDO Launchpad on Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the game-changers in the Web3 space with its impactful innovations. A high proportion of Web3 buzz lies around the network due to its longevity, even though it is prone to increased congestion. Features such as smart contracts, NFTs, and Layer-2 solutions have been its greatest innovations.

Make an IDO Launchpad on Polygon

Polygon is a Layer-2 solution built on Ethereum, which allows transactions to be processed quickly at cheaper gas. The network gets its primary features from the Ethereum mainnet, which allows IDO launchpad ventures to thrive. The network’s nature means that a launchpad would not face congestion due to user traffic.

Launch an IDO Launchpad on Solana

A network using systems like Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-History, Solana provides higher transaction throughput at low fees. The network has now become widely accepted, with projects launching on various domains. IDO launchpads on the blockchain can also benefit from its interoperability and scalability that ensures liquidity pools are full of investors.

Why are People Choosing White Label IDO Launchpads?

The above IDO launchpad development ideas are instances of White label IDO launchpad solutions. People in Web3 tend to lean toward such premade solutions since they can be launched in no time amidst the growing competition to reign in the Web3 space. These are beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start on a small scale and expand in the future. They can also have a taste of what the crypto capital raising space has to offer without spending too many resources. Also, features present on popular IDO launchpad platforms can be made to work while using such prefabricated IDO launchpads.

Future of IDO Launchpads

Henceforth, we can say that IDO launchpad development has a bright future as the Web3 community is growing beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. The need for these platforms can be observed as new projects choose newer networks as their home bases. With interoperability in the cards, ventures can start at any network, and for startups taking the route, IDO launchpads will be of great help. If you want to develop an IDO launchpad from the ideas given above, contact us now to realize your venture that could catapult many Web3 projects post-launch.

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